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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

When i had a Tail;

its 12:54AM now and i somehow had a feeling to blog. Mum kept checking on me asking me to hit the sheets as i wasnt feeling well.
ive been meaning to post my past events and happenings but i just feel like putting up my experience of my 3weeks-new (21 Nov) Haircut @ Shawn Cutler, TTDI.
made an appointment with Jackham as recommended by a few ppl posting good reviews on blogs.
i thought i would be doing it at Shawn Cutler's HQ which is at Bangsar but then Jackham was moved to the New branch at TTDI which was only 4months old.
After church, i went for my appointment.

         my longg hair that was ready to be professionally cut

An Assistant will wash your hair first. This guy (ifeelbadidintgethisname), was veryyyy friendly- we chatted alot and even laughed till other stylist looked on thinking were we laughing about.
He even gave me a lil massage and said i was very tensed up, not due to sleep or stress but tiredness. wait, did that make sense? Luls!
Another assistant came to help me blow dry my hair too! He said my hair was very soft and it was healthy :)
Ppl at Shawn Cutler were also friendly, they'll pass by and say Hi or even smile :)

Tadaaaaa~ 8 Inches shorter! D: i dint expect it to be this short but oh well, hair grows (:
i like it how they made my hair soft and bouncey using Redken products- my 'After' picture looks like its from a shampoo ad ;p

Jackham :)))
veryy nice guy too. Our fav colour; Gold! haha! he even noticed little details and complimented me :)
Definately coming back to get my hair cut again! :D

My profile picture after my haircut that got everybody liking it (even more so than my longg hair D: ) I dint know the response of my shorter-do will be that good (:
Thankss! you guys made me feel not-so-bad with my shorter hair.

Jackham; Shawn Cutler @TTDI
is reachable at - 03-7725 7568
Located Opposite Pizza Hut and Behind Dominos. Easy to find.

s Mermaid;

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