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Monday, June 4, 2012

Video Games Live 2012 in Malaysia


What an experience I had with my brother at the Video Games Live 2012 (VGL) which took place at Istana Budaya. Usually orchestras arent my usually my scene but I just couldn't say no to a new experience when I was surprised by Don with a pair of tics to this music event.

Went all excited when i saw the VGL promo video line ups. There was Final Fantasy in it! I am a FF fan, not so much of the game though but more of a FF Music fan! Bro got all excited when he heard Warcraft in the line up.

Well, VGL Live is a Orchestra-Rock Concert with a spectacular display of visuals, lights, lazers from the most popular video games of all time. Our Malaysia National Symphonic Orchestra was conducted by award winning music director & conductor- Emmanuel Fratianni.

Bro as my date for the night.

IMG_0212 IMG_0204 Cosplay participants.
The Final Fantasy costume stole the Grand Prize for the lady in blue hair.

Hosted by popular VGL creater- Tommy Tallarico. This guy could make the whole crowd at Istana Budaya have a good laugh. I like his casualty.

The last time VGL was held in Malaysia was back in 2010, Tommy heard the high demands from the gamers in Malaysia and decided to come back to satisfy our Malaysian gamers.

a Tony Stark (Iron Man) wannabe in the crowd.

There were a few video games played on stage and the participants were chosen at random.

IMG_0233 IMG_0239
Norihiko Hibino who has a well-known video game composer has one of his company branch in Malaysia too because he Loves our Malaysian food. Woot woot!

IMG_0246 Laura Intravia in Legend of Zelda costume.

Laura Intravia is such a talented individual. Her voice is so powerful its just mind blowing!! It was such an honor to hear her sing.

IMG_0253 IMG_0258
Laura Intravia in Mario costume.

Guitar Hero in Expert mode rocking out one of Foo Fighter's songs.

IMG_0270 IMG_0268
Tommy Tallarico can host AND play his electric guitar so well.

Check out some of the videos I took;
*hint* wait for Laura Intravia's amazing vocals.

[more videos to be uploaded]


The whole concert last about 3 hours. And during the intermission, i bump into ol' highschool mate and ex-neighbour, Reynard!!
It was so nice seeing him. Well, he's quite a gamer geek so i wasnt all surprise to see him there.

301862_10150860939324537_556019159_n IMG_0276
Bump into Joey, a highschool junior that came with Reynard and also coincidentally was at Taylor's OIC Camp 2012 (a day before VGL) where I was the student ambassador and had to guide her group.


Though VGL did not play any of my favourite Final Fantasy emo songs or even the song from Warcraft's Wrath of the Lich King Cinematic Trailer. Y U NO play emo songs? :(

Oh well, it did brought me back to my childhood when they had a couple of familiar video games music played. It made me miss Pokemon....

In my heart, i also wished for them to play a song from Harvest Moon (Back to Nature) but i guess that isnt old to be recognized :(
It was pretty hot during my era though. ANY Harvest Moon fans here?!

After a wonderful experience at VGL, i have learned to appreciate orchestra a little bit more. This has also helped me to grow in my Media Appreciation subject.

♥s Mermaid;

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