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Monday, June 27, 2011

CHELSEA Football Club TOUR 2011 in Malaysia

Are you excited?! Chelsea, Chelsea will be back on our shores on 21st July! Its been about 3 years since they last visited Malaysia for a friendly match with Malaysia XI team (Harimau Malaya). The happening match will be held at the familiar Stadium Bukit Jalil, KL.

Dont forget the new addition to Chelsea; FERNANDO TORRES!
I can hear girls screaming already.

So happy I got tics to catch the match Live. Courtesy of Noobie @ !!
I've already got mine, so hurry and get yours now before its Sold Out :P

Dont wanna buy tics cause youre looking for something much better than just ordinary tics? Why not, participate in the SAMSUNG CHELSEA CONTEST 2011 to stand a chance to win the grand prize; SIT WITH THE TEAM during the real match! Now thats something!

Here are the Prizes;

Grand Prizes x 2 pax - Sit with the Team during the Malaysian
match! 1 Chelsea FC Jersey & 1 football ball.

Weekly Prizes - 600 pieces (120 prizes every week for 5 weeks) - 1 pass to watch Chelsea live in Malaysia + 1 Chelsea FC Jersey ( Jersey are limited to the first 40 winners each week.

To Participate;
Purchase any Samsung Product(s) worth a minimum of RM300 in a single receipt.
To participate in the contest : Type (SAMSUNG)(receipt amount RMxxx.xx)(receipt date DDMMYY)(serial number or IMEI number of SAMSUNG product)(name) and SMS to 32632. Example : SAMSUNG 85050512345 RM1375.05 20061 ABCD123456 John Tan. Upon the confirmation of the contest entry, you will receiver this reply : TQ for your participation. Please retain the original receipt to claim prize. Visit for T&C.

Contest Deadline; 10 Jul 2011 (Sun)

Check out Samsung's Latest android phone; Samsung Galaxy S II !

I still remember vaguely about the Chelsea match here a few years back. I went with Bro & Dad, and if im not mistaken, including my Sis. Dad got the tics as he is a Chelsea Fan.
We sat behind a few good looking white guys ;)
Ofcourse I was watching the match too! Still remembered Chelsea won 2-0. With first shot from Nicolas Anelka at the 25th minute followed by Ashley Cole at the 52nd minute.
It was also so cute seeing Lampard and John Terry walking off the field during Half Time with their hands on each other shoulders! Bromance :)

So whats the prediction for Chelsea vs Harimau Malaya?
Mines, 3-0. 3-1 lahh, Dont want to be so mean.
Malaysia Boleh right? :P

But also keep in mind that Chelsea is coming to Malaysia to play. They could've OWNED Malaysia's team kao kao in 2008. But afterall, it is a Friendly match and it is our Country. So i think they have everything all planned to look 'Fair' :)

So looking forward to this match! eventhough im a MANU Fan.GGMU

Last but not least, Thanks to Samsung for bring Chelsea to Malaysia! Woot Woot!

♥s Mermaid;

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Sorry For Feeling The Way Im Feeling

Helooo there, lovely readers;

I havent been updating as much lately as I've been pretty packed with assignment due dates etc.

I just wanted to blog about my raw feelings. Its pretty rare that I blog about my personal life but I guess I want to show my readers a different side of me, so they would understand how im feeling and the reason behind why I've been ranting the F word on twitter lately. 

If youre following me on Twitter, you would most probably know I've been hatin' on my Dad
I dont want to be one of those person who uses F word in almost every sentence in a tweet. But sometimes, i cant help it with the rage in me.

   Yesterday, the emotions hit me again. I went down to have some fresh air- to try to be able to breathe. I cried my eyes out for at least an hour. Resulted in waking up with a pair of mashimaro's eyes this morning.
It was all the 'little things' that had accumulated inside- waiting to burst out.
Main Factor; Dad. The person who contributed in bringing me into this world.
All his little rude replies, selfish acts and annoying gestures. I dont know where to start on the negative things about Dad but I can sum it up to > Hell. *AllAmericanRejects; Gives You Hell*
He either will be laughing or he will be all up in your face shouting at you. S o b e r. And I cant state every little annoying thing thing he does but I can tell you straightup that he is not a real man.
One is not a real man if they hit a woman - agree?

   This year, I feel like I've been struggling even harder just to tolerate Dad. I find it alot to take at times. Thus, turning to my bestie which can hardly get phone time with her cause of the situation between me and her mom. Sometimes, i feel so alone and helpless going through this. And at times, I would shut these feelings out with my druggies(tvshows&movies). I mean how long could I go on, hiding it all inside?
I would say Im a pretty strong girl. I face hardships pretty well (i guess). But this seems to be like a daily struggle i have to go thru.
As any average student, I focus my attention on my books when I need to. Thankgod, it hasnt affected me in that way. But why do I feel like its another thing I have to struggle with, other than my books?!
I just realized recently, Im probably one of those 'kids' that is so messed up cause of their family situation at home. The thought of growing up faster so I could move outtve this house, feels like its going to take almost forever. 
Most of my rebels were probably a reaction to that.

Sometimes, I wish my parents were divorced. Hrm, the D word. A huge negativity in Christianity. It might seem the most selfish feeling but Im pretty sure, im not the only one disiring the outcome of it.
I prayed to God and apologize to Him for feeling, how Im feeling.

How could I be 'wishing' for something so dark for my family when other people that doesnt have what I have (a whole family) prays and ask for it?

Dont get me wrong, I my Mum to death. Shes the best mom she could ever be to me. Put aside all her bitchy PMSy moods and shes just the best! One day, I want to be like a mother just like her, But a little cooler ;)
She gives us the best and I do every little thing I can to show that i appreciate her. I Hug Mum (very tightly) uncountable times a day cause Im still her "Baby".

I dont know If my rantings on this post have just made you think whathehellwasitalkingabout or whathehelliswrongwithme. But I guess I feel a little lighter saying how I feel.
It might not be the best idea, as it is in writting and my to the Public.

To Mum / Dad, if you happen to found my blog and stumble upon this personal post and youre reading this, Dont confront me about it cause you would make me feel ASDFGHJKL. In reaction, you should get a good mirror to reflect yourself.

Dont judge cause you might not know me well enough or to understand what im going through.

He will never change.
God, Pls hold my hand and walk me through this, I pray. Amen.

P/S; I was once a daddy's little girl .

♥s Mermaid;

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Clinique Makeover + Spoon's Smoothie

Clinic + Spoon

So I was invited to try out Spoon's smoothie & for a little Clinique make over. Actually, I dint know it was a make over till I went there. LUL! If not I wouldnt have gotten so dolled up and actually let them do the makeup for me.

Clinic + Spoon

Clinic + Spoon

Clinic + Spoon

Clinic + Spoon

Clinic + Spoon

Clinic + Spoon

Clinic + Spoon

Clinic + Spoon

So I tried all of the flavours; Pink Me Up, Mango-thon & Goodness Grapecious.
Such cute names for the smoothie. Dont you agree? :)
I prefered Pink Me Up & also Goodness Grapecious. Pink Me Up had more of the sweet taste while Goodness Grapecious had sweet + sour. And i LOVE sour!

Clinic + Spoon

Let mum to do the makeover cause me and sis already had our makeup done.
Clinic + Spoon

Clinic + Spoon

Clinic + Spoon

Clinic + Spoon

Clinic + Spoon
Sis' nose crunching #EpicFail :P

Clinic + Spoon
Awhh, Mum looks so pweeety!
But I'll say, the lady's clean up wasnt good professional when using the black eyeshadow on mum. It was pretty messy too. I wouldnt be careless for that to happen to myself and if it did accidently happen, i would have clean it properly.

Wokay, since I'll be blogging bout this, I decided to just 'touch up' since one of the lady in white said I still could do even with my make up on. I thought, I'll go for the little experience.

After my mum, I jumped onto the chair (not literally ofcourse) for my turn. But this lady had already her lady friends waiting for their turn. Questioning me, "I thought youre not doing the make over thats why your mum did it". Then she reluctantly did the touch up for me cause her friends now have to wait just a little longer. *Pffftt*
I was irritated but I showed no attitude as she couldve purposely did ugly fast touch ups for me. Bwhaha!

Clinic + Spoon

Clinic + Spoon
I swear you could see her frowning while doing the touch ups for me :P

Clinic + Spoon

Tadaaa~ After touching up.

Clinic + Spoon
Also topping it with lip gloss. Fact, I usually hardly touch lip glosses cause they are so sticky and my hair will probably be eating it up. But It looked real pweeety on top of my lipstick. Wheeee~

One of the lady in white also asked the lady who did my touch up, which lip gloss she used cause she loved the colour on my lips. Too bad the colour doesnt come out if you dont use it with NYX Lipstick :P

Clinic + Spoon

Clinic + Spoon

Clinic + Spoon

I really liked the goodie bag they gave, They also gave a Clinique airbrush pen-like concealer which I've been meaning to get one. Pretty useful for me :) Now, I'll have flawless skin. Heh!

And heres camwhoring time on sis's mackie.

Photo on 2011-05-27 at 21-tile

ROFL. We dint realize it was 4in1 setting. And look at the end picture reaction!

4-up on 2011-05-27 at 22.04

4-up on 2011-05-27 at 22.01 #5

4-up on 2011-05-27 at 22.00

Photo on 2011-05-27 at 22.08 #2

Photo on 2011-05-27 at 22-tile

Thats it for webcam whoring. I actually really like my glossy pouty lips after the touch up. Maybe just maybe, I'll give in to the weirdness of having something sticky on my lips for the sake of smexy lips ;p

♥s Mermaid;

Thursday, June 9, 2011

McDonald's - BUY 1 FREE 1 FRIES

Hip hip Hooray!
McDonald's is back with more love for another round of Lovin' Mid Month!
AND its their Golden FRIES!

So happy when I heard bout this news cause I have to admit, I do love their fries eventhough its an unhealthy fast food.

McDonald buy 1 free 1 fries

Another one in Black & White and 3 in 1 so you cold Save Paper & Ink!

How to print?
Just right-click on the picture and select 'Save Image As'
And then go to the picture and right-click to Print.
Easy as ABC...

If  you werent attracted by the colourless coupon or somehow lost appetite when you saw it in black and white, here a colourful one for you. But please dont use it to redeem :)
Im trying to share the good news and at the same time help create awareness to save the trees. So it would mean alot if you showed your support by cooperating.

My post on BUY 1 FREE 1 McChicken , which is 2 IN 1. I have mentioned that i measured the size that mcdonald requires.
For this deal, McDonalds Malaysia will only accept the coupon which if its Size is Not smaller than
9cmX 21cm.
This time round McDonald had a smaller size requirement. Thus, the coupon is 3 in 1.

Terms & Condition;
- 14 & 15 JUNE. 11AM- 12midnight
- One redemption per customer per transaction.
- Valid in Malaysia Only.
- Not Valid for McDelivery, in Genting & Airport stores in East Malaysia.
- Not valid with other coupon offers
- Present coupon upon redemption/ordering
- Photocopied, black & white coupon printouts allowed
- Promotion is valid while stocks last
- One Free Medium French Fries (ala carte) is only valid with one purchase of ala carte Medium French Fries
- McDonald's reserves the right to replace the product stated on the coupon at its discretion and without prior notice
- Coupon printout size smaller than 9X21cm will not be accepted
- For further information, log on to

Just a little note on the side; French Fries should be taken occasionally as its a very unhealthy fast food.
Did you know that McDonald's Fries wil not rot/decay ? Even for years.
Theres a video of proof on youtube.
Wokay, im not going to be such a spoiler on your appetite now.

Im just saying, you can spoil pamper yourself with fast food here and there but make sure you also eat loads of greens and hit the gym regularly.

Oh geez, such a hypocrite on what I just said :/

♥s Mermaid;

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

[Movie Review] Water For Elephants & Priest

I finish watching Priest a couple days ago and I thought to do my movie review with Water for Elephants which i watched a couple weeks back.

When Rob Pattz was filming WaterForElephants with Reese Witherspoon, I wasnt too thrilled to find out that his co-cast was Reese. But ofcourse I would definately watch the movie because of Rob Pattz.

Water For Elephants Movie Review;
 ♥/ 5
In this 1920s setting, a drama with romance takes place. The story started very much alike to Titanic's. Jacob when he was at old age re-telling his life story. It was a journey for Jacob after his parent's passed away and he had nothing left as his father was in huge debt.

The using of animals in this movie made it more entertaining. From Rosie, the most useless and stubborn elephant, turned out to have quite the talent. Thanks to Jacob's discovery. Animals lovers would really appreciate this movie. Jacob's knowledge about animals touched my heart- I did shed a few tears during the movie.Though im not a huge fan of ReeseWitherspoon, she did her part pretty well. Her petite figure looked very cute and pixie-like on the horses & elephants. Rob Pattz very gorgeous and gentleman as usual.

I dint expect to like it as much as I did. Definately worth the watch!

Watch Water for Elephants megavideo here. P/S; this isnt DVD Rip but pretty close to it.
Disclaimer Here


Priest Movie Review;
 ♥/ 5

A post-apocalyptic action thriller that is ruled by The Church (government). Reminds me of the movie Daybreakers and a little of Underworld. A great action movie.The Priest that have otherworldly fighting skills were the ones who have been helping The Church to keep the town safe from vampires. Oh no, this is not the human vampires but are like alien-like. The fighting scenes were very fast and some of it was slow motion.

The movie also had a christian (catholic) base as they quote scripture verses. The Priests were also very grateful that their strength(talent) that comes from God.
Nikita, Another priestess did her part very well! MaggieQ is just the perfect girl in a skintight suit for fighting scenes. She is probably the new Tom Rider. On the other hand, there was no sign of Cam Gigandet 's sexiness and charm. Unfortunately, He kept his shirt on.

Its another good action thriller movie. And from the ending, Im wondering if theres a Part 2. I sure hope it would cause it would be a great sequel.

"To go against the Church, is to go against the God". Not if the church isnt right!

Watch Priest here in megavideo
Disclaimer Here

♥s Mermaid;

Monday, June 6, 2011

MTV Movie Awards 2011 LIVE Screening at TGV Cinemas

MTV Movie Awards LIVE Screening @ TGV Cinema
Meet my bestie; Kwek Jui-Li.

Woke up at 7.30AM to get ready to catch the LIVE screening of MTV Movie Awards at TGV Cinemas. Back from Sunway Pyramid not to long ago, wanted to stay for lunch and hang out with the bestie but obviously there were 'things' happening. (even God knows her mum is a bitch) Sorry to say. And her mum 'disliking' me for yearssss have been an understatement.

Those who follows me in Twitter knows that I am pretty upset last night bout the hardship I have to go thru with my bestie.
Oh well, nuff of rants and back to the screening.

MTV Movie Awards LIVE Screening @ TGV Cinema
This was our little snack during the show. The chocolate cake was yummms though. But Y so small! :(

MTV Movie Awards LIVE Screening @ TGV Cinema

The event started with this year's host for the MTV Movie Awards; Jason Sudeikis. WOW! He was an all-rounder alright. Mostly. He could easily get laughs from the audience and also SING! yes- you heard me right. He did a little performance on the piano. It wasnt the real full-song singing though. He wrote the lyrics and sing it which that was related to a few movies on a slideshow. Props for that!

And for the 'On-Hands' presenters....
Justin Timberlake and Mila Kunis was the first to present the Best Male Performance. Desribes their 'platonic love relationship' by saying they are like brothers and sisters and they both can "DO THIS"! *grabs*

Presenters; Cameron Diaz & Jason Segal also has a comedic moment when Jason's butt was butt-texting! Calling and taking a picture of 'itself' and sending them to Cameron.

There werent many interesting performance that were in the highlights. Probably last year's was more exciting; Tom Cruise as Les Grossman & JLo.

Here is the MTV Movie Awards 2011 Winner List;

Best Male Performance
Robert Pattinson, The Twilight Saga: Eclipse

Best Villain
Tom Felton, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part One

Best Jaw-Dropping Moment
Justin Bieber, Never Say Never

Best Breakout Star
 ChloĆ« Grace Moretz, Kick-Ass

Best Fight Scene
Robert Pattinson, Bryce Dallas Howard, Xavier Samuel, The Twilight Saga: Eclipse

Best Kiss
Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson, The Twilight Saga: Eclipse

Generation Award
 Reese Witherspoon

Best Line from a Movie
Alexis Nicole Sanchez, Grown Ups for "I wanna get chocolate wasted"

Best Female Performance
Kristen Stewart, The Twilight Saga: Eclipse

Best Comedic Performance
Emma Stone, Easy A

Best Movie
The Twilight Saga: Eclipse

There were loads of dirty jokes thrown around. Before the Generation Award Winner was announced, Rob Pattz was saying years back ReeseWitherspoon was filming his mother in his very first movie and recently in the movie WaterForElephants, as his lover. And Reese's comeback was that Rob was the best Motherfucker in Hollywood.


MTV Movie Awards LIVE Screening @ TGV Cinema

So the most anticipating Kiss of the evening would be the ever romantic on screen lovers; Rob Pattz & Kristen Steward. But after the couple have been winning a string of awards without an actual Kiss. Kristen finally admitted that they should do it (kiss). Heres a curveball when Rob Pattz left the stage to give Taylor Lauter a kiss!

And then a sweet, ending the kiss on Taylor's forehead. Bromance! After the kiss, Taylor was seen wiping his lips discreetly. Poor Kristen. No lady & lady kiss this year but two hot men !

Shot from my camera on the big screens. Twilight won the BEST MOVIE Award and almost 15 people went up stage that was apart of the award!
It was definately the cherry on-top!

MTV Movie Awards LIVE Screening @ TGV Cinema

MTV Movie Awards LIVE Screening @ TGV Cinema

Enjoyed the show very much with the bestie. The show was a little dull compared to last years but they still had a great show on. #TeamTwilight basically took all the awards! It almost became a Robert Pattinson award show ;P
Most of the nominess i voted- Won! It was only a couple which dint =/
Anyways, the award winners are well-deserved of the award. Props to them on their hard work.
Never before seen World premier sneak peeks were also aired; Breaking Dawn & Deathly Hallows pt 2.

It was a nice experience catching a LIVE show on the big screens. But I dint enjoy the commercials that was the same going over and over again! Next time can we have more LIVE and less commercials? It was like after 8mins of LIVE, the commercial goes on.

After the show ended. MTV VJ Holly Gabarek came in to have a lucky draw.

MTV Movie Awards LIVE Screening @ TGV Cinema

AND I was one of the few lucky people! Wooots! so happy!

MTV Movie Awards LIVE Screening @ TGV Cinema
A little envelope that contained 4 passes for catch any movies any time. Now thats convenient :)

MTV Movie Awards LIVE Screening @ TGV Cinema
And this girl which Im pretty jealous of. Grand Prize for the lucky draw. A whole bag of goodies from MTV! I wonder whats in it! Im sure its pretty awesome.

MTV Movie Awards LIVE Screening @ TGV Cinema

MTV Movie Awards LIVE Screening @ TGV Cinema

MTV Movie Awards LIVE Screening @ TGV Cinema
Oh! lookie... Bump into Amelia & Shannon in the same hall.

MTV Movie Awards LIVE Screening @ TGV Cinema With MTV VJ Holly Grabarek
Caught a picture with the pretty MTV VJ Holly before she rushed off.

MTV Movie Awards LIVE Screening @ TGV Cinema

MTV Movie Awards LIVE Screening @ TGV Cinema

MTV Movie Awards LIVE Screening @ TGV Cinema

MTV Movie Awards LIVE Screening @ TGV Cinema

MTV Movie Awards LIVE Screening @ TGV Cinema

MTV Movie Awards LIVE Screening @ TGV Cinema

MTV Movie Awards LIVE Screening @ TGV Cinema

MTV Movie Awards LIVE Screening @ TGV Cinema

Besides the Award Winners, I also took back popcorns!
3 little soft popcorns at home. Isit enough to beat Rob Pattz? Guess not- *Giggles*

♥s Mermaid;

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