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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Jay Park Hi-5 in KL

Apologies for the late post! i seriously have to pick up the slack and update the latest post within 2-3days. Been attending and going for events pretty much lately and i get all tired when i get back :/
i just need a lil push- thats all. Im quite the procrastinator if you dont know ;)

[ 5 Dec ]
i freaking woke up 5AM in the morning! No Joke! Why so early?! Ofcourse i need to get ready to look goood to catch Jay's Attention- Heloooo! :P

Jay Park's Hi-5
 VIPs Only. (Absolute VIP, Addicted VIP & VIP)
Date: 5th December 2010
Time: 9 AM
Venue: Celsius Restaurant & Bar, Fahrenheit88 (Next to Pavillion)

Took time to decide what to wear that'll make me different from the crowd. Sudd it came to my mind- RED dress! how can anybody say No to a mini Red dress right? ;)
Purrfectt outfit!!
Got all excited- did my makeup, wore the Same butterfly headband so Jay would recognise me from yesterday. Plus, its shineyyyyy and light reflecting! Dare you miss me now? ;P
tsk tsk tsk~ im saying until im such an attention seeker right? LULS!
it was for Jay kayy, for Jay <3 :)
Tia was suppose to be at my house by 8am but she was still sleeping then so i had to leave first. Reached Fahrenheit's Entrance @ 8.45AM. As it was sooo early- mall isnt open. Thus, i asked the cleaners&guards where was Celsius. They gave me the direction. Muttherfishballs! They made us walk almost around the entire Fahrenheit building -____- Walked down to those roads in my heels summore. sohardtowalk.
I wasnt alone with sis- I finally Met Shao Yan! :D A lil story on how we met was on Facebook; She contacted me cause i wanted to buy the Hi-5 tics which i dint need it anymore as i've already gotten mine frm the Organizer. I was suppose to pass her something on the Hi-5 from someone at the Fan Meet. So i help her to collect it. Hence, meeting her at the Hi-5!
it was Amazing! How we Clicked Instantly!! i hardly know her - only know by name and friend's friend. Its amazing how Facebook connects you ;)
We all 3 hung out together as she came alone and i was with my Sis- dint want her to feel left out too :)

Shao Yan DROPPED THE BOMB ON ME!! " Do you wanna go to the airport?! Im going- friend's fetching to and fro. "
i went speechless! talked to sis if she wanted and ofcourse she did! who wouldnt want to send Jay off right. heee. So Freaking Excited!!! :D

Waited outside Celsius under the warm morning sunrise. i felt so tupid for walking so much in my heels when Celsius was just down the street from Uniqlo. *Grrrrr!*
Got my seat near at the bar- very close to where Jay was gonna stand.
It started pretty much on time i guess. the MC asked for all of us to shout "Jay Park" but then after chanting and No Jay Park appread . There were some supersemangat-ed koreans that made the whole crowd to chant " Park Jaebeom Park Jaebeom Park Jaebeom! ". Park Jaebeom sounds nicer when chanting but Jay Park is actually how Jay likes it ;)
After Jay's arrival, the crowd got a lil crazy. I HAD TO STAND ON THE BAR'S CHAIR- IN HEELS AND SHORT DRESS. Imagine how tall i was then. Probably the Tallest!! hahaa! Plus, 95% was all ladies so my short dress dint bother me much. Well, i got the BEST View in the House ;p

Video On Jay's Arrival :)

Twas time for the Hi-5 session to start ofcourse! :)
Supposedly Jay was to hand us his autographed posters but he was in no time for that as he needs to catch his 12.45 PM flight to Jakarta, Indonesia.
What he did was he litterally gave all of us Hi-5s :)) we got to Hold his hand, give him a knuckle bud, etc :)
Tia finally made it to the Hi-5 after sending me a msg she couldnt make it earlier.
If the VIP fans was smart- they would have saved his gift for the Hi-5 and not passing to a personnel at the FanMeet to pass to him. It was a pleasure giving him the gift personally, he'll thankyou personally too! ;)

i asked Jay if he could sign my Jay Packets but he said he was Sorry cause he isnt allowed to do that.
(seee whats coming up) ;p

Heres the video of My Hi-5 session with Jay Park ;)
credits to the nice bartender for helping us record this moment <3
 [Inside video in order; Tia, Me, Sis, & Shao Yan]

Dry Mangoes (WildBunny), teddy bwear with Jay's name sewn on it, Jay Park bookmark, Bible sciptured bookmars made by godgrandmother for Jay and the AOM crew :), Note from Me and Sis & a picture of Us- Malaysian JWalkerz sisters <3

We were one of the fews that were the last as you can see- as i planned :) It was a prettty fast one! After the Hi-5; Jay drank some water, brace the crowds outside Celsius and into a waiting Black Naza MPV.
BodyGuards tried to cover Jay but you know malaysian quality la (always not good enough). Thus, taking this oppocunity to touch Jay Park again. He was so close, i could touch his hair & those shiney probably thousands of dollars earings ;) my mind was still working fast so i dint wanna go overboard and do that as Jay may not like it. Being a veryyy 'appropriate' fan. i rubbed his left shoulder. I felt the thickness of his 2 piece shirt man XD

Without any further a do, Shao Yan was already on the phone with her friend and crowding towards Jay's car. I saw a line of people getting their Jay Autographed posters! Quickly i pulled ShaoYan to line up as she was sooooo excited and busy looking for her friend's car (which was Park right infront of Jay's crowded car). Our mission; Follow Jay's car to the Airport.
Organizers said that Jay will not be going back to the hotel but straight to KLIA. Jay's car fled off while we were in the line- It was a fast one. I told the organizers i was going to the airport. The nice guy then told us what we already knew- Jay's flight time. Haha!
I got totally carried away as to what was going on. Everything happening so quickly.
I FORGOT to tell Tia that i was heading to the airport earlier. Told her when i was in the line, she wanted to come, but it was Shao Yan's friend thats driving and me and my sis were already last minute tagging along. I dint even have time to ask ShaoYan, seriously. We all rushed to get our posters and rushed off!
Goodbye hugged Tia but she moved in anger. All i could do was Apologize for leaving her there so quickly.
yes, i still feel bad but it was a last minute decision and she came late to the Hi-5. i hardly even got to talk to her during the Hi-5 :/
*if youre reading this, Im Sorry, Tia*

Litterally ran towards the ShaoYan's friend's car. i bet ppl thought we were crazy for being such a rush to go home. Fact; a JWalker told me on fb that he thought i was in a rush to go home or somewhere. Hahah!
Speeded to KLIA, had a nice time chatting with ShaoYan and getting to know here a lil more too.
Jay's Black Naza number plate: #9315
Hoped to see Jay's car side by side but then we never met on the highway as we might be using different routes to KLIA :/ ShaoYan's friend drove pretty fast- we dint wanna miss Jay at the airport if he did go to the airport straight :)
Reached KLIA at around 10.40AM. We went around look for the counter/gate which he will be checking in. i got his Flight Number; GA0821 Row A. Asked around for his counter and finally got appointed to the right one :) The few fellow workers at the counter was nice. We gave his Last Name to check whether if he has Checked In. ThankGod it was a No :)
Only counter that was carpeted and says Executive Class. Ofcourse it was Jay's.

Saw a few other fans looking around for Jay's counter too, but we kept it on the dl and act like we dint know anything as some of them were Clueless! hahaha! Sat at the bench near the entrace waiting for Jay's car. A few more others arrived but thankgod it wasnt like a Huge Crowd!
Waited for around 45Mins for Jay to arrive. Seems like he has changed car! Thus, ofcourse going back to the hotel after Hi-5. Rumours had it that Jay is staying in Berjaya Times Square ;) tupid useless workers! told me Jay wasnt staying in when i asked -___-
RAN AS FAST AS I COULD WHEN I SAW A Grey Naza that had Jay's shaowy figure in it. Us alert fans ran towards the car and quickly asked for pictures! *Drools*
It was pretty crazy that everyone was fighting to stand next to him for a picture! i was one of the first few! :D
i also Quickly pass him my Jay Packets (which he wasnt allowed to sign at the Hi-5 earlier), he happily signed it! :D
Finally, a Picture with Jay himself 

Signing my Jay Packets ;)

Check out my video on me asking Jay a question which i was pretty curious about and what i got for him- down below;

Jay was also humming his way into the airport :) veryyy cute! <3
Here comes the embarassing part; after getting to take picture with Jay and had enough pictures of him walking. I decided to wait at the counter where he was going to be checking in- as my sign is parked there at the corner as i needed my hands earlier!
I Jogged ahead a lil to away from the crowd. I called "Jie, Jie, Jie" Aloud- each time louder as my Sis cant hear me as she was tooooo busy taking pictures of Jay together with the crowd.
ZOMG! after Sis ingnorance to "Jie" a couple times. JAY PARK TURNED AND LOOKED AT ME IN THE EYE (as if i was calling him)
i mean Jie (for Sister) and Jae for Jay (in korean) sounds slightly the same.
i felt pretty embarassed when Jay looked at me when i was trying to call my sis to be at the counter and hold up the fan sign with me! * i was calling my sis pretty intensely and i think my facial expression wasnt that nice* Haha!
NEVERMIND that- i ran in my mini red dress and 3.5 inch heels, just right infront of Jay all the way to the counter.
Jay must be thinking what in the world is she running to?!

i Held up my fan sign! like this!
Waited for Jay for like 3sec till he came and saw me standing there alone with my pweeeety-hardwork-invested fan sign! x)
i was the only one that stood in front of him- away from the crowd.
This time i saw him not only taking a glance but He read thru our fan sign! :DD
Gave a lil shy smile and then proceed to his counter to Check In.

Everybody snap away with their cameras, not long after that- Daniel Jerome (AOM Crew) & Andrew ( SoReal Cru)-Jay's Demon dancers arrived to the counter too! :DD
i was so caught up with seeing Jay Park i dint notice they we're in the other van. Lul!
They were all tightly guarded with the extra Airport security. I was the first one who poked Daniel cause i wanted to take a picture with him eventhough he was surrounded with security guards. The moment the said Sure, the security guard moved to give me space as i was the one holding the camera.

Daniel and Me! :))

After my picture with Daniel- ppl followed to ask for a picture too.
Jay left shortly after successfully checking in. Basically all the security guards followed Jay. JWalkerz that havent had enough of Jay followed him to the final gate. Leaving Daniel & Andrew unguarded and with much lesser people.
I took the time to have a lil chat with Daniel- asking " Are you going to Jakarta too? " Daniel looked at me as if he dint understand English (but hes from Seattle). When i finally said "Jakarta, Indonesia" he said "Ohh," Smiled in relief and slightly nodded :)
After that i felt tupid for asking that question when he was at the SAME counter as Jay and Jay was ofcourse heading to Jakarta. Silly me!

Took a few  pictures with them. The manager in white- joked and posed with us when wanted to take a picture but then dint want to when we really wanted to take a picture together. i totally understood as he needs to make sure everything went thru smoothly.

[ From left; Shao Yan, Me, Andrew, Daniel, Sis]

Me & Andrew- hes a lil cheeky though, he had his arms around my waist before the picture was taken- took it of when he camera was ready to snap ;P

Yayyy! we made a  ♥ ! Andrew is sooooo cute! :)

Soon after, the security guards were back from sending Jay safely. The rest of the crowd sent them off to the Final Gate :)
 There we had a suprising comotion- A personnel from APR (Organizer) had a steamy chat with Jay's manager.

 I heard from a short distance-
Jay's Manager: You Owe Us 40,000! (probably in Ringgit)
APR personnel : I know, I know. . . .
Jay's Manager: I did this not because i wanted to, okay. We dint want Jay to have a bad image.
APR Personnel : Okay, we're really sorry. I apologize. Ill settle everything to whatever you want, okay?

Jay's manager gave in and the whole tensed situation was cooled. They both ended it with a Hugg.
i was like WOAH! Thats some shiet man. Now Jay Park isnt ever gonna come back cause we malaysians owe them money :(

Rumours had it that APR only paid Jay 50%. I MEAN WHAT THE HELL MAN! Tupid poorly organized organizer (Absolutely Pop Resources).
Went to look for Shao Yan's friend's car parked outside- he has been patiently waiting for us the entire time! damnnnn nice friend weih :))
Went back to Pavillion to chill. Caught in a baddddd baddd jam -____- took the wrong road. esssh!

Pictures of the whole happening below :)

The crowd pretty early in the morning.

My seating view from the bar's seat.

Jay's flight deets & initial car number plate. heh!
Spot me and sis? heh!
following closely before i ran to take my fansign. haha!
Ran to do this for Jay! Got all the attention from Jay being ahead and away from the crowd. He even smiled when he saw me running for this :))

so pweeety! for the AOM <3
too bad cant see the JWalkerz tattoo thats just behind his neck.

Daniel & Andrew

The crazyy crowd then Jay was still there.

Daniel & Andrew

simpsons. Luls!

Farah. a very nice person from APR :)

Final Gate to wish them goodbyes :)


Beautifully autographed Jay posters :)
I had the pearl milk tea i was craving and sis's japanese blablabla drink :)) veryy nice.

Heres the video of me asking Jay a question and find out what i got for him ;)

Autographed poster & Jay packet! Ill be treasuring it <3 :))

 One of the Best Days of my life! <3
it was truly more than i could expect. heee. It all happened so quickly i still couldnt really belive it x)
Things have been reallly good after sending Jay off! hes kindda like my lucky charm ;)

♥s Mermaid;

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