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Sunday, December 5, 2010

*Cracks from Shell*

Helooo there,
i've finally decided to choose today to start up my Blog- as Today marks One of the Best Days of my Life! <3
Been wanting to set up a blog for more than a year but i always thought i never had the time. its time i make time for my blog (:
Just set up the basics for my blog. still very much a lil nooobie, i hope you bloggers/hoppers will be patient as i slowly learn. im a pretty quick learner when im decidated to something though. heee <3

WHY Rielistic911?
Riel is my nick. and sudd i had a Brain Blast one day onmywayhome. Riel will fit right into Realistic (Rielistic). i find that name pretty much suits me too as im as Real as i can get. some of you haters out there may think im fake etc. (you'd understand if you check my but them haters dont know me.
Why 911?
Well, Rielistic was Taken(damn that person) and 911 = the infamous crash of the WorldTradeCentre which also happens to fall on my burfdae ;)
Thus, the birth of Rielistic911. i hope you somehow like this lil history-like explaination to my blogurl (:

This will be the first and last post for today as im pretty tired from Jay Park's Hi-5 & KLIA visit and chillings  @Pavi.

As i step into the blogsphere, i hope you guys will be my frequent viewers and support me. Pls do comment on my cbox whatever you dislikes or likes. i Appreciate every honest opinion.

ill try my best to keep you, Hoppers entertained ;)

p/s; pls bare with my ugly basic blog skin. finding a nicer one and one that just Screams Rielistic! :)

♥s Mermaid;

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