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Friday, September 7, 2012

Qualities Men Should Have

OMAIII.....H E L L O!!!

Yeap, its been a while since i've been blogging. Idk if its an excuse, but I was flooded with tons and tons of assignments. But since im on my sem break now, I thought i'd update my blog a little.

As of lately, I saw this controversial video which was soon removed. Has it garnered much attention (not necessarily all good ones) so much so that the video has to be taken down?
Let me just update you guys a little bit on what the video was about. It was Radio DJ, Linora, ranting on the "Qualities Men Should Have".
Confirm the negative response would be from the Men lahh..Confirm :P

Do you guys think Chivalry is Dead? Well, it Should NOT be! /scrunchnose

"Chivalry should exist all the time"

Its been always a HUGE 'plus' for me if the guy is a real gentleman.

I once dated this one gentleman which I think, no one would top him as better gentleman. Yeap. My Mr.Gentleman right there and any girl would be lucky to have him. He would never fail to open the car door for me or any door for that matter. The cutest thing is that, he would actually get a little angry when I tried opening the door myself.
Since he could open the door for me, he would also ask which seat I would like and pull out the chair for me. Where we seat does matter for some ladies. (Lighting & Background for photo-taking purposes)
Also, beforehand, he would make reservations, irregardless of whether the place would be normally packed with customers or not.
Adding a little more, If we're were going back to his place to catch a movie. He would already have the DVD in the player and in a Play-ready mood. So you'll cut all those bs searching for the DVD hi and low that you guys were going to watch and also if it was a cheap fake RM8 DVD, with this step, you guys will skip the awkward 1 minute "Why should we buy the Gold disc (original) and not the Purple disc (DVD-R)". Guys, you dont want her to think you're so cheap to buy fake DVDs to watch with her, right? ;)

Chivalry is very rare now but I really hope, not all hope in Men are lost...
Women likes to feel special and actually worth Men's time.

Here is part where appearance is concerned;

"Guys, grooming aint just styling your hair"


What Linora said is actually so true. Tons of guys just thinks its all about their precious hair which they usually spent more than 15mins on (some dont even give a sh*t and will be done in 1 min or so).

What I think is one of the most important thing (other than the Spider hair sticking outtve the nostril & DVD seller long nails) are that guys have actual care of their facial complexion and also their set of teeth!
So if you know you're a smoker and because of that you have yellow-stained teeth, go to the dentist to get them whitened and get some good toothpaste or have a good habit of brushing teeth to up keep that set of teeth.
How would guys like a pretty lady but when she smiles...BOOM! her teeth are yellow! *oh the horror* (cause i actually know someone like that)

Men clearly knows why women wear high heels, makeup and put on pretty dresses...We want to look good for men! So we'd appreciate it if Men actually too the initiative to groom themselves for us, ladies too :)

And Finally! 'Patience is a Virtue'.

I dont just think Patience is only qualities men should have, its also women should have. Cause i think some guys are more patience than women.
To be honest, sometimes I get a little impatient and the waiting can piss me off. Needless to say, Patience is a quality both sexes should cultivate and also give and take :)


This last photo here is definitely 9GAG worthy! Hahahahha

Seriously, Boys and their computer games....

Ladies, if your boyfriends ever ask you to buy them a Razor/Alienware product. Ask yourselves "Do I actually want to buy something that will help steal my boyfriend away". As if the computer game itself isnt enough..

Before I end this post, I just wanna say, im no expert or anything. Its up to you to pick up the good things you wanna take back and use it in your life.

The comment box below is openly free for your comments. Fire away if you have anything :)

Soon I hope i'll be able to blog about my current journey in life. Just a little personal update; I've been dating someone for quite abit and its been getting kindda serious. /blush

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Monday, June 4, 2012

Video Games Live 2012 in Malaysia


What an experience I had with my brother at the Video Games Live 2012 (VGL) which took place at Istana Budaya. Usually orchestras arent my usually my scene but I just couldn't say no to a new experience when I was surprised by Don with a pair of tics to this music event.

Went all excited when i saw the VGL promo video line ups. There was Final Fantasy in it! I am a FF fan, not so much of the game though but more of a FF Music fan! Bro got all excited when he heard Warcraft in the line up.

Well, VGL Live is a Orchestra-Rock Concert with a spectacular display of visuals, lights, lazers from the most popular video games of all time. Our Malaysia National Symphonic Orchestra was conducted by award winning music director & conductor- Emmanuel Fratianni.

Bro as my date for the night.

IMG_0212 IMG_0204 Cosplay participants.
The Final Fantasy costume stole the Grand Prize for the lady in blue hair.

Hosted by popular VGL creater- Tommy Tallarico. This guy could make the whole crowd at Istana Budaya have a good laugh. I like his casualty.

The last time VGL was held in Malaysia was back in 2010, Tommy heard the high demands from the gamers in Malaysia and decided to come back to satisfy our Malaysian gamers.

a Tony Stark (Iron Man) wannabe in the crowd.

There were a few video games played on stage and the participants were chosen at random.

IMG_0233 IMG_0239
Norihiko Hibino who has a well-known video game composer has one of his company branch in Malaysia too because he Loves our Malaysian food. Woot woot!

IMG_0246 Laura Intravia in Legend of Zelda costume.

Laura Intravia is such a talented individual. Her voice is so powerful its just mind blowing!! It was such an honor to hear her sing.

IMG_0253 IMG_0258
Laura Intravia in Mario costume.

Guitar Hero in Expert mode rocking out one of Foo Fighter's songs.

IMG_0270 IMG_0268
Tommy Tallarico can host AND play his electric guitar so well.

Check out some of the videos I took;
*hint* wait for Laura Intravia's amazing vocals.

[more videos to be uploaded]


The whole concert last about 3 hours. And during the intermission, i bump into ol' highschool mate and ex-neighbour, Reynard!!
It was so nice seeing him. Well, he's quite a gamer geek so i wasnt all surprise to see him there.

301862_10150860939324537_556019159_n IMG_0276
Bump into Joey, a highschool junior that came with Reynard and also coincidentally was at Taylor's OIC Camp 2012 (a day before VGL) where I was the student ambassador and had to guide her group.


Though VGL did not play any of my favourite Final Fantasy emo songs or even the song from Warcraft's Wrath of the Lich King Cinematic Trailer. Y U NO play emo songs? :(

Oh well, it did brought me back to my childhood when they had a couple of familiar video games music played. It made me miss Pokemon....

In my heart, i also wished for them to play a song from Harvest Moon (Back to Nature) but i guess that isnt old to be recognized :(
It was pretty hot during my era though. ANY Harvest Moon fans here?!

After a wonderful experience at VGL, i have learned to appreciate orchestra a little bit more. This has also helped me to grow in my Media Appreciation subject.

♥s Mermaid;

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Samsung Galaxy S3 Exclusive Media Launch


Its finally here! 
All the anticipation to get your hands on this sexy andriod phone is almost over.
Samsung has finally released its 3rd generation Galaxy S series.

Though im #TeamiPhone, i was curious but also excited to see what all the rave was about on the latest Galaxy S3. So, I gladly accepted the exclusive invitation to attend the media launch @ One World Hotel.
with them pretty ladies, [from left] Samantha, Valerie, Me, Michelle.

Symphonic tunes were played in the background by the orchestra throughout the event.

Lovely host for the night.

Managing Director of Samsung Malaysia gave an intro on what the new SIII is about.
Loves the huge screen behind, better than the cinema one :P
Why "Inspired by Nature"? Because the latest SIII has features adapted from the nature.

One thing i like is when you slide to unlock your phone, it will imitate the water motion as if you're touching the surface of a pond. Its amazing. Something very fresh indeed.
Not only that, the sound of tapping the touch screen is the soothing sound of water drips.
This time round, the SIII has built in more tunes and sounds that are soothing and relaxing for your pleasure of listening.

Then the Product Marketing Managers of Samsung Malaysia performed some demonstrations on the stage for us all. He was more lifely and fun, he also managed to get a couple of laughs from us. I could understand why he was the PMM of Samsung.

Featuring Burst Shot, you are able to instantly capture up to 20 Shots continuously. After that, there comes this feature in handy called Best Shot, which the smart SIII will have a little 'tick' to let you know which was the best shot taken in the 20 shots.

With this feature, you will not miss another moment in motion ;)

IMG_7055 IMG_7062
Highlights of the new SIII

It iz so slim!


This comes my favourite part of the Front Camera! It's 1.9 Megapixel Front Camera! And zero shutter lag! *drools*
Though a downgrade of 0.1 MP comparing to the previous SII/ S2. This SIII's Front camera is able to video in HD!

Okay lah, this one seems super attractive for self portrait camwhores like me (as iphone4s only 0.2 megapixel *cries*) to those who frequently uses the front camera to camwhore skype etc.
I think if i had an SIII, most of the time, i would be instagraming self portraits away... This made me feel my iphone4s actually sucked :(

Here comes a feature you all will like to have in your smartphones, Capture photos WHILE Recording a video! Yeap, you dont have to struggle to switch the mode back and front between camera & video anymore! Most importantly, you wouldnt have to miss a moment again ;)
Even my Canon G12 cant do that :(

Oppps, ter-on my camera flash, but i like this photo of Rebecca & Me.

To compete with Apple' iPhone, Samsung also have their own 'Siri' which is S Voice to command the phone with your voice.

Pop Up Play, whats that you ask?
This feature allows you to multi-task, you can be surfing the net in the background (etc) and also have a small screen of your video playing. Thus, you dont need to stop and start your video again when you are tweeting, facebooking etc.

Looking to transfer files in a breeze? S Beam will do you work for you, Its similar to Apple's App called Bump. All you have to do is to brush the back of your Galaxy SIII with your friend's SIII and after entering a simple common password, you files will be transferred at ease.


I love how Samsung is suggesting the public to 'Go Green' in some way with their new SIII inspired by the nature.
Suggestion; Samsung should come out with Eco-Friendly covers for the SIII as a special edition or something that is Eco-Friendly to support the whole tagline too. Heheh.


Lastly, the new Samsung Galaxy SIII have so many new features, wont it eat up the battery real fast? Well, Samsung has also expended the battery's capacity of 20% at 2,100 mAh in comparison to the S2.

It has been recently revealed that the PRICE for the Samsung Galaxy SIII would be retailing for RM2,199.

All dressed up in theme for Samsung ;)

with Michelle and her gorgeous blue dip dye! I loveeeeee!

In conclusion, i may still be on #teamiphone but after this launch, i definitely see that Samsung isnt too bad after all, is a great andriod phone to own and explore.

♥s Mermaid;

Sunday, April 1, 2012

LeMermaid Turquoise Dip Dye


*waves hair* Aloha~
Im back with an update on my hair, once again ;)
Im loving it! What do you guys think?

Le Journey Starts......

[25 March 11.30PM]

4 Weeks back (end feb) I had the sudden urge to dip dye my hair. I did not want to change my mind, so that weekend itself i hurried and got everything ready so i could start Project Turquoise .

It was about time i go for my annual haircut. Thats when Project Turquoise popped up. I thought it would be a fun twist for my boring hair style.
Initial plan, keeping my Turquoise hair for about 2 Weeks then chop off my hair (ofcourse including the turquoise dip dye)...


Heres my long hair. Front & Back view.


Its about 16 Months since i last had my hair cut. Its all the way down to my butt crack- the sign that i should get my hair chopped off already.

A photo from my blogpost- "When I Had A Tail"on my last haircut.
Thats how much my hair gew in 16 months! My hair grows veryyy Fast!

FAQ: How long have you been keeping your hair?
A: 16 Months.
*that shocking expression on people's face*
i suppose they'd think i'd say like 3 years or something. Hahah!

Okay! Back to the topic....

Firstly, you'll need an awesome hair colour or your desired hair colour .


Products Used;

Directions by La Richie(UK) - Turquoise
Bleaching Powder - Vol.20
Container & Brush.

I only bought a 30g packet of Bleaching Powder (from Sungei Wang) cause Im only dying the ends of my hair. It was enough to last me 2 rounds of Bleaching that night. iKiasu and dint used up all of it for the first round- thinking i could save it for the next use in the future.

Before people start to flood me with questions on where I got my Turquoise dye from, i got it from a friend which bought it from eBay (as its only available in the UK).
I have never bought anything from eBay before so I cant help you with that.

my kiasuness of using half of the bleaching powder.
The Ratio of your Bleaching Powder & Developer should be 1:1


You can start applying immediately after mixing the mix well.
After approx 30-45mins. It was time to wash it off.
From what i heard- 45minutes TOPS!
(though i think thats specifically for people who are bleaching up to their roots and its to avoid having irritated-red scalp)

Bleaching Round 1

The bleach wasnt strong enough, I knew i should've take heat on the bleaching Vol. The sales person put it on the counter and i happily paid for it without thinking of the Vol.

There are Vol.20 (common use), Vol.30, & Vol.40(strongest)
I should've at least opt for Vol.30 cause my hair is at least 50 virgin. People that have dyed hair or has 100% whore hair would prolly be fine with the Vol.20.

You should be thinking, why not just choose Vol.40- done deal, Hair as white as snow? Well, i was recommended that i should best stick to lower Vol. cause Vol.40 might be pretty tough on my hair and MAY CAUSE CHEMICAL BURNS .
True that, i dont want my hair to be burning and breaking off during a DIY Bleaching. (sorry, if that scared you)

Bleaching Round 2

Thanks to my Kiasuness which saved my bleach powder for another round of bleaching.

This time i waited for it to sit for 45minutes.
I took a look at it and it was a little foamy. Scared me a little, i quickly washed it off. In my mind was thinking of all the worst case scenarios- Hair breaking off, Hair dissolving- what? ...
It turned out to be very blonde indeed. I thought it was the colour i was suppose to target. Well, it wasnt, when i found out later on.

And Oh, Do Not Condition after Bleaching if you're dyeing your hair Next.

Danbo says Hi :)

Le end product of Project Turquoise, It was a little hard trying to capture the right colour on the camera but i tried. It looks better IRL (in real life) though ;)

6 Inches of Turquoise dip dye.

I only washed off the hair dye (after 30-45mins?) with water, i did not wash with shampoo or did any conditioning though. Which led me to think back, I prolly should've at least conditioned my hair before excitedly blowing dry my hair to see the Results!

Tip; i heard that rinsing your hair with Vinegar water would help the colour to stay on longer.
Shall try the next time too.

1 Week Later


This is what my hair actually looks like when seen with the nekkid eye. Its colour is showing up on camera because its outdoor and the flash isnt so focused.
I only wash my hair about 3-4 times a week. Plus, after dyeing with these kind of exotic colours, you might want to lessen your shampoo-ing days unless your scalp is the oily type. The more frequent you wash it, the faster your colour will fade even if you use a colour protecting shampoo.

Gentle Reminder: If you're willing to dye your hair esp needing to bleach beforehand, do take note that your hair will NEED Treatment/Deep Conditioning to gain back its protein lost in the bleaching process.

See, hard to capture my hair colour indoor esp when my hair is way past my boobs.

It looks even better after a week later, doesnt it? :)
Its that Beautiful Mermaid Turquoise <3


My hair dint feel as dry as i'd imagine the bleaching would cost, but still i would apply hair oils on my dip dye just to keep it moisturized (and shiny?)

4 Weeks Later

The colour continue to fade to a more greenish tone. It was Sea Green/ Forest Green.
People would be saying my hair is Green instead of Blue- i started to accept the fact.
People, Y U NO get what is Turquoise! Green+Blue = Turquoise!

Well, Whatever shade or tone it has faded into, i've always liked the colour even though it dint turn out/looked the way i wanted it.
IMG_6679_ IMG_6683_

My poor hair- outtve shape, wispey, and in a mess..It was a perfect time to get it treatment and trimmed.
Went to Dara Asia @ 1Shamelin Mall for their Loreal Hair Treatment.

Oppp, the night before my visit to the salon, i decided to re-dye  my Sea Green dip dye with Turquoise as recommended from a trusted friend. Anyways, i dont have anything to lose do I? Want to see how it'll look like and how long it'll last too.

A photo trying to fit my face and my long hair all into the same frame- Wasnt easy.

Blah blah blah, spent 2 hours there- Almost fell asleep several times.
And i couldn't play poker or draw something the entire time because the heat from the machine was transferring to my phone instead of my hair. -___-
[if you notice the gradient in colour, it was Sis's fault for not helping me to dye thoroughly like the first time. At least it still looks cool, cause im pretty lazy to do another round of touching up]

Got my hair ends trimmed a wee bit- prolly an inche or less.
Ofcourse her hair cutting skills arent as good as Shawn Cutler's Jackham- I should be going back to Jackham in about 2weeks time.

Directions- Turquoise too.
This is the beautiful Turquoise i wished my hair was. Oh well, ill just have to wait till next round to try it.

After goggling, you'll find that quite a number of people using the SAME product will have different (colour) outcome. Some people, their hair colour would fade to an ugly greyish colour. Which I initially thought how Every exotic hair colour dyes would eventually become. How wrong was I after trying it myself :)

Funny how my Dad realized my Turquoise hair AFTER TWO WEEKS. 14DAYS! Hahah.. Thought he would have the most negative reaction to my hair but instead he kind of liked it. Later on, he also suggested to have my dip dye covered in layers of other colours like Pink & [insert bright colours] !

I just might explore more exotic colours since Dad wasnt in his sarcastic tone. On the other hand, its odd how my (cool&sporting) mum dint like the idea of me getting my hair dyed with funky monkey colours. Oh well, whatever it is, my parents know they cant stop me from doing what i've set my mind to do ;)

I hope this (journey / how to dip dye) blogpost (sort of) made up for the laziness in blogging busyness i've been in for the past few months that was supposedly to be my 'holiday'. How time flies.
Seriously, i was pretty busy too. Not busy rotting at home, but freelancing working here and there to get extra money for shopping expenses. Still, I had no excuse for not updating when i somehow found the time to be watching my tvshows.

Forgive me.

♥s Mermaid;

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