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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Robot Sushi Launch @ One Utama

[ 16 Dec ]

Reached there a lil after 5.30PM. Thought we were like a tad late but hardly anyone was there. So Empty!
malaysian timing.
Well, the first thing i saw after reg was Amber Chia sitting and chatting.
*excited* i already wanted to ask for a picture.
Haha, so much for a being a supposedly pro 'media' ;P

Met FeeqJeremyJason  there. Started chilling with some Carlsberg ;P
Jeremy keep stealling sips from me. heh!
Another Happpy Hour!
Served white wine too but me no likey.

Somehow me and Jason kindda look like we have the same smile. Lul.
Maybe its the dimples! haha.

Happpy Hour again!!

Feeq and his camera

kewl effect up and below

The Celebrity sushies!

Robot Sushi's Bar


Jere and his NEW STARBUCKS PLANNER. *jealous*


[from left] Chelsia Ng, Amber Chia, Wan Hazreek (Managing Director of Robot Sushi) , Couple Sazzy Falak & Nazril Idrus

In conjunction with the grand opening, Robot Sushi introduced three special sushi rolls which have been designed and named especially for fans of Robot sushi, are the result of collaborations between Robot Sushi’s creative chefs and celebrities – Ms Chelsia Ng, Ms Amber Chia and celebrity couple, Ms Sazzy Falak and husband, Nazril Idrus. 

Celebrity Sushies! 
Chelsia Ng's "C-Sharp". Ingredients; Soft shell crab- Designed as a musical note

Amber Chia's "Amber Handbag".
Ingredients; Unagi. - Handbag with AC initials on it.

Couple Sazzy Falak & Nazril Idrus's "Sehati Berdansing".
Yin-yang Designed - Reality tvshow.

 The ‘Amber Bag’ Roll, the ‘C-Sharp Roll’ and the ‘Sehati Berdansing’ Roll are priced at RM 14.90, RM12.90 and RM 10.90 respectively.

Chelsia's singing moment
Chelsia did a lil preview for us as her album will be coming out in 2011 :)

[from left] Chelsia Ng, Amber Chia, Couple Sazzy Falak & Nazril Idrus


Honestly, the best among the rest! By Amber Chia.
initials on the sushi; AC
just noticed its also my initials ;p
Fun Fact; Amber loves Handbags so much that she designed the sushi to look like a handbag. But you guys dint know she had more than 100 Handbangs dint you? Cyeah, thats her fav fashion possesion.

their Daily promos! :)

w Chelsia Ng; Malaysia's actress & singer :)

Amber Chia, Wan Hazreek, Couple  Nazril Idrus, Sazzy Falak & Chelsia Ng

w Supermodel Amber Chia!
shes so tall! :)

w Malaysia's Actress/Host; Sazzy :)
her features is so pweeety! plus, shes 'Glowing'! :)

At around 8PM, they had the Celebrity Octopus Eating Challenge - with the current Octopus Prime Champion (King Yi).
They were eating my fav Chuka Idako!! so jealous! i would have joined if i could weiih, no joke.
Its not just any Chuka Idako but a SPICY ONE! me loveeee~
tried it and it was pretty spicy but i would totally be up for eating it in a challenge ;)

if you dint know, im a pretty fast eater. heee!
The Octopus Prime Trophy thats worth more than RM300! *GASP*

[from left] Mr Ferris, Husband Nazril & previous Champion; King Yi!

Ta daaaa~ the WINNER!

Chilled till 8.30PM and headed to GSC as i had tickets for the movie TRON in 3D

Scanning with IPHONES! SO FUTURISTIC?! eh ;P

Extra picture! *not suppose to be uploaded*
its here cause i think i look different and wouldnt recognise myself here :P

We met Joey from the line which we met the day before at the Fashion Show too! Chit chatted while we waited in line to collect our tics!
Since we had extra tics, last minute- called Feeq Jason to join us - Jere & newly met-Jon had already left OU.
As you know ifyouhadreadmynarniapost, i got the popcorn voucher again! and they only provided Caramel. i lined up in the longgg line again to 'Act' and got my Salty Popcorn! :)))


One Utama's Robot Sushi  (Ground floor of One Utama shopping centre’s new wing)

Open from 10am to 10pm daily
Visit Robot Sushi today.

Tron 3D Movie Review; 
♥ ♥ ♥ / 5
[ Doesnt Contain Spoilers ]

Movie was alright i'd say. Very cool as its very futuristic-like. Favourite part was "The Grid". Thats something different and that you dont see in other movies! Thumbs up for that.
Story line is a little confusing though.
40% of the movie was in 2D- during that time i dint even bother wearing the 3D glasses.
so i'd say not worth watching it in 3D. 2D wouldnt be much difference :)

♥s Mermaid

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