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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Shontelle Fan Meet for GUESS in KL

[ 6 Dec ]

It was my Last Day of work at Mum's Office in town.
During lunch time- I've been seeing Jin from Hitz updating status bout interviewing Shontelle. I was wondering if shes in KL !
next thing i check her twitter was saying Shes Gonna Be At GUESS Pavillion at 3PM.
I WAS LIKE ZOMG! I HAVE TO SEE SHONTELLE! Shes a good singer! <3
There was nothing much at work as usual. I took my last day, Half Day Off. thought i had a late one but oh well! i Just found out :)
Walked to Pavillion as its only walking distance (yes,thats how near my office is). Highlight; Sis crossed the road with her SHOE FLYING ! HAHAHAH! that made me ROFL under the Raja Chulan monorail thingie XD. Thankgod it wasnt in the middle of the road though :)

Went to GUESS rightaway, quite a number of ppl were in the line already as it was a lil past 3PM. Roughly 10-15 ppl? It was nice with the small crowd. heee
Waited in the line patiently- some of the GUESS personnel came and said she'll be a lil late as its raining and shes coming from Hilton's DoubleTree.
Me and Sis was in utter need of makeup retouching! That day, i dint really bother doing my makeup to work too- i dint wanna see pretty Shontelle with my 'chan' face. *Brain Blast!!!*

See the difference?! hahahaha!
it was pretty funny actually. We asked the guy behind to look out our line as we leave for just a quickie.
We ran to Watson's and started putting on the TESTERS! hahahaha! spend 5 mins there and rushed back to our line.
The guard at Watson's was like looking on- is these girls gonna buy the product or what?! Haha!
Pheww~ at least i dont look that bad when i take a picture with Shontelle! <3

Shontelle reached at bout 4PM. waited for an hour or so but ofcourse it was worth it ;)
Everyone in the line went in pairs or singles if they dint come with anyone. Everyone was entitled to;- An Autographed CD of her new Album "No Gravity", Autographed Photo & a Picture with Shontelle! ♥ 

it was a great time meeting Shontelle! she was really friendly and nice- not all celebs or artist that comes to Malaysia are like that though :)

Shontelle says We Malaysians are very nice too! heee! Our great Malaysian Hospitality :)))

so pweeety! i think Shontelle looks like Naomi Campbell here :)

Check out the video i took during our fan meet with Shontelle  ;))


I saw our pictures taken and wasnt that nice. We wanted a SINGLE picture with her :P
Waited for the line to almost end and went back in again. heee! We were the Last public ppl to take pictures with her. They closed the line and closed GUESS doors too!
Saw a Lady Gaga like girl as she was wearing a short blonde wig. I told her that she was cute and took picture with her x)

Pictures of the event;

The crowd when Shontelle arrived

Me, Shontelle & Sis

Shontelle and Me doing a funnn pic x))

Shontelle did a few fun posing for a photog for his blog! haha! Shontelle says she looks like an Athelite x)

Loving No Gravity by Shontelle :))

 I just loveeee the unexpected! <3

 ♥s Mermaid;

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