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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Updates on the outdates

[ 9 Dec ]

Woke up with a man's voice :O sucked on Strepsils the entire day.
At around 10AM- Left for my full body massage and hair treatment session with Sis @PJ.

Yeah, i hardly had any pictures as our handbags were put in the locker as soon as we reached there.
Changed into the stuff they gave and we had to wear THIN disposable underwear Thongs. so uncomfortable. It was as good as not wearing anything -____-
Here are some of the few steps i remember :)

First, Full Body Scrub to remove all the dead skin cells. They used the Rice scrub.
she even asked if she could scrub my boobs. I mean whatheheck. It is, a full body scrub.
Then, she massage Avocado hair treatment into my hear.
it smells soooo good man.
Went into the showers after that. *wash wash was*. Coming out all cleannnnn and smooth.
It was time for the Full Body Massage for 45 Mins.
Though it was suppose to be a pretty relaxing one, she did made it a lil pain at my calves- but apologize for getting a lil too excited cause my left calf's musle was a lil tensed. toomuchheels? heee
Overall, it was a nice massage.
Lastly, she applied some peppermint leave-in treatment for the hair. Ofcourse, it was refreshing.

Total was only 1½Hours.
 It was nice getting pampered after i've been so busy in the past weeks with work and outings.

Left for Curve as  Sis  had her facial appointment with New York Skin solution. ZOMG MAN! i fucking (sorry for language usage) waited for almost 2 EFFING HOURS! Seating at the sofa there reading their mags. It was a thick onee i was reading. Spent 1 hour on it. Quietly waiting till i got effing fed up and text mum. Mum and sis was in one of the rooms being consulted. I WASNT EVEN INVITED IN. WTF.
Effing pissed-  Sis actually came out to ask me if i wanted to go in the room. Head in to check whathehell was taking so long.
You know la, all these ppl tryna convince you into buying the long term package blablabla.
Mum and Sis is kind of the same person, and im usually the smart one and will have a different thinking from them. I could say it as it is and narrow the decision for them.
Long story short- they finally Agreed with the package and price.

Finally man!! My appetite for Tutti Frutti is now gone. Pissed & Fed Up for waiting so longg and with NO UPDATES on whats going on or how long more it'll take. Now that pissed me off.
So Sis started her facial- me and Mum went to shop at Ikea. Went to have some meatballs cause i felt like it.
Saw adman bro and adwinna there :)

Waited for Sis even after taking a sweeet time chilling around Ikea- trying to look for suitable plastic containers for my cosmetics. Failed :/
Sat at the sofa will full of anger cause i had to wait AGAIN! Mannn~ did i wait for another 30mins. Grrrr!

Finally reached home. Felt soooooo tired/sleepy. I slept as soon as i got back- dint even change my clothes and slept with the oil left on my arms and legs. ofcourse it wasnt that oily.

After 8 hours in Dweamland;
i woke up at 1AM.

I was actually suppose to meet up with Feeq at Sunway Pyramid for a Christmas Light Up Event but then i was tooo tired to wake up and go at 7PM. sorrrrry for FFKing, Feeq! <3

 Stayed up the entire night catching up with my TV Shows;- 90210, One Tree Hill, The Vampire Diaries, Nikita <3 <3 <3
Fried some fried rice which wasnt that tastey so i cooked maggi curry -___-
Slept when the Sun was almost rising.
Went to bed at 6AM.

[ 10 Dec ] 
Woke up at 10AM cause i'll be heading to MV with Mum and Sis for the Beauty exhibition.

Mum wanted me to take a look there as i have a passion for make up art etc :)
There were only a couple of Make Up Academy/Schools.
The people we'rent that smart to introduce more about it but only passed on flyers -____- i had tonsss that day. Bought quite a few Beauty stuff from the exhibition :))
Mum even bought someting for bro as his christmas present ;)
On top of that, i Actually bought my christmas present there too!! maybe ill take a picture and post it up nearing christmas (wait, now IS nearing christmas. *swt*) ;p

Came back home- started uploading some Jay Park videos and editing pictures <33
Was still very much starstrucked 

 ♥s Mermaid;

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