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Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas! Not Xmas!!

Heloooo there! I want you guys to meet my Red Mummie! <3
A Cutie isnt he? i got this lil guy from Singapore two years ago. I actually got a pair but i gave the other one away :)

I Red Mummie just wanted to wish you guys a ...
Merry Merrryyy Christmas! :)

I hope you guys get to spend this holiday with your significant other, loved ones and friends! 
Its such a joyful holiday isnt it? With all the christmasy songs played every part of the mall etc. Christmas is also when everyone gets together and have some real quality time- esp as a Family.
Be thankful to your parents. although it isnt Thanksgiving :P
btw, if you dint know- The word FAMILY means
Father And Mother I Love You.

There you go. Appreciate what they have given you.

I had a christmas eve dinner with my fam'. Dad was the chef of the day. Though i still prefer his specialty in cooking crabs i still like the steak he made.
Its nice to see and hear that people are going to anywhere possible and to have a meal with their family on Christmas Eve. Its warm to know that.
Then i thought of the little children without their family- orphans. I really feel sorry for them. Would it mean the world to them if they could have a meal with their whole family.
oh geez, i think i maybe getting side tracked -__-

Anyways, i dont want this post to be long and lengthy. So have a great holiday and if you havent spend the time with your family for quite awhile now, do take this oppocunity. You can even use Christmas as a reason to pull your family together!

P/S; i Hate it when people use Xmas instead of Christmas.
Do the right thing! Say Type Christmas instead of Xmas :)

One last time, Have a Blessed Christmas everyone!

♥s Merry Mermaid & Red Mummie

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