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Thursday, December 23, 2010

I actually Won Something for Blogging But Missed Daniel Lee.

[ 13 Dec ]

I did a lil post on it as i wanted to get the premier passes to catch Fair Game :)
if you read the ocean potion post you'll understand what is about to happen.

Reach there ON TIME at 9.30PM! when movie was at 9.30PM. Aiyaa, consider a lil late la right :P
Brought Sis to catch the movie with me.
Neways, after a minute me and Sis took our seats. Josh went infront to do a lil intro about the Ocean Potion Products. If i remembered correctly, Ocean Potion is the only sunblock that has vitamin E and proven by the dermatologist.
Then it was time to annonce the winner (see, dont understand what winner right? Crick on the Ocean Potion blogpost above) :P 
3rd Prize went to a Dude
2nd Prize is ME?!
I was so shocked acutally, i dint expect to win anything. Luls!
I thought i was just coming for a movie.
1st  Prize went to a Girl (absence- which lil bro collected it for her)
ignore the expression on my face, seriously idk what was i doing. Luls.

Well, i got RM150 worth of Ocean Potion Products! :))

Shock and Supised, the movie "Fair Game" soon started.

Fair Game Movie Review;
/ 5
 [No Spoilers]
I hardly understood anything thats going on. By watching the trailer, i thought they'll be action etc. But Nope! No Action! just alot of Talking -____-
All about politics which i dislike cause they're boring man! Showed tons of George Bush talking-godknowswhat.
Better yet, its based on a True Story; later they showed the Real person speaking instead of the main actress.
Free passes and it was the premier, cant say much also la! Haha! :P

[ 14 Dec ]
Went for a meeting at Taylor's Lakeside Campus, met up with the bloggers :) and Sis somehow tagged along with me and ended up going thru the meeting what i was there for -___-
After that i decided to drop by Subang Parade to check out on the Michael Jackson's Album Launch by Sony Music.
Went a lil early- nothing going on ofcourse :/

lazy to watermark this after i have uploaded. Luls.

Giving some MJ t-shirts for the MJ fans who gets the answer correctly.
I left before all the action happened. They were suppose to start at 5PM (malaysian timing). Left at 5.50 cause there was nothing much.

HIGHLIGHT!! while i was chilling around hoping for something to start at 5PM.
while i was at Elianto in the middle of the mall- I saw DANIEL LEE! Malaysian Idol Runner Up? aiya, the young chinese dude that went far in the Malaysian Idol la :P
he was being escorted to the event by a Sony personnel.
I Stood there Starstrucked once again!
He looked at me and sis and smiled.
I could only utter the words "Hi Daniel" *awkwardly*
He shyly said Hi back as he passed by.
i was so close to him i could just poke him.
he was pretty short too, not much taller than me D:
So here it goes, i was actually shocked to see him so i dint think of asking him for a picture.
Regretted for not catching up with him and getting a pic! :((
So i stayed a lil while longer at the event so i could see him and ask for a picture. BUT Nuuuu, he was hiding elsewhere when i went back to the event :/
so yeah. UNLUCKYNESS strikes again!
ROFL, i sound like a Daniel Lee fan. Im not okay. No offence.
He is our local singer. A cute one.
I'd like to have a picture with him :)

What happened after i left; 

 Pictures courtesy of Sony Music Malaysia.
Alif Satar (contestant of Malaysian Idol too) was from my highschool. heh!

Cute Daniel Lee :)

Ended up with regretts and feeling moody!
Nevermind, I'll get a chance to take a picture with Daniel in the future! im pretty sure about that :P
Dammit, i spoiled the line with my picture taking with a whole list of international & local artists whenever i see them live! :/
i shall have more balls next time. haha!

♥s Mermaid;

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