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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Taylor's Open Day!

I bet you've been wondering on what you're gonna do- career wise.
Alot of us still isnt sure what to pick and which road to go down with- as its pretty much a life changing decision or shall i say, a decision that will make your life who you are in years to come. Its common that people are fickle minded on making these decisions that will affect their lifes, dont worry! :)

Well, It brings me to my point, Why Not Attend Taylor's Open Day?! :D
There you are able to see the different courses and programs they have to offer you! It'll be FUN! Why wouldnt it be? Checking out all kinds of courses- even some you havent heard of. No harm in getting to know more right? ;)
Its a Must for you to attend their Open Day then! Deets below;

Taylor's Lakeside Campus Open Day

Date: 17th Dec (Friday), 18th Dec (Saturday) & 19th Dec (Sunday)

Time: 10:00am - 5:00pm

Venue: Taylors' University Lakeside Campus

Heres the map if your excuse is "i dont know the wheres the place". Heee!
Need it to be even more precise- if theres even a more precise?! it. :P

H i g h l i g h t s;

+ Heres your chance to RIDE A HOT AIR BALLOON FOR FREEE! Yes, you heard me right- Freee!
Come Early! The Hot Air Baloon ride is from 10AM-12PM.

i know the hot air balloon free ride is probably once in a lifetime? chance - so do come for it. Please dont be so lame and come just only for the ride. Be thankful Taylor got it for you to enjoy, so do   spare some time to check out their programmes :)

*Promotion valid until 19 December 2010.
Terms and conditions apply.

+ Test Drive a Student-Designed CAR! Wowwww~
Test drive the car built by Formula Varsity Race Champion Team from School of Engineering.

+ Scholarships
• National Scholarship
• Tan Sri Dato' (Dr) Loy Hean Heong Merit Scholarships
• Top Achievers' Award
• Tertiary Merit Scholarships  

im sure many of you are looking for Scholarships and so forth.  They will be offering those 4 (stated above) So comeeee and find out more on that! :)

+ Campus Tour
You get to Explore the beautiful new lakeside campus *eyes glimmering*

   + There will also be talks by invited Speakers, Taylor's Deans and Principals. Thus, the further understanding of the university that will be the Light to your Future.
   + You'll be able to take a Career & Personality Test and put together your essential plan towards success too.

More info check out Taylor's website [Here]
What you waiting For? Keep your schedual clean for this. Its one Open Day worth coming for! :D
*Keep in mind of the Free Hot Air Balloon ride* heee!

I'll be there for sure! Seee you guys there! :)

♥s, Mermaid;

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