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Friday, December 10, 2010

Ocean Potion Presents; Fair Game Movie Screening.

Aloha~ now that was pretty random- just popped into my head to greet you guys (:
well, maybe its cause of the post im writting on (you'll understand if you read on)

Im sure many of you out there are movie addicts- dont deny ;)
Why spend RM12 just to watch a movie when you can easily Win them? :D
Interested? Go ahead and read on.

Ocean Potion is giving youu the chance to WIN a Pair of  'Fair Game' movie passes! Also their good quality Ocean Potion product hampers. woww~

Check out 'Fair Game' Trailer.

Spot something veryyy familiar to Us Malaysians? ;)
tsk tsk tsk~ i know Malaysia's landmark is awesome but they dint had to sneak it in there, they could just have come and shoot the movie right in KL- hows that for an city experience ;p
Btw, the Trailer looks darn good! i really wanna catch this movie! its a movie i would totally enjoy esp in the theaters! :D


 Speaking bout sunblocks- its very important to protect our skin from the harmful UV Rays. Dont think it is? Well, you may even get skin cancer *Gasp*, pigmentations etc etc. Unless you are using an umbrella made outtve Tempered Glass then no worries for UV Rays :P

In my kiddy days, i was pretty much known as Snow White. I would have the nickname of  'pak shuet gong zhu' (cantonese) which means Snow White ofcourse. I was fair and hated sunlight (yes, in other words; Puteri Lilin) Up till when i was Form One, i represented to play in the annual basketball competition for my highschool amongst other KL schools. Had tonsss of training under the burning hot sun and people would notice i had turn tanner. At first i would have red rosy cheeks and be fair afterwards, but after all the afternoon trainings no more rosy cheeks for me- i started to actually be tan :/
There, i sacrificed my beloved fair skin for basketball.
Starting to regret as i never really used any sunblock except on competition days as friends would bring em and the whole team would use it *poor thing*. I think if i had Ocean Potions sunblock i wouldnt be as tan as i am now. People still think im fair but i aint fair like snow white no more :'(
Hence, using sunblock like Ocean Potion would have probably saved me my title of Snow White afterall eh :/
Well, i hope i get to win the Ocean Potions products and use them when i go outdoor nowadays.
Umbrella + Ocean Potion sunblock = DOUBLE POW! Bet the UV Rays wouldnt get to touch me anymore. heee :)

Fair Game movie screening is on the 13 Dec (Monday). Doubt you'll be busy on a monday night- Moday Movie Night,  now thats sounds pretty good (:
Check out the deets below to get yourself a pair of Fair Game passes and catch it together with all the other Advertlets bloggers- you'll probably get to make new friends too! ;)

Blog contest for Ocean Potion
- Blog about your sunblock experience, and why you’ll like to win Ocean Potion products – and get a pair of tickets to watch ‘Fair Game’ & stand a chance to win Ocean Potion product hampers!
- Be a fan of the Ocean Potion Facebook Page
- Send your posts to
- Win movie tickets to watch Fair Game together with other bloggers!
- Ocean Potion products for best write-up (1st, 2nd & 3rd prize)
- You can also bring your existing sunblock on movie night to exchange for Ocean Potion products at discounted prices.

Hope to see youu sexys there

♥s Mermaid;

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