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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Worst Hungover, Ever!

A couple weeks back, I hung out at MV's The Library for Zhi Ching's Burfdae Party.
Tonssss of Carlsberg beer was provided .

Normally, i would go light on the beer but heavy on the hard stuffs ;) But this was what they all were having that night. Oh well...

Ching's Party @ The Library

Ching's Party @ The Library
i just notice, i reallllly like those patterns on that curtain. *randomness*
Ching's Party @ The Library

Ching's Party @ The Library

Ching's Party @ The Library

Ching's Party @ The Library

Ching's Party @ The Library

Ching's Party @ The Library

Ching's Party @ The Library

Ching's Party @ The Library

Ching's Party @ The Library
Pucker up! ;)
Ching's Party @ The Library
After one far to many drinks.....
Ching's Party @ The Library

Ching's Party @ The Library
Ouu lala~
Birthday girl in a sexy corset-like halter baby pink top, She took the boobs headlights of the Night from me ;D
Ching's Party @ The Library
People were starting to get tipsy and this is the results of it. What a waste...
Ching's Party @ The Library

Ching's Party @ The Library

Ching's Party @ The Library

Ching's Party @ The Library

Ching's Party @ The Library

Some of the party people continued the party at Milk/Mist. I, being a good girl, went home slightly before 1AM. I knew i was veryyy tipsy. But I managed to get a hold of myself and act sober infront of Dad.

First thing I did when i came home was to lay on the floor cause my head was spinning.
God knows how long did i lay on the floor for. Most of the fam' members was already in dreamland, so noone saw me in that state.
I remember waking up uncountable times, rushing to the toilet basin and (if not fast enough) the nearby rubbish bin to puke . I was puking my dinner out and ofcourse the beer.

Mum found out that I puked and had a hungover cause she saw the mess I've made in the rubbish bin. Lucks, cause she isnt against me drinking, as long i know my limits.

If you knew me, You'd know im a Jack Daniel's lover.
And im a pretty hardcore drinker as i have pretty high tolerance for alcohol (for a girl at least). Well trained by my boys.
I've been to many drinking sessions and not once i had a hungover this bad. In fact, this was only my second hungover. The first, i woke up in the morning and puked-Once!
Conclusion, not a fan of beer.
Lesson learnt; Never drink beer as much as hard liquor.

Can we prettty please bring out the Tequila shots, Vodka & Whiskey now, pls?
i dare you to challenge me to a tequila shot challenge ;)

♥s Mermaid;

Sunday, April 24, 2011

The Roomate Movie Review

As alot of you would recognise Leighton Meester as Gossip Girl's classy Blair Waldorf as the main character of the movie.

The Roomate Movie Review;
Typical 'psychopath obesessive' movie, nothing much different I'd say. Comparable to "Obsessed" & "Chloe". The thrill was so-so. They have quite a cast there, look out for your fav tvshow/movie actors/actresses.
Cam Gigandet was hot as usual. Minka Kelly as Cam's co-star was veryyy pretty indeed and I would like to see more of her. As a student aspring to be a designer, her style in the movie made me want to go hunting for more nice hats.

I love the one grey hat below.

Watch The Roomate megavideo here.
Disclaimer HERE

Pssssst* Take note of the necklace i have on, Try spotting someone in The Roomate wearing the same necklace too ;)
One of the accessory piece im proud of from my collection- Im a sucker for accessories.
Yayy! another star seen wearing the same necklace. Kim K, Nicole Richie, Katie Cassidy, etc etc...

♥s Mermaid;

Starbucks - BUY 1 FREE 1

Happy Easter Weekend everyone! :)

Thankgod for Dad, finally, he said something thats useful. teehee
Headed over to Starbucks with the family for dessert to check out if what dad said was actually legit because it was too good to be true (and we know how things like that turns out).

It was TRUE. STARBUCKS BUY 1 FREE 1. nojoke.

Let the Starbucks feast begin......

Starbucks BUY 1 FREE 1

Terms & Conditions;
- Only for American Express cardholders.
- Valid till 31 October 2011.
-  The complimentary cup of handcrafted beverage has to be Equal or Lesser Value than the lower priced beverage ordered in the same transaction.
- Not valid with other promotions, discounts, privileges and vouchers.

In the T&C it says only 1 complimentary beverage per transaction per cardholder? thats not true.
Earlier i bought 2 beverages with just 1 card.

And i suppose this promotion valids in most of the Starbucks outlets in Malaysia.

To enjoy this promotion, you just have to present your American Express card. No printing of the picture above is needed. (You'll only be printing it, if you dont trust me and think that whatever im saying is false.)

Not a cardholder of American Express? Turn that frown upside down..
Hurry and apply one! Rush them to send you the card so you can use it for Starbucks ASAP! If you dont feel like you're enjoying the benifits of the Amex card, you can always Cancel the card.  Advisable after October ofcourse ;)
not getting paid to say this.

From left; Caramel, Chocolate, Green Tea frapp, Chocolate

BUY 2, FREE 2!

What is your usual starbucks beverage? Care to share your possibly unique usual order at the comment section below? I dont mind trying new things :)

Different for a Change is good.


Having my usual Green Tea Frap w yummmy whipped cream.

Dad, Me, Sis.
Mum & Bro was feeling shy and dint want any pictures taken.

Idontknow if this would be a mistake by posting credit cards up. yikes.

Parents been a loyal Amex cardholders. In fact, years ago, they both worked at Amex.
Mum jokingly mentioned she would get me a supplementary card. She kindda meant it too- I dont mind ;)

* thinking of shopping spreees*
But then again, that comes with alot of nagging and my credit card would be in cobwebs.

Now, quickly head to Starbucks to have this awesome possum promotion.
Actually, I'd suggest you to indulge in Starbucks as much as possible for the next few months, just until the promo is over, cause you know why?
You'll get soooo bored of Starbucks, you wont need to be spending quite a bit of money on just a drink anymore.
For you Starbucks addicts out there, that cant live without Starbucks- esp their coffee, I know you probably wont stop drinking even after the promo cause you're a loyal Starbucks customer. Anyhow, this will help you to save some cash.

If you happen to bump into me at Starbucks, dont forget to say 'Hi' or let me be your "FREE 1" because im the reason you are at Starbucks in the first place.

No seriously.

s Mermaid;

Saturday, April 23, 2011


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All videos, music and movie links in this blog come from websites such as Megavideo,Youtube sharing websites which we are not affiliated in any way. In case of copyright infringement or any other issues, please contact the responsible parties (responsible File Sharing site) by which is not in control. does not reserve any rights to, nor claims copyright to, any videos, music and movie links listed on these pages. All references are copyright to their respective owners.
If anything I've shared/posted on this website is against the law please notify me so that they can be removed before taking any action.

Thank You
No Copyright Infringement Is Intended.

p/s; All links provided/ posted by me would be DVD Rip links- I dont like watching the ones recorded in cinemas etc etc. Unless Stated that the movie is pretty new and that no DVD Rip links are out yet. 

Friday, April 22, 2011

TOPMAN x Junk By Demand Presents HURTS Live in KL


Are you ready for more British lads with their sexy accent ?

TOPMAN x Junk By Demand Brings you HURTS

Date: 6th May 2011
Time: 7.30PM
Venue: Mist Club, Bangsar.

Who is Hurts, you may ask?
They are a synthpop duo from Manchester composed of singer Theo Hutchcraft and synth (piano-style keyboard) player Adam Anderson.
Hot in the UK with Millions of hits on Youtube.

After a successful collaboration with The Whitest Boy Alive concert, TOPMAN and Junk have once again decided to treat fans to the latest in the series of By Demand shows by presenting Hurts.

In just a year, the Manchester duo – Theo Hutchcraft and Adam Anderson – has already released a string of sweet singles like “Better Than Love”, “Stay”, “Blood Tears & Gold” and “Wonderful Life”, not to
mention their popular collaboration with pop goddess Kylie Minogue in the song “Devotion”.

Heres some songs that me likeyy !

Some of the sweet sounds from the Happiness album I also like are; "Sunday", "Illuminated", "The Water".

Another one of my favourite song from Hurts is Mother Nature which sadly is not in their Happiness Album.

TOPMAN will be offering a special ticket price of RM105 exclusively for their Fashion Fast Forward members, which will be sold at all major TOPMAN outlets around the Klang Valley.

Want to get your hands on those Hurts Meet & Greet passes?!
TOPMAN has 10 Pairs of passes to be won.
Fashion Fast Forward members, who purchase the MusicTicket + together with the RM105 TOPMAN concert tickets. (Only at TOPMAN outlets)

Concert tickets are Available at;
TOPMAN outlets:
TOPMAN Concert Ticket: RM 105 (for Fashion Fast Forward Members only)
Concert Ticket + MusicTicket+ (Limited): RM119 (including RM3 processing fee)

Rock Corner, Victoria Music &
Concert Ticket: RM133 (including RM3 processing fee)
Concert Ticket + MusicTicket+: RM147 (including RM3 processing fee)

What is MusicTicket+?
MusicTicket+ is a collectible music download card that gives the ultimate fan access
to exclusive songs and is available with the concert ticket. As befitting a dynamic
band like Hurts, MusicTicket+ is being offered for their Asian Tour ‐‐ a first in the
region! With MusicTicket+, you can choose and download 5 Hurts tracks you can’t
find anywhere else
, including special live performances. So you not only bring home
the music, but you will also have a stunning, limited edition memento of what is sure
to be an exhilarating experience.

Tickets are sold via and the following outlets:

Rock Corner
1. The Curve (Tel: 03‐7729 6313)
2. One Utama (Tel: 03‐7725 5667)
3. Gardens, Mid Valley (Tel: 03‐2284 4893)
4. Mid Valley Megamall (Tel: 03‐2284 1423)
5. Subang Parade (Tel: 03‐5636 9520)
6. KLCC (Tel: 03‐2161 9417)

Victoria Music

1. Sungai Wang (Tel: 03‐2148 5052)
2. Tropicana City Mall (Tel: 03‐7722 2955)
3. Bangsar Shopping Centre (Tel: 03‐2093 1093)


1. Ground Floor, South Court, Mid Valley Megamall (Tel: 03 ‐ 2287 9308/09)
2. Concourse Level, Suria KLCC (Tel: 03 ‐ 2161 3944)
3. 3rd & 4th Floor, Pavilion Kuala Lumpur (Tel: 03 ‐ 2141 4293)
4. 1st Floor, Highstreet, One Utama New Wing (Tel: 03 ‐ 7727 3820)
5. Ground Floor, Sunway Pyramid (Tel: 03 ‐ 7492 2439)

Hurts Facebook Fanpage
Hurts Official Youtube
Hurts Website

Oh geez, first The Wanted now Hurts? Awesome. Keep bringing in those lads from the UK, We need more of their sexy british accents.

Holla, if you see me at their Concert on the 6th! ;)

s Mermaid;

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Red Riding Hood Movie Review

Yesterday, I went to GSC OU to catch the premier of Red Riding Hood.
Much anticipation for the premier, after watching the trailer.
What caught my attention was the movie was directed by Catherine Hardwicke- Director of Twilight.
Obviously, a Twi- hard (twilight fan).
Produced by Leonardo DiCaprio

Red Riding Hood Movie Review;
[ no spoilers ]
A Romance Thriller movie can never go wrong, can it?
Loved the plot. It keeps you in suspision of who is the big bad werewolf.
Throughout the entire movie, I was hyperventilating for a hottie- Peter the woodcutter.
Be prepared to be cut off a few seconds cause some scenes were too hot for Malaysia's cinema.

It felt like it was Twilight all over again, except this is a whole different version/story/era. One of the best remake of the an original story I'd say.

Catherine Hardwicke did a great job again at riviving the story back. Twi-hards would also know that Peter is the Edward Cullen in Red Riding Hood. You would also see a very familiar face from Twilight ;)

This movie is also fit for those who are Not Twilight fans. I know some people think Twilight is 'Gay' but maybe you'll see Red Riding Hood in a different light.

There was a little miscommunication/misunderstanding before the movie started. But thankgod it was soon cleared up. All I have to say is; THANKS HITZ!!

Red Riding Hood Movie

I guess i won the cheers and claps from the audience at the cinema hall when we're playing a lil game with JJHitz. I rightfully earned myself a Red Riding Hood storybook! wooohoo!
This means I might just have to get back in my ol' reading habbits. Ouu, how i missed burning the midnight oil to read the Twilight Saga.

2 Guys for 1 fine Lady, Who would win her heart at the end?

Peter (Shiloh Fernandez) was my newly discovered Edward Cullen
I love Edward Cullen but after watching this movie, "Edward Cullen- Who?"

Fun Fact; Shiloh Fernandez was the four finalist to be Edward but then when it goes to on-screen chemistry with Bella (Kristin Steward), It was Rob Patz who aced the role.
Shiloh had also appeared in Gossip Girl in 2009.

“Shiloh himself, he’s very, I guess, very sexy,” Catherine said. “He knows how to kiss, he knows how to pick up a girl and throw her up against a wall. He did not need much direction.”
- Source; accesshollywood

Say what?! Knows how to pick up a girl and throw her up against the wall?

I'd love to be in Seyfried's shoes.

*imagination runs wild*

♥s Mermaid;

Monday, April 18, 2011

[ Giveaway ] 2 Pairs of Red Riding Hood Premier Passes!

Riel Giveys #3

Wanna get your hand on 2 Pairs of Premier passes to catch Red Riding Hood?

Staring Amanda Seyfried.
Cast: Amanda Seyfried, Shiloh Fernandez, Max Irons, Julie Christie, Gary Oldman, Lukas Haas, Virginia Madsen

Red Riding Hood Premier Screening details;
Date: 19th April (Tuesday)

Venue: GSC One Utama

Time: 9.00pm

In less than 30 words, Tell us, which team do you prefer? Warewolves or Vampires? And Why.
Comment on this blogpost in the comment section below.

P/S; This movie has no ties with Vampires.

- Leave your Name (blog url if you're a blogger) & Email Address.
- Winners will be chosen by (similiar to
- Each participant can only win 1 Pair (2tickets)
- Deadline; 11PM TONIGHT. Results will be out by 11.59PM. Bookmark this page to find out if you are the winner.

In this Giveaway, everyone that participate will have a fair chance of winning as names are randomly chosen by

*Sprinkle Lucky Dust*

More Riel Giveys coming up ;)


fruit machine

fruit machine

Congrats Wong Yien Ruo & Tan Sim May.
You'll soon receive an email from me.

Whoever is going for the premier, See you guys tomorrow!

♥s Mermaid;

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Final Day; Maybank Malaysian Open 2011 (MMO2011)

So i just got back from KLGCC. Got a cup of iced lemon tea & some popsicle on the way home.
The weather was hot&cold. I went alone as bro, sis & dad were already there since morning.
Reached around 2.30PM cause i wanted to catch the last few holes.

Maybank Malaysian Open 2011

Maybank Malaysian Open 2011

Maybank Malaysian Open 2011

Since i was alone, i randomly followed a flight. It was McIlroy's flight. One of the top players.

Maybank Malaysian Open 2011Rory MCILROY

Maybank Malaysian Open 2011
so many bunkers! D: (bunkers are the holes filled with sand)

Maybank Malaysian Open 2011
Carlsberg tent for the people to chill and have their beer while enjoying the game

While taking some pic, Sis called and said she spotted me. Heh! In such a big and crazy crowd. She spotted me. iknowistandout ;P
So joined her with her boyfie and a couple more friends. She was a golfer so it was a good thing as she knew who was leading etc. I dont know much bout golf- I quit playing at the age of 7.

Whats my reason for stopping my golf lessons?
"Daddy, Its too hot!"

Yes, till now, i am scared of the sun. As Malaysians says it; I am a 'Puteri Lilin' (direct translation; Candle Princess)
Maybank Malaysian Open 2011

Maybank Malaysian Open 2011

Maybank Malaysian Open 2011
The Last Hole, #18.
Matteo MANASSERO was a flight infront of Rory MCILROY's.
Since there were many people following MCILROY's, i started to follow MANASSERO's flight.
CHAMPION; Matteo MANASSERO - Maybank Malaysian Open 2011
Matteo MANASSERO currently at Lead.
I also started to notice he was pretty cute. Teehee
The first thing that caught me was his dressing style. I mean compared to the other golfers- Cyeahh.
CHAMPION; Matteo MANASSERO - Maybank Malaysian Open 2011

CHAMPION; Matteo MANASSERO - Maybank Malaysian Open 2011

Maybank Malaysian Open 2011
Look at the insane crowd waiting at the last hole for the last couple flight.

It was the largest crowd in the 50TH year history of the Malaysian Open.

Maybank Malaysian Open 2011

Maybank Malaysian Open 2011

Then, it was Rory's flight. The Last flight.
Maybank Malaysian Open 2011

Simon DYSON - Maybank Malaysian Open 2011

Rory MCILROY - Maybank Malaysian Open 2011
Rory dint do well in the last hole. He had 3 putts in. That was pretty bad.

Maybank Malaysian Open 2011
Lookie, Player's Guest pass ;)

I was waiting at the Autograph area hoping to see Matteo MANASSERO and probably get his autograph. Too bad i was leaving soon cause bro and sis were tired to the max. If not, Bro or Paul could have help me to get an autograph.

Simon DYSON came to the autograph area and threw his glove, autographed cap & ball. ALL AT MY DIRECTION! But the taller and sweaty people(mostly men) grabbed it before i could. I dint want to fight with sweaty people too- they even made my cap off my head.
Maybank Malaysian Open 2011
from left; Bro(Marshall), me, Paul San (probably playing in MMO2012)
Maybank Malaysian Open 2011
Matteo MANASSERO's ride.
Maybank Malaysian Open 2011
Only 4 'Superstars' have their own temporary car while they're in KL.
Maybank Malaysian Open 2011

Maybank Malaysian Open 2011

Congrats to Matteo MANASSERO for being Maybank Malaysian Open 2011 CHAMPION !
At only the age of 18, he is now the youngest ever MMO Champion.
Finished; 16-under 272

Up close behind MANASSERO was Gregory BOURDY that was 1-Stroke behind for 2nd Placing. (273).

Rory MCILROY the face of MMO2011 billboards and passes got 3rd Placing. I bet he was upset he wasnt on the Champ'. (274)

Noh Seung-yul which was MMO2010's champion dint qualify to the final day. *Awhhh*

Martin KAYMER #1 in World Ranking was the 10th. Followed by, Charl SCHWARTZEL which was the Champion for the Masters2011.

♥s Mermaid;

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