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Friday, December 24, 2010

[CLOSED] Lil Christmas Giveaway- Rip Curl RM50 voucher.

Well, i know its a last minute christmas giveaway. I won this and Im not a Rip Curl customer so i wouldnt wanna keep it and let it to waste.
which is in a WEEK!
Voucher is redeemable at Rip Curl outlets at Suria KLCC, Wangsa Walk, Farenheit 88, Sunway Pyramid and Sunway Lagoon.

 So, if pls participate only if you really will use the voucher before it expires.

Rip Curl RM50 Voucher means RM50 Off from whatever you want to buy. Simple as that.

You could even get like a Less than a RM50 item from the shop and just walk out without paying a single cent (but ofcourse you pay with the voucher first la) LULS!
Voucher will be sent thru email and needed to be printed!

Heres How You Win this Giveaway;

1. Post the Password (given here on this blogpost) on my Facebook Wall @Rielz Cheong.
2. FASTEST wins :)

Password will be up at 1.15 AM. Stay tuned . . . .

its 1.15 AM Now :))

Password; The Awesome Ariel Little Mermaid Lives Under The Seaaaa~
Roflmao. Random- i know -____-

Post this password on my facebook wall the fastest and you'll score yourself a RM50 Rip Curl voucher :))

May the fastest wins.

P/S; Thanks for Participating :)

That freaking fast dude took only like 2 seconds to post the password on my wall after the password was released. *Clap hands*

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