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Friday, September 7, 2012

Qualities Men Should Have

OMAIII.....H E L L O!!!

Yeap, its been a while since i've been blogging. Idk if its an excuse, but I was flooded with tons and tons of assignments. But since im on my sem break now, I thought i'd update my blog a little.

As of lately, I saw this controversial video which was soon removed. Has it garnered much attention (not necessarily all good ones) so much so that the video has to be taken down?
Let me just update you guys a little bit on what the video was about. It was Radio DJ, Linora, ranting on the "Qualities Men Should Have".
Confirm the negative response would be from the Men lahh..Confirm :P

Do you guys think Chivalry is Dead? Well, it Should NOT be! /scrunchnose

"Chivalry should exist all the time"

Its been always a HUGE 'plus' for me if the guy is a real gentleman.

I once dated this one gentleman which I think, no one would top him as better gentleman. Yeap. My Mr.Gentleman right there and any girl would be lucky to have him. He would never fail to open the car door for me or any door for that matter. The cutest thing is that, he would actually get a little angry when I tried opening the door myself.
Since he could open the door for me, he would also ask which seat I would like and pull out the chair for me. Where we seat does matter for some ladies. (Lighting & Background for photo-taking purposes)
Also, beforehand, he would make reservations, irregardless of whether the place would be normally packed with customers or not.
Adding a little more, If we're were going back to his place to catch a movie. He would already have the DVD in the player and in a Play-ready mood. So you'll cut all those bs searching for the DVD hi and low that you guys were going to watch and also if it was a cheap fake RM8 DVD, with this step, you guys will skip the awkward 1 minute "Why should we buy the Gold disc (original) and not the Purple disc (DVD-R)". Guys, you dont want her to think you're so cheap to buy fake DVDs to watch with her, right? ;)

Chivalry is very rare now but I really hope, not all hope in Men are lost...
Women likes to feel special and actually worth Men's time.

Here is part where appearance is concerned;

"Guys, grooming aint just styling your hair"


What Linora said is actually so true. Tons of guys just thinks its all about their precious hair which they usually spent more than 15mins on (some dont even give a sh*t and will be done in 1 min or so).

What I think is one of the most important thing (other than the Spider hair sticking outtve the nostril & DVD seller long nails) are that guys have actual care of their facial complexion and also their set of teeth!
So if you know you're a smoker and because of that you have yellow-stained teeth, go to the dentist to get them whitened and get some good toothpaste or have a good habit of brushing teeth to up keep that set of teeth.
How would guys like a pretty lady but when she smiles...BOOM! her teeth are yellow! *oh the horror* (cause i actually know someone like that)

Men clearly knows why women wear high heels, makeup and put on pretty dresses...We want to look good for men! So we'd appreciate it if Men actually too the initiative to groom themselves for us, ladies too :)

And Finally! 'Patience is a Virtue'.

I dont just think Patience is only qualities men should have, its also women should have. Cause i think some guys are more patience than women.
To be honest, sometimes I get a little impatient and the waiting can piss me off. Needless to say, Patience is a quality both sexes should cultivate and also give and take :)


This last photo here is definitely 9GAG worthy! Hahahahha

Seriously, Boys and their computer games....

Ladies, if your boyfriends ever ask you to buy them a Razor/Alienware product. Ask yourselves "Do I actually want to buy something that will help steal my boyfriend away". As if the computer game itself isnt enough..

Before I end this post, I just wanna say, im no expert or anything. Its up to you to pick up the good things you wanna take back and use it in your life.

The comment box below is openly free for your comments. Fire away if you have anything :)

Soon I hope i'll be able to blog about my current journey in life. Just a little personal update; I've been dating someone for quite abit and its been getting kindda serious. /blush

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