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Saturday, May 28, 2011

Disco Roller Skating @ The Wheels

Disco Roller Skating

Decided to go pretty last minute on the 14th of May.Was suppose to go in a group 5s but i guess it dint turn out that way- Dramas involved etc.
Anyways, i went with Sis & her boyfie. Yeah, now im probably looking like the spotlight/limelight/lampost/thirdwheel or whatever you call it. Hahah!
Used my groupsmore vouchers and The Wheels gave me a member card! wheee! On my next visit, i'll be only charged at a Member's rate! and they also have a special line for Members only- no long Ques ;)

Non-Members Rate;
RM 25 (Whole Day)
RM15 (2 Hours)

Disco Roller Skating
I like this picture alot.

They have them in skates and blades. in other words- rollers & in-lines.
I really wanted to try roller skating as Im only very used to roller blades. They guy told me it wasnt easy but i insisted I wanted to try on the skates. Come on, I've been roller blading my whole childhood I definately wanna try something new.

As much as i tried to persuade the T Couple (Tanya & Terence) to try on the skates instead of the blades, They werent daring enough to try something new.

Sometimes i go by;
Different for a change

Disco Roller Skating

You could also change from blades to skates and vice versa. I think everyone should try roller skating. If you cant cope up with it then you're always free to change back to the easier roller blades :)

Located in Subang Avenue (Next to Subang Parade & Carefour)

Disco Roller Skating


Disco Roller Skating

Awesome lightings eh?
When i first entered the place. It was blasting with music like any clubs. A little trance here and there.

Disco Roller Skating

Disco Roller Skating


Disco Roller Skating

The Roller Blades couple.
Disco Roller Skating
a live DJ spinning some tracks.
Honestly, at a point, i got super turned off because of the music the DJ was playing, I know the house needed to have some oldies as it is a Disco roller skating place but some of them we're bad ( i dont mean only the oldies though). I almost wanted to go to the DJ and ask him to change the music.

Anyways, I Slowed down and showed no interest in dancing while skating, just hopefully waiting for the next track to burn the wheels of my skates. teehee!

After that, they changed DJ which I guess was much better!
I just hope they would see what their skaters customers would react to the music being played and decide if its a Yay or a Nay and ofcourse to discontinue playing it if its a Nay.

Disco Roller Skating
this is a little hill that alot of people had fallen from.
I hardly saw anyone that made it thru. Attempted me, i failed and rolled backwards down the hill cause did not pick up enough speed.
I dint wanna go fast and fall off ! I shall be brave and successfully go thru it next time.

This is a little video I took so you could get the feel of the place :)

It was a little rough on the skates for me. Starting it slowly and slowly getting the pace of it. I started to be a queen in roller skates. *Just Kidding*
I still couldnt skate backwards in rollers though. I'll slowly learn it next time round.
I was as good as I am in blades.

Conclusion; I learned how to skate! WOOHOOO!
Disco Roller Skating

Dont forget to have fun and also dance while youre skating! I know i was getting it on with ma' skates!

Disco Roller Skating

More people starting to come in later in the evening. Even a little crew with videography equipments and a few models in skates. They were learning how to skate too. Couldnt rememeber if they were on blades / skates though.

Disco Roller Skating

After 2 hours, It was time to leave. They will give you specific time and if you dont leave by then- additional chargers will apply. I'd say 2hours was good enough :)
I left the place sweating too! Good leg workout.

I had tons of fun eventhough I went with 2 other people. Ofcourse the more the merrier which I'll try to plan another Wheels outing in the future.
The pricing is about the same with Ice Skating but I guess Wheels is slightly cheaper. Overall, as much as I like ice skating, I think roller skating is even more fun!!
People from all ages would enjoy this fun activity! Except the elderly ofcourse. As long you have a pair of legs and you can walk and run with them- you'll be good.

Disco Roller Skating
Booohoo! This is what happened to my stocking with my mid-long toe nail after skating :(
My legs did not hurt one bit after skating the entire 2hours. Unlike ice skating.

My yawning face


Watched the MANU match at Murni Discovery while having dinner and left for home.
It was a tiring day and with a little camwhoring on sis's MBP I ended the night pretty early.

Oh yeah! The next morning, i woke up with a lil body aching here and there! Yeap! Definately a good work out ;)

❤s Mermaid;

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Beastly Movie Review | Love Is Never Ugly.

I know i might be a little outdated for only watching Beastly now but I've was busy when this movie was screening in Malaysia's cinemas. As a matter of fact, Beastly was supposed to be screening on the first week of September 2010. As it premiered in July/Aug 2010 in the USA.

Theres a book too which i think its much 'deeper' than the movie.

Beastly Movie Review;

It may be pretty much like a retelling of the Disney fairytale; Beauty&TheBeast and probably by watching the Trailer itself, you can predict whats going to happen/ the end. But I felt theres something a little more to it- maybe the modern settings of the movie had me feeling the story they were telling. Plus, I liked how he had to do the 'thinking' which sooner or later- bought her heart. Not only that, you'll also get a special edition to the modern setting which is Niel Patrick Harris
aka Barney Stinson- You'll love him!

I guess alot people can relate to the story. Theres a lesson to learn for everyone- cliche but its what matters is on the inside.

Love is meant for everyone. Everyone needs it, but not everyone finds it. If you're brave enough to stand up for it even when you know you maybe not be the prettiest person (inside and out) as no ones' perfect, you can find that special someone that loves you for who you really are. The whole package.

Isnt everyone is attracted to looks? Think about it, Its the first thing that moves you to interact with the person. Every individual with their own personality. If you actually gave a chance to a person that may not be wearing the lowest cut dressed in the room or the semi buff atheletic body in a very tight shirt, you'll probably find suprises (good ones) when you get to know them.

I admit, it may not be easy but when you do - you'll know they're a keeper.

If you havent got a chance to catch this movie, now, here you do :)

Watch Megavideo Beastly Movie here.
Disclaimer Here

One of my favourite quote;
Kyle: Pretty gruesome, huh?
Lindy: I've seen worse.

And with Kyle looking at his worst;
Lindy could say "You are the most beautiful man I’ve ever met"

Found this song from the movie.

It’s what’s underneath.
Love is never ugly.

♥s Mermaid;

Friday, May 20, 2011 ; Malaysia's Most Exclusive Online Shopping Club

Before anything being said,Watch this video!

If you have watched the video above, I guess you now have a rough idea about HiShop.
I myself really liked the video! I mean you dont usually see other online shops make a video, do you?

So in more details, What is HiShop? And Why is it Different compared to other online shops?
HiShop is Malaysia's premier members-only online shopping club.
Members have the privilege to join online private sales of branded goods up to 80% discount. Their branded goods and limited edition items are carefully selected and come with a 100% authenticity guarantee.

They also deliver the most competitive pricing in town-
None other retail prices are sharper than HiShop's. Each sale for each item typically lasts 3 to 5 days and features hand-picked styles from a single designer/brand. Hosts' exclusive collections from international brands as well as local designers.
sales last 2 to 3 months.



Now, here are a few items I liked from the store!

[Above Left] This V cut neck maxi dress is almost suitable for any occasion! Be it a party or just a shopping day.
[Above Right] Sweet pink dress that will blow your date away
[Bottom] Sexy purple bodycon dress to show off your hour-glass figure that will definately draw attention from guys anywhere!

[Left] CK- Simple yet sophisticated . [Right] Tissot - cool underwater- approved watch.

Items are only in limited pieces! So hurry, Register yourself at and pamper youreself something from HiShop. Perhaps, It could be a lovely dress or a shiney watch for your boyfriend ;)

We believe that fakes kill fashion, no ifs, no buts – no corners cut.


I couldnt agree more with that slogan! I've never supported fakes. It spoils the fashion industry!

Other than that, Theres also ranks as a member. Hence, its privileges. This is the first I've seen from an online shop.


Like them in Facebook & Follow them on Twitter for the latest updates.

s Mermaid;

Thursday, May 19, 2011

American Idol S9 Winner; Lee DeWyze Live in KL, Malaysia

American Idol Lee DeWyze Live in KL, Malaysia

It was a huge opportunity to catch an American Idol winner here in Malaysia; Best part it was a Free showcase! Anyone could have come to witness the last year's Season 9 winner of the world known reality tvshow- Lee DeWyze. At the age of 25, Lee is now on a promo album tour. He has never really been outtve the States other than Toronto.
Presented by Star World- the showcase was held at Subang Parade.

Thanks to Sony Music for the Priority Passes. Holders of these passes get to be up close near the stage within our little area which divided us from the crowd.
I was right on time at 4PM, though i intended to arrive earlier. Surprised, Lee DeWyze was already kicking in with the crowd. No Delays! well, thats pretty rare. Props for their good time management! teehee!

Hurried into the swamp of other Piority Passes holders, as you could see, being not an early bird got me a view from behind.
*Note to self*: Be much earlier next time.

American Idol Lee DeWyze Live in KL, Malaysia

The songs sang were, Earth Stood Still, Live It Up, Pretty Eyes, Dear Isabelle, Beautiful Like You, Hallelujah and ofcourse for the encore; Sweet Serendipity!

American Idol Lee DeWyze Live in KL, Malaysia

The entire west wing of Subang Parade mall was filled with fans.

American Idol Lee DeWyze Live in KL, Malaysia

American Idol Lee DeWyze Live in KL, Malaysia

Recorded a few songs that I liked;

After performing a whole 7 set of songs with full emotion, Lee took a little break and then cooled down with an autograph session.
Fans whom purchased his Album, waited patiently in the long line for their turn to be up on the stage to get their CD inlays autograph. New "BeLEEvers" (from a fan sign) from the showcase could also purchase Lee's album right on the spot!

American Idol Lee DeWyze Live in KL, Malaysia

American Idol Lee DeWyze Live in KL, Malaysia
Rachel had a special fan gift awaiting- little cute jar of hearts love notes for Lee!
With 'Awhhh's Lee was touched by that gift.
American Idol Lee DeWyze Live in KL, Malaysia
Even being physically impaired couldnt keep a true fan away from getting Lee's autograph!
American Idol Lee DeWyze Live in KL, Malaysia
Fan of all ages; from the young ones to grown ups.
American Idol Lee DeWyze Live in KL, Malaysia

American Idol Lee DeWyze Live in KL, Malaysia

American Idol Lee DeWyze Live in KL, Malaysia
Yess! though a little over-exposed. I manage to capture a picture of his beautiful blue eyes <3
American Idol Lee DeWyze Live in KL, Malaysia

American Idol Lee DeWyze Live in KL, Malaysia

American Idol Lee DeWyze Live in KL, Malaysia

During the autograph session, I noticed Lee paid a little more attention to the younger ones. Offer to give them a high five, shake their hands and even get their names. I bet children brings him joy! :)

American Idol Lee DeWyze Live in KL, Malaysia
Jumping with excitement when Lee agreed, Pui Ee was the only fan that brought their own instrument to get it autographed.
American Idol Lee DeWyze Live in KL, Malaysia

American Idol Lee DeWyze Live in KL, Malaysia

American Idol Lee DeWyze Live in KL, Malaysia

After signing every single one of the fan's album, Lee went into the little white tent which the crowd gathered around hoping for photo opportunities.
Shortly after, being surrounded by body guards, Lee left the venue waving to his fans. Well, ofcourse there were a big group that couldnt get enough of Lee- followed them as they left.

It was a pretty short 2hour showcase+autograph session but I guess it was pretty successful.

After the showcase, i went to McDonalds to pick up my sets of Coca- Cola 'Can' Glass that i won from McD. *Wooot wooots*
So excited as i loveee their Cola glass editions.

McDonald Cola Can Glass

McDonald Cola Can Glass


McDonald Cola Can Glass

McDonald Cola Can Glass

Lime green will be available from the 26 May is my favourite! Currently using it!
Purple is also pwetty sweet <3

I have 12 glasses. What shall I do with it? Do another 'Riel Givey'? Hrmm....
Its pretty fragile though =/

Well, when its collecting cobwebs up in the cabinet, then Ill probably figure something out.

Till then;

♥s Mermaid;

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