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Sunday, December 12, 2010

Jay Park in KL for Fan Meet & Hi-5!

a lil picture to get you excited ;)
 8 Packs Hottie Jay <3

so im finally writting this post! sorry for all the wait, esp to the JWalkerz :))
*SCREAMSSS* ive been wanting to post but been so busy and lazy :/
YES, its alll about Jay Park in this post.
so i never thought i would be going for Jay Park's fan meet.
To those who dont know what is fan meet- its like a mini concert but then the artist will have a lil seat down chit chat session and also interactive with the audience (fans).
 on the night of 29 November, i did a lil research bout his concert as i was still debating to go for Jay Park's or Kim Hyun Joong's as its the Same Date (4 Dec) but slightly different timing. im Great at doing research. hahaha! Long story short- the next day- 30 November. i decided to Buy the VIP tics! i was soooo freaking happpy! Every 5mins i would say "IM SO EXCITED/HAPPY" to sis!
You can ask my colleagues, they were tired of hearing me saying that same phrase over an over again- as i was at work when i bought them online.
So thats the story how i got the tics. Cutting to the chase, heres bout the Fan Meet!
I receive a text from a friend saying that the Venue that is initially @PICC, Putrajaya will be Changed to Berjaya Times Square Hotel. i was shocked and angry at the last minute changes and also that the event management dint inform me- Poor organizing. I paid 12bucks for the bus ticket to putrajaya kayy! Grrrr*


Date:  4th December 2010
Time:  2PM (*hottest insider joke*)
Venue: Plenary Hall, PICC (Putrajaya), Level 14, Manhattan 1, Berjaya Times Square Hotel.

Ticket Pricings;

 Absolute VIP : RM600 (Includes a single picture taken with Jay, Autographed Original Poster, Nearest possible seat to the stage with the best view, A chance to go on stage during the interaction session with Jay, Admission to Jay's Hi-5 (Sunday), limited edition Jaywalker's Packet)

    Addicted VIP : RM480 ( Group photo of 10 ppl with Jay, Autographed Original Poster, 2nd nearest possible seat to the stage with the best view, A chance to go on stage during the interaction session with Jay, Admission to Jay's Hi-5 (Sunday), limited edition Jaywalker's Packet)

*MINE*     VIP : RM360 (Autographed Original Poster, 3rd nearest possible seat to the stage with the best view, A chance to go on stage during the interaction session with Jay, Admission to Jay's Hi-5 (Sunday), limited edition Jaywalker's Packet)
Addicted A : RM260 (free seating)
Addicted B : RM220 (free seating)
Basic : RM160 (free seating)
ONLY VIPs => Hi-5 With Jay Park! (Limited to 300 pax Only)
Date:  5th December 2010
Time:  9AM
Venue: Celsius Restaurant & Bar, Fahrenheit88 (beside Pavillion)

4 December
Finally the day have Arrived! <3
Woke up early to get ready for it as i have to be there before 12noon to collect my tics. Reached there at 11AM with Sis & Tia. Dint see many fans at that time. Camwhore and walked around the hotel till i received a call from my pmsing mum- pissed that i accidently took her hse key (she couldnt enter home). Handed the APR (AbsolutelyPopResourses- Organiser) ppl at the counter Our Jay Park Fan Signs to keep while we run that silly errand.
yeap, since maid went home for good on 2Dec, things started to fell apart.
We all then took the monorail to Titiwangsa and handed mum the key. Killed time with the travellings though :) Went back to the hotel- sat down and chilled.
Around 1.15PM?- Saw Jay Park the First time when he was entering Mahanttan 1 from Bronx 3 room which is just a few feet away. He came out Waving to his much anticipated fans! All of us JWalkerz Screamed when we saw him! the Organisers quiet us down to avoid complains from the hotel management.
Waited in our respective category(based on ticket) lines at one of the rooms before the show started.
Change of Venue
Yes, so ofcourse i had to ask them why the change of venue the last minute. Sadly, they said that the total of tics sold were Only 250 *gasp*. PICC hall is very spacious and fits up to 2,000 ppl. It would upset Jay if its just a small crowd in a big hall. Thus, the changing venue. I was shocked and upset for Jay :/
Maybe it was the ticket pricing and initial venue that got ppl backing off. sighs* On the other hand, i was pretty excited- Smaller crowd= more Jay attention :D

Typical Malaysian timing- we started off schedual; past 2PM, probably 2.30PM or later.

Here the pictures start and they will do the talking from now on- well, mostly (:

 Happpy girl with my VIP tic
im not that rich to spend RM480/ RM600 to just take a picture with Jay.
VIP is enough to get me to the FM & Hi-5 im happy enough :)

 Mine was E13.

 Our 3D fan sign for Jay <3

 *this picture was sent to Jay together with the gift*

 PROUDLY made this MYSELF! spend at around 6hours on it. 4hours straight.
if you guys know, im not a very crafty art person and im kind of a perfectionist when it comes to things like that. Thus, taking longer time -__-

 from left; Tia, Me & Sis
 ALL of the VIPs.

[Front & Back] The Fan sign that won a pair of VIP pass from 8TV.
i wonder whether if i had known, will my awesome(so i think it is) fan sign will win? as Ours had the 3D effect ;D

Opening with Nothing On You <3
the AOM boys told us what was Jay's Most embarassing moment. We all had a great laugh :)

Interactive session with the some Fan Games started! Lucky fans that was choosen to go up onto the stage was by Lucky Draw numbers on our tickers. *im a very unlucky person- so no hope for me :( *

 Jaynardo Park Vincci ;p
Pinch Nose
Hold Elbows
TOUCH FOREHEAD- the MC said it doesnt state Touch with what, so ppl suggested Kiss. There you go.
The LUCKIEST girl at the Fan Meet. Kissed Jay's forehead not once But Twice for picture.

 AOM! <3

Jay's time to shine!!
Duet with Cha Cha
from left; Dok2 & The Quiett, Cha Cha, Jay & DanielJerome

That AOM member is so cutee! he always does the Heart <3.

 They wished us Goodbye but we DEMANDED for an ENCORE from Jay! :D

yes! without Zoom. i was so closeeee to Jay during the FM that was going to end.

HOTTNESS! *melts*

 AbsoluteVIPs & AddictedVIPs were waiting for their photoshoot with Jay after the show while Jay was doing a Press Conference in Bronx 1 room.

Leaving Mahanttan 1 room as the fan meet was over. Mike from 8TV Nite Live was there taking a couple pictures, a personnel came and told him he need to be going to do Jay's Press Conference. I hurrily asked him for a photo- as he is quite a tall cutie ;)
pssstt* he stood close to us and bend down when me and sis took photo with him but he dint do the same for the others ;)
Talll Mike!

 Here are few lil videos taken by me before cam died:)

Stayed around a lil because we was trying to stalk Jay and the AOM crew. Head to a pretty strategic spot where hardly any fan was and Junior from the AOM crew passed by- he asked us to hid away from the other fans cause he doesnt wanna be taking tons of pictures. Luls. so i got a picture with Junior! :)

Junior AOM ( i look damn fat here! gahhhh! psstt! notice he is about my height? hee )

I knew the AOM boys were staying in the hotel up in one of the rooms but sadly the elevator will only go up to room floors with an access card, so we cant stalk any further :/
Headed to Pavillion to see Kim Hyung Joong- the CROWD WAS INSANE! i had to protect my fan sign like it was my baby over my head -_____-
Lucky fans of The Face Shop shoppers got his autograph. Only saw him from afar. Still very gorge :) He was kindda my fav one in BoysOverFlowers too! :)
Happy Day Happpy Day! 2 Korean cuties in a Day :)

ofcourse we had to camwhore in Pav's big mirror-ed toilet before we leaveee :)
these Jay posters were Without autograph as it was given as a 'refund' to the tupid bus ticket which was cancelled.

If only i could take him back home with me ;)

Twas a veryyyy tiring day! thought i had a blast seeing Jay Park i was upset that i left my other camera batteries at home as i changed my handbag. Thus, the pretty little pictures i took But i had some Videos ;)
Credits to Sis as some of the pictures were taken by her when my camera die-ded halfway :((

Check out My Sis's blog for more videos as my camera had ran outtve juice :'(

*Last Jay Pic* He posed for Vogue. ahhh! sexyness! <3

Though i had a blast seeing Jay Park, AOM crew and also The Quiett & Dok2. My day wasnt all good. Came back home argueing with mum and sis -___-
So i ended my day pretty early, i was SUPERRR DUPERRRR excited for the Hi-5 too!!
I dint really know what they do at Hi-5s but im guessing we the VIPs get to litterally Hi-5 Jay! *which was true* 

Do stay hooked to my blog ;)
will be posting the happenings on the Hi-5 real soon!
p/s; i really do appreciate if you read this whole longgggg post and not just skipping to the pictures & videos. heeee! JWalkerz ftw :)

♥s Mermaid;

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