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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Justin Bieber's Never Say Never Movie Premier Passes to be Won

Havent you heard? Advertlets are giving passes away for the movie premier of  NEVER SAY NEVER!
Thirty -Five.YES! you heard me right! 35 Pair of movie passes will be up for grabs!!

Missing out on the deets?! Visit my blogpost HERE!

So Why do i DESERVE to attend the movie premier of Never Say Never ?!
I have the Bieber Fever wishing to feel like one less lonely girl at least one time, so that should be me!!

What does the phrase "Never Say Never" means to me?
- In my opinion, It means to never give up on whatever your dreams are, as anything is possible. Never be a pessimist but be an optimist.

Now i hope i score myself some 3D passes! I just love watching it in 3D- I'll make Justin's live living in a dream so much more Rielistic real ;)
Not to mention, I'll be a Purple-fied Belieber on that night. Teehee

With TuneTalk  as the proud sponsor for the whole event,
Here are some Features and Benefits of being a Tune Talker.



As for the Benefits;

- FREE Air Asia E-Gift Vouchers
- FREE RM100,000 Insurance
- Able to change your mobile number ANYTIME!

More info HERE
Wow, pretty good benefits I'd say. Be a TuneTalker now! and you'll be able to enjoy all these benefits!

Ouu lala~ Abs!

Rihanna loved Justin's abs! heh!

♥s Mermaid;

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Win Justin Bieber's My World Tour Concert tickets & Never Say Never Movie Premier Passes

and yet to be Bieberfied Beliebers!

Excited yet that The Biebs is coming all the way from The States to Malaysia??!

Well, we’ve got AWESOME news for you! As you know, Tune Talk is the proud sponsor of the upcoming Justin Bieber concert and his movie

Never Say Never”. As a blogger, we want you to get your hands on the tickets for both events. Here’s the steps on how to get you could be a very happy Belieber:-

Top 5 Most ‘LIKED’ Bieberfied Display Picture (RM288 X 5 pairs)

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Top 5 Best Blogpost (3D Movie Tickets X 5 pairs)
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For this contest, you MUST include these in your blog post;
1. About TuneTalk prepaid (
2. Why you deserve to attend the Movie Premiere
3. And what does ‘Never Say Never’ phrase mean to you.
4. Include the Movie & Concert flyer
That’s it bloggers! 3 simple ways to Win those much wanted Justin Bieber concert tickets & movie premiere!
So start changing your pretty display picture, get as many LIKES or blog your way to the movie premiere.

Terms and Conditions:
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- Winners will be notified via email for tickets confirmation. Judges’ decision is final.
Closing date for all entries and voting is 31st March 2011 at 11.59pm

"Tune Talk brings you The Belieber's Day Out at the Curve, on the 16th April, Saturday from 2PM onwards . Bieber fans, See you there!"

*Pssssstt* im not allowed to say it, but there will also be a suprise for everyone!

Shock how simple is it to stand a chance in winning those precious concert tickets and movie premier passes? Well, snap outtve it  What are you waiting for?!

Start asking your friends to VOTE VOTE VOTE!!
This is a chance not to be missed!  you will regret i tell you ;P

Those who are still denying they are a Belieber or secretly is ;)
 I know you want those passes bad! And this is your chance!

Pssst* if youre afraid your 'friends' will mock you of going for Bieber's concert/movie premier? And If you win them, you could use the "I Won Them & I've Never won anything in my Life" excuse ;)

This will be one of the biggest concerts that Malaysia will ever experience/ have- that you wouldnt want to be missing on.

♥s Mermaid;

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

MAS Traveller Bloggers Holiday Themed Party

[ 26 Feb ]

MAS Airlines was launching I MAS Travel and MH  Facebook App. All kinds of social media-lites were invited to this happening event.
The theme was 'Holiday'. I just loveee to play up to the theme and i got a lil inspiration to create this makeup look. I'll call it, Tropical Paradise (cliche much). I was really happy of the colours combo. Make up look - SUCCESSFUL!
Event took place at Neo Tamarind.




Camwhore all you want and they'll have it nicely printed out for you, rightonthespot!


so i choose this Gecko-like design! so pweeety! but guess what, Feeq took, Jason took. End, MISSING :(
It was too big to fit in my handbag. Sighs*



Caricature for anyone that is willing to wait in line for it.


Feeq tryna be a Pimp. HEH!

Delish spaghetti ! Few sauces to choose from too!
I had mine carbonara. Yummm! the portion was pretty small though *greedy*



It was tons of fun watching them boys running and trying to take each other downnnn!
They were so cute in their fat sumo suits!
Me and sis wanted to try but Im all dressed up, I dint want to be really sweaty in the suit =/ Im sure there'll be another chance for me to take down sis! =P


In a black beanie; Jojo Struys our Host for the night.


Contest for all bloggers! Want to win them awesome prizes to these exotic places?

All you need to do is to:
  1. Register as a MASTraveller.
  2. Blog on your travel experience, doesn’t matter if it’s new or old. It can be a humourous one too!
  3. Submit a 1-minute video and telling why you deserve to win.
  4. Promote your entry. The number of likes you receive contribute towards your overall score.

More details visit ;


On the other hand, for the MH Buddy Facebook app. It enables you to check if your friends are going to or at the places you are going to visit. How cool is that? Perfect for stalkers. Heh!
You guys can 'accidently' bump into each other then ;)

Hakka dance !
Some of them boys are from New Zealand too! Woahh! thats farrrr away!




After the crowd has gone, I took the time to get my caricature done!



I requested for something special, something i've always wanted to have!

Ariel the Little Mermaid!
I finally have a tail of my own ;)

Though i dont think it looks that much like me but its pretty nice! Man, that guy have some gifted talent.
I think i kindda look like a china girl. What do you think?

Sis's caricature.





i swear this picture makes me look soooo short!

as usual; Our Awesome Group picture!
Advertlets Rocks!


The ambiance i lovee~




An scanned version of my caricature. All visible details! :)




camwhored with sis's MBP.
Excuse the messy room! not my fault!!

Woke up the next day, Mum called me saying I was on the newspaper.

Spot me? ;)

It was a great event! I enjoyed it alot! Pretty nice appetizers & food. Also the yummy Tamarind juice!
It was nice meeting a few people thats also in the social media.

♥s Mermaid;

Monday, March 7, 2011

Updates on the Outdates 3

[22 Jan]

Watched The Mummy during the wee hours. Woke up pretty early to catch the Homecoming screening at 11AM. Thanks to Amelia, Joanne & Universal Pictures for the movie passes.

Homecoming Movie Review;

"Fantabulous!" you'll get it if you watch the movie. I was laughing throughout the entire movie. Loved the story plot too. Its about family getting together during CNY and enjoy everybody's company as a whole family.
 It was the perfect CNY movie i'd say.
Jack Neo never fails to make a good movie.

After the movie, me and sis headed to Geláre to get some ice cweam. Tried the Jamaican Chocolate & Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough (if im not mistaken). Very nice! The texture of it is like a lil gummy/elastic.
Shopped for a lil while at the lil flee market.


[24 Jan]

This is Datuk Sheikh Muszaphar- Our Malaysia's First Astronaut.

He came to give a speech. I basically slept thru the entire 'speech'/talk on his success. Dont give up your dreams etc.
Some girls were going crazy over him. I only checked out how much of a handsome guy he is after my 1hr30mins of sleep, at the book signing. He was smiling so brightly. and he had dimples- a plus!!
Then i understood why the girls was crowding the signing area, trying to his their newly bought book written by him, signed and probably a picture.
He is married. But i wonder if he is really Gay as there were rumours speculating around, and if you Google search his name. In the dropbox there'll be the 'G word'.
Maybe his marriage is just a cover? Im nobody to judge but im just saying. Its a waste if he is cause he is pretty good looking.


[ 28 Jan ]

A Nightmare. There was something wrong with me and i had to under go an operation. After the operation my boobs were damn small! it wasnt that i had breast cancer though.
but zomg! i was super upset with the fact that I can no longer fit my bras and i almost had a boy chest!
THANKGOD it was only a nightmare! to scare me AGAIN!
i likee my boobs kay.

So it was CNY Shopping Day in town!

Hat Reusable Bag Im All Set! :D

Suprised and dissapointed that the fashion dint really changed to CNY inspired clothings though. Saw tons of dull coloured clothings. Ewww! It was pretty easy to spot the outstanding colours i was looking for (which werent many).

After shopping, we had dinner at Teppanyaki.

me, sis and bro
all time fav; Cuttlefish Teppanyaki
Sis's Beef Teppanyaki
Dad with this so not delish transparent noodle dish.



Was pretty upset bout a couple of things though. One of em was my heel tip that came off but thankgod i dint slip from the walking down the stairs either. My fav walking/running heels weih =/

After a longgg tiring dayy. my drugs are my tvshows! ♥
its like you ppl with your ciggys! though i dont understand hw you smokers feel but i know its like the same- feeling so chilled and relaxed after a long day with your own drugs ♥ 


[1 Feb]

It was bro's burfdae and he dint want to go anywhere- not even for dinner! Geeez!
But ofcourse we'll have our usual birthday singing and cake-cutting at home.


That very day,  miss Tila Tequila followed me on Twitter. #TilaArmy ! :)
Wheeeee! I thought she was hot since I watched her reality tvshow ' Shot At Love '.
Just a heads up, shes a bisexual ;)

Never heard of Tila before? Here are some hot pics of her.

Tila is so gorgeous!

Latest pic of Tila.

P/S; she is Anti Illuminati too! Woohooo!!
I love that shes not afraid to say the truth about whats going on in the music industry.
Check out her blog at MissTilaOMG

♥s Mermaid;

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