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Friday, December 31, 2010

Miss Tourism International ( MTI) 2010 - Winner of Miss Dazzling FP

[ 17 Dec ]
Miss Dazzling Focus Point
Venue: Focus Point @Fahrenheit88
Time: 11AM

Again, arrived a tad late. ireallyneedtostopstartingmypostwithmebeinglate =/ Anyways, nothing much has started but quite a number of medias were already there.  But I wasnt the last one though ;P a couple of others had a hard time waking up too! thankgod it wasnt only me and sis. Haha!
Whattt~ event at 11AM needs waking up earlyyy to get ready. Luls. 
Shortly after me and Sis arrived, 51 Beautiful Ladies made their entrance. yes, FifthyOne!
All from different countries all over the world :)
The Title of Miss Dazzling Focus Point
 i took a video of them all. Sis has all the pictures.
Manage to video all 51 Ladies :)
Argentina was the first though, she was quick and i wasnt really ready yet.

Go Malaysia! :)
Gabrielle Boudville.

After the chilling session with drinks. All 51 ladies were given the opporcunity to choose any sunglasses to model it. Brands were like Prada etc.

[from left] me , feeq, samantha, jason & sis

The panel judges

Gabrielle Boudville

 Announcing. . . . .
the gave a lil hint by saying the country starts with the letter "L".
there were only 3 ladies from L country .

Enrika Trepkute - Miss Lithuania won the title of Miss Dazzling Focus Point

Enrika Trepkute
She was also given the pair of sunglasses she was modelling with :)

It was pretty funny when i saw the other lady from a country that starts with the letter "L"'s facial expression. Then one that she was so close to winning but dint. Awhhh~

Chermaine Poo, our emcee for the day :)

 i found this in the goodie bag.
Thats how i look like in spects!! Thus never getting one.
you guys are lucky to see me in one. Haha!

a group picture with Chermaine Poo in white cheongsam :)

Headed over for Lunch at Celsius.
Heee! Celsius again! <3
i was seating near where Jay Park was standing during the Hi-5 ;p

me, sis & samantha


i look so fair here! LIKEEEEE!


samantha looks so happy! haha!

Salad for the ladies!


   Left after lunch for some shopping. I wanted to take a picture with the Rapunzel of the day when i saw her ealier at the Focus Point event but dint get a chance. so as we were walking around Fahrenheit88, i saw her walking into Charles and Keith. i just braved up and ask her for a picture in a shop! Luls!

Grats to Enrika Trepkute for winning the title of Miss Dazzling Focus Point! Shes the tallest, standing at 180cm! 
Glad she won too! she was a face you can remember from the crowd of 51 ladies.
Found some pictures of Enrika. Guys, enjoy. Haha!

Thats enough pictures now. Heee

s Mermaid;

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