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Thursday, September 29, 2011

It was one of the best days of my life

Here is another entry of my celebrity dream journal. Woke up thinking it was almost noon as I felt like I had a 'heavy' sleep.

I had 2 dreams . Im trying to recall as I type and hopefully Its still somewhat fresh in my mind somewhere. It was such a long dream, it was hard to remember the details to the core.

Dream #1

There was I, rushing in to the airport. Looking around and noticing that there was no sight of a fan girl crowd. It was quiet. Then it came to me that, the event was already over. The 'stars' were not anywhere at sight. My friend, M, gave me his pass. I quickly went backstage. I saw the whole crew there, including the 'stars' just chilling after their show. It was a 5 boys member group. They reminded me of Secondhand Serenade, Click Five and All Time Low.

I strongly think they were All Time Low. I guess what triggered the dream was their MV i watched yesterday on youtube. Not a fan of them though All Time Low is set to come for the Rockaway concert on the 8 Oct in KL. I've heard quite a number of people are fans but i just dont really get it.

Anyways, back to the dream, i took the advantage before it was too late of asking each member for their autograph- Even the manager's. They were getting ready for bed. They were sleeping backstage in small rooms, on the floor with a tiny mattress- uh huh. Dreams are weird like that. They gave me their autograph but gave me a reluctant hug. Almost as if they were not suppose to hug me.
I was thinking, "Oh geez, they arent the friendliest". I left the place with at least 5 autographs in pen on my crumpled paper. *Mission Accomplished*

Dream #2

It was another Fan Meet. The second fan meet i'd ever attended. The first Fan meet I really attended was Jay Park's Fan Meet & Hi-5! This time, its Jay Park Fan Meet Round #2. I remember being in a crowd together with other crazy screaming fan girls.

Actually, i was sulking, not having he best time of my life, yet. In the crowd i stood quietly, I hardly screamed when Jay Park appeared right in front of us. I was very near the stage, almost just 2 meters away. It was time, he was suppose to choose 2 girls from the fan girl crowd to be on the stage with him. He handpicked my friend from the crowd- a used-to-be-close-friend i was no longer talking to at a point. My chances of getting picked just plunged down. Still sulking and couldnt care less anymore, A hand held out right to me, it was too close to pretend not to notice. It was Jay Park, handing his hand out to me! In shocked- I froze.

It was still my dream- remember? ;)

I guess i was sulking because, i'd thought he remember me from the crowd. And i guess dreams do come true ;)
He pulled me up to the stage, no little stairway no nothing, just his strength strong arms that supported my weight to be up on stage with him. Every girl in the crowd gave echos of "Awh" not because it was sweet that he did that, it was because they weren't chosen. Jay interacted with the crowd a little while me and T stood opposite each other on the stage.

A sudden rush of confidence shot through me. Clearly as i remember, my makeup was crappy that day- so crappy, it was embarrassing to be on stage. It was only eyeliner and some matte brown eyeshadow. Whaaat was I thinking going out like that. I suddenly had the balls to walk right next to Jay and support him in anything that he was saying. Yes, he speaks fluent english :)
Noticing my support, He grab me by the waist and pulled me close to his body. I could hear a couple of fans gasp at his actions. I tried to hide my smile that was to my ears. I held on tightly by his side too. I pity T that was just standing shyly in the background. But it was my moment! (ROFL)

Oh yeah, He was wearing a body fitting white shirt. His hair was still black and in a mohawk like before. Very sleek looking. It was satisfaction when I could feel his body so close to mind, gripping onto his waist so tightly. Who in their right mind wouldnt take advantage of this moment? I passed on my camera to a familiar face which was my classmate in the crowd and asked to snap tons of photos of me with Jay.

It was time for some activities for the fans. One of it i remembered was Sand Art. Wherever he went, he would be crowded by the fans, but the fans still knew their boundary so its cool. I would  tag along with him and he would just be on the mic entertaining the fans as if he is the host/mc. I dint care, i would hug him from behind.

A hug something like this.
But my both arms resting on his shoulder.

Somehow it came to feel like a very lover-ly feeling. I could feel his fine muscular body, And ofcourse I enjoyed every second of it.

I could feel like it was coming to an end (things that are just too good to be true) and i knew we had to take tons of nice photos for my safe-keeping to make sure this is a memory i'll look back to. I needed to look my best for one of the best days of my life. I excused myself (trying not to be too clingy) to run to the nearest Watson to get a makeup emergency fix from those 'Tester' on display. Running in my heels as fast as possible so i wouldnt miss out anything at the FM. I wasnt familiar with his place. I was outside the building asking for directions to Watson now.
Then it was too late.
I had to wakeup from my usual 7 hours of sleep.

What a bummer how it ended, I dint even get to say Goodbye :( or a Goodbye Kiss.

Still, Im happy to have Jay Park in my celebrity dream journal <3

p/s; the words in Purple will mean that its a trigger how/why it appeared in the dream. I can sort of control my dreams (Not when im in it). Somethings that had happened in real life will appear in my dream.

♥s Mermaid;

Monday, September 26, 2011

Drive Movie Review

Was watching it last night, till i suddenly had to go out for a yamcha at 3am with the ol' bestie- CS.
Slept at 6am and wokeup almost 3pm. Long 8 hours of sleep and i dint even felt it until Mum, that was on leave, woke me up saying its already past 2. I jerked from bed as half the day and my 'holiday' was gone- spending it in Dreamland.

Anyways, watching this movie at my own leisure, I felt not so bad for missing the Movie Premier that is actually happening right now as Im typing.

Drive Movie Review;
The start of the movie got me holding on to my seat. I thought to myself, Im already liking the movie and its probably going to get better from here. Watching the trailer, i thought it would be something like a Fast Five kindda movie- fast cars, police chasing. But i know this one is a solo driver . The story dint went as i'd expect i guess.

Ryan Gosling had a very calm demeanor- almost charming. I expected more fast cars racing though, then the story went to almost gruesomely violent- I personally find it quite disturbing. Other than that, theres a scene  a room full of topless chicks ;)

The story was so-so. Nothing different. The Ending wasnt that cliche though ;)
Probably the cinema will cut out parts that gets way to 'intense' with the blood etc. Hence, i dont think that will be a disturbing sight if you catch it in the cinemas.
I personally, wouldnt watch this movie again.

P/S; This film I gave a 3/5 rating but it could also have gone for a 2/5 rating.

In some way, i think they look suitable for each other in the movie. She somehow looks like him. Luls.

Ryan has a habit of having a Toothpick in his mouth. Super gangsta.
His favourite jacket . I wonder if the yellow scorpion means anything.

Irony, In the movie, Ryan Gosling is a part-time stunt driver for movies but in real life, he needs a stunt man to do his role.

♥s Mermaid;

Friday, September 23, 2011

Abduction Movie Review

Abduction screening pass

Yesterday night, I went for a special screening of Abduction at GSC 1 Utama. So excited as I've been waiting to watch this, that i've been planning for months. This will most probably be the last movie i catch in the cinemas before my exam. And the Next to catch would be Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn? ;)

Here I've posted a non official trailer. WHY? cause the Official trailer basically tells you the ENTIRE Movie in less than 3mins. I hate it when trailer are like that.

Check out Taylor Lautner's Interview with MTV.
I watched this few months back and these was what made me want to watch the movie as soon as it came out. Actually, i watch the interviewS on MTV News. But it seems like its "not available in our region". Weird cause i could watch it a few months back. Hrmmm~
Anyways, i found this on youtube to share with you guys :)

Abduction Movie Review;
The very athletic-body heartthrob is back in a different genre compared to his well-known role as Jacob in Twilight. Matt Damon & Tom Cruise can move over (and say goodbye to their careers) cause Taylor at only at the age of 19 is doing very well in this action role.

I felt like the movie was a little short even though it was slightly over the usual, 1hr30 mins. Maybe it was because Im a fan of the Twilight Saga and this script is a little short for him. If the movie could have extended 30mins more to make the story filled with more details. Therefore, I felt the movie was a little rushed and everything happened so quickly.
On the other hand, i was jealous of his co-star Lily Collins mainly because theres a couple of making out scenes. BTW, i did notice a short Cut in the making out scenes. (I think they cut the part when it was, the clothes ripping, body touching, intense making out scene). *Pfft* You know Malaysian's cinema.

In conclusion, the storyline dint make it any more different compared to an Action movie. If youre a fan of action (and secretly probably Taylor Lautner too) you'll most probably like it. Its not only a movie for girls to go gaga over for Taylor but guys can also see lithe fighting skills in the newborn action star and also guys would probably wanna look up to Taylor for his perfect buffed body.

Why do you see this much used poster almost everywhere? Its cause he did this stunt himself!
Most of the dangerous stunt had a stunt master behind it but Taylor insisted on doing this action stunt himself as it was a possible one. He got little bruises here and there doing the scene a few times to get the perfect take but it dint stop him. It was definitely a proud achievement for him.

The intense making out scene that the cinema slight cut to be fit for PG13 rating.
If you notice, from the trailer you can see that he is ripping his shirt off. That Did Not happened in the movie ;)

Hot boxing turned fighting scene between Nathan (Taylor) & his Dad with a professional guiding them.

So this is how they film a running scene.
Sweet looking girl, Lily Collins. Alot of girls must've been very envious of her role being so close to Taylor. One thing i couldnt help but to keep staring was her EYEBROWS! Thick ones indeed.

And here it is, Taylor Lautner topless duringt he making of the movie! I know he couldnt help but being topless mostly thruout the Twilight Saga. Theres are a few scenes in Abduction where the director took advantage of Taylor's body and had him shirtless ;)

Lastly, here is Taylor Lautner in one of his first few movie films in the movie called Shark Boy & Lava Girl.
So proud he has come such a long way :)
I remember google-ing him after watching this movie even when i was a kid. Hahha!

Watch out, cause Taylor Lautner is the hot new hollywood star that be making his way to the banks!

s Mermaid;

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

How To Access/Bypass Blocked or Restricted Websites

I know Im a few months late after the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC) of the Malaysia's Government publicly blocked our favourite websites by sending a letter to our internet providers to block or restrict the 10 file sharing/downloading websites.

When I heard the news, I hardly bothered cause I thought they wouldnt block my all time favourite; Megavideo. But when i saw the my horror, there it listed among the 9 other blocked websites.

Megavideo was probably my greatest life discovery. I almost couldnt live without megavideo- not one day. So thankgod, within a week after the ban was enforced, i had gotten my normal life back- Life with megavideo.

 So here I've gathered a few methods on how to get your internet back to the way it was. As good as thou the ban dint even took place =D
Some of the methods below will too able you to access restricted websites such as social networking sites in your office ;)
Thus, imma try to make it real easy and simple for my readers.

 1. Proxy Servers 
A proxy server is a server (a computer system or an application) that acts as an intermediary for requests from clients seeking resources from other servers. A client connects to the proxy server, requesting some service, such as a file, connection, web page, or other resource, available from a different server. The proxy server evaluates the request according to its filtering rules.
Hence, Its also another way for us to gain access to any website that has been blocked by our company  such as Facebook, Twitter, Blogspot etc) or in Malaysia's case, blocked by your country.
Source: Wikipedia

What are the purpose of proxy servers?
- To keep machines behind it anonymous (mainly for security).
-To speed up access to resources (using caching). Web proxies are commonly used to cache web pages from a web server.
-To apply access policy to network services or content, e.g. to block undesired sites.
-To log / audit usage, i.e. to provide company employee Internet usage reporting.
-To bypass security/ parental controls.
-To scan transmitted content for malware before delivery.
-To scan outbound content, e.g., for data leak protection.
-To circumvent regional restrictions.
Source: Wikipedia

Here are a list of said to be fast & reliable Proxy Servers list:

I personally have not tried all of them, But do note that some of them will not work for megavideo because the proxy server does not support the megavideo player.
By using the proxy server, your office's IT department will not be able to detect you surfing restricted websites. So no worries that you'll be fired from work :P

 2. Ultrasurf software 
Go > Click > Download button (top left of the page).

This software is portable; no installation required and you can put it in your USB to use it. With this software, you can bypass firewall, encrypt your activities , mask your IP address and bypass censorship or blocked site.
This free Ultrasurf anti-censorship software is a product of Ultrareach Internet Corporation. Originally created to help internet users in China find security and freedom online, Ultrasurf has now become the world’s most popular pro-privacy, anti-censorship software, with millions of people using it to bypass firewalls and protect their identity online.

Heres a video on Ultrasurf, everything you need to know its there :)

I tried this and it was working perfectly fine, i could watch my tv shows and movies on megavideo and then my connection started to get all effed up. I had problems even connecting to the internet. Thus, i stopped using it. Some people seem to be having no problems with Ultrasurf but it doesnt work for me. If you do not want to risk your internet being f**ked up which then I cant help you cause I couldnt even help myself (I think i had to do a system restore if i remember correctly) cause you cant simply just uninstall it from your computer as it doesnt even need installation.
So its up to you if you are willing to take a risk. I am just giving my readers the Option  :)

 3. I2P 
I2P (originally from pseudomathematical notation I²P, short for Invisible Internet Project, although it is not commonly referred to by this name anymore) is a mixed-license, free and open source project building an anonymous network (or, more accurately, a pseudonymous overlay network). The network is a simple layer that applications can use to anonymously and securely send messages to each other. Possible uses include anonymous surfing, chatting, blogging and file transfers.
 4. Virtual Private networks 
Another way to access a blocked websites is using Virtual Private networks (VPN). It helps user browse internet with a more secure connection and browse the internet as if they were situated in that country. Some services are offered for a monthly fee, others are ad-supported. For free service, you need to install their software. VPN can help you to make sure you get a secure connection using a public wifi too. Here are some example of free VPN.

the best for the last....

5. DNS IP Addresses
Another way to access block website is with a DNS IP address. For the record, it Does Not make your internet browsing fast. Domain Name System (DNS) is a phone book for our Internet Ip addresses. You'll need to key in or change the DNS ip addresses. Google Public DNS is a free, global Domain Name System (DNS) resolution service, that you can use as an alternative to your current DNS provider.

Here are some step by step on how to access/ bypass the blocked websites.

Changing DNS server settings on Microsoft WINDOWS XP
Bypass blocked websites

Bypass blocked websites (4)

Bypass blocked websites (2)

Bypass blocked websites (5)
Right Click on the Active Internet Connection that you are currently using.
  • To change the settings for an Ethernet connection, right-click Local Area Connection, and click Properties.
  • To change the settings for a wireless connection, right-click Wireless Network Connection, and click Properties.
Bypass blocked websites (1)

Bypass blocked websites (3)

Taadaaa! and youre Done! :)

Changing DNS server settings on Microsoft WINDOWS 7

How To Bypass Blocked Websites WINDOWS 7 (5)

How To Bypass Blocked Websites WINDOWS 7 (1)

How To Bypass Blocked Websites WINDOWS 7 (4)

How To Bypass Blocked Websites WINDOWS 7 (2)
Right click on your Active internet connection you are currently using.
  • To change the settings for an Ethernet connection, right-click Local Area Connection, and click Properties.
  • To change the settings for a wireless connection, right-click Wireless Network Connection, and click Properties.
How To Bypass Blocked Websites WINDOWS 7 (3)

How To Bypass Blocked Websites WINDOWS 7 (6)
    Taadaaa! and youre Done! :)

    Changing DNS server settings on Mac OS X

    How to Bypass Blocked Websites MAC OS X (2)

    How to Bypass Blocked Websites MAC OS X

    How to Bypass Blocked Websites MAC OS X (1)
    Choose your Active Internet Connection
    • To change the settings for an Ethernet connection, select Built-In Ethernet, and click Advanced.
    • To change the settings for a wireless connection, select Airport, and click Advanced.
    How to Bypass Blocked Websites MAC OS X (3)

    Taadaaa! and youre Done! :)

    Switching back to your old DNS settings

    If you had not previously configured any customized DNS servers, to switch back to your old settings, in the window in which you specified the Google IP addresses, select the option to enable obtaining DNS server addresses automatically, and/or delete the Google IP addresses. This will revert your settings to using your ISP's default servers.
    If you need to manually specify any addresses, use the procedures above to specify the old IP addresses.
    If necessary, restart your system.

    Anwering your FAQ ,
    Here are the sites I use to stream Movie & Tvshows;

    I recommend using megavideo to stream your movie/ tvshow as it is much faster compared to the others. Its been a few years since I've downloaded a movie. Why waste your computer space when you can always watch the movie online over and over. Hence, risk of downloading the movie file that has virus attached to it.

    UPDATE: has been banned and taken down. Thus, best video host would be putlocker/vidxden/vidbux.

    BTW, if your internet is slow. I strongly suggest you getting Unifi if youre an impatient streamer. I havent got mine yet cause my streamyx connection is already pretty fast- i dont need to wait for my movies to take time to buff. Unfortunately, at times- I do.

    This comes to a conclusion, I've Finally done with this blogpost that has been pending for months!!
    *Throws confetti*

     If you dint know yet, im a movie & tvshow addict. I have to have my dose of daily tvshows and the latest movies here and there when its not worth watching in the cinemas.

    I hope you all benefit from this blogpost as I tried making it the simplest as possible for you guys to understand.
    Help spread the word too! Let us not be restrained by the government to control our human rights to serve the net freely as we wish.

    I would also appreciate feedbacks or any questions in the comment section below

    ♥s Mermaid;

    Tuesday, September 20, 2011

    Rielz 911 / September 11 Burfdae

    Hey lovely!
    Came back from Kuching yesterday and I finally had the mojo-jojo to update my blog. Actually, i was editing pics and tried to update Rielistic911 during my stay/work in Kuching but the crappy internet speed and the lousy hotel connection made it pretty impossible. Also, I dint had much free time there .

    Im trying to update as much as possible before my exams and other crap interferes. Heheh!

    Since I was in the midst of my exams, I dint plan for anything. No Party - No Nada :( No alcohol too since i was still having exams and i do wanna let it be the source i cant remember anything when i study.
    Just the normal dinner with the fam'. I was hardly feeling excited for 911 actually. Well, some of my friends said my party last year which i partied pretty hard, was enough to last me for 2 years- Fair enough.
    So 911 2011 just was laying low.

    Riel's 911 Burfdae at Louisiana (64)

    So that 911 afternoon, i was searching on the internet for a nice restaurant with a relaxing nice-background/lighting for-photo-purposes ambiance. I have a few areas in mind, and i came across a restaurant called The Countess at Plaza Kelana Jaya. Its by the lakeside too. I tried calling to make a reservation but no answer. In my mind, my back up plan was San Fransisco Steak House.

    Unfortunately, when we arrived. The Countess was CLOSED & "For Rent". And it was still open for business back in April. Shock to see that Sanook was closed too! Sanook was a nice place to have a nice dinnner, watch football, play some snooker upstairs and dance. Oh wells, Dad dint wanna come all the way here for nothing so he decided to eat at the (basically the only restaurant still in business) Secret of Louisiana, which was right beside.

    IMG_1767 (2)

    Too bad I missed the sunset. It would've been a great view by the lake. Ofcourse, all the tables just beside the lake were occupied. Meh.

    Riel's 911 Burfdae at Louisiana (54)
    Oppppsie! No watermark here. too lazy to edit it and upload it again.

    Riel's 911 Burfdae at Louisiana (11)

    Riel's 911 Burfdae at Louisiana (2)
    Aglio Olio spaghetti
    It had that touch of spicyness which me likey!
    Riel's 911 Burfdae at Louisiana (3)
    My slightly burn lamb shoulder cooked in black pepper style.
    The black pepper sauce were served separately and the steak itself was juicy enough to be eaten alone!!
    I used the sauce for my fries.

    Riel's 911 Burfdae at Louisiana (8)
    Fish and Chips

    Riel's 911 Burfdae at Louisiana (9)

    Chicken chop
    Riel's 911 Burfdae at Louisiana (13)
    Pizza with bits of carrots as toppings.
    Personally, it isnt my fav vege so i dint like it that much.
    Riel's 911 Burfdae at Louisiana (5)

    Riel's 911 Burfdae at Louisiana (12)

    Riel's 911 Burfdae at Louisiana (15)

    Riel's 911 Burfdae at Louisiana (19)

    Riel's 911 Burfdae at Louisiana (23)
    Dad & Mum
    Riel's 911 Burfdae at Louisiana (24)
    Bro decided to play the nerdy korean style.
    Riel's 911 Burfdae at Louisiana (25)
    I get irritated when i know my picture isnt perfect.
    *hints* Necklace overturned =/

    Riel's 911 Burfdae at Louisiana (18)
    There were 3 (inclu. me) burfdae celebrations that night at Louisiana. wooot woot! i wonder which one of them had their actual burfdae on that night ( 911 ).

    Riel's 911 Burfdae at Louisiana (29)
    It was my turn-The last one for the night.
    Riel's 911 Burfdae at Louisiana (30)

    Riel's 911 Burfdae at Louisiana (32)

    Yeap, bro was recording #thatawkwardmoment when you everyone is singing a birthday song for you.

    Riel's 911 Burfdae at Louisiana (36)
    Blow the candles and made my wish for the thing thats missing in my life.

    Riel's 911 Burfdae at Louisiana (41)

    Riel's 911 Burfdae at Louisiana (42)
    Im still their 'Baby' alright.
    Riel's 911 Burfdae at Louisiana (49)
    White Dark Chocolate CheeseCake from Secret Recipe.
    I've never tried this before and i love to try different cakes from SR every burfdae.
    It was cheesy indeed but very nice! Its best to be eaten right outtve the refrigerator though :)
    Riel's 911 Burfdae at Louisiana (50)

    Riel's 911 Burfdae at Louisiana (58)
    Took a picture with the gentlemen waiters that sang a burfdae song for me :)
    Riel's 911 Burfdae at Louisiana (57)

    Riel's 911 Burfdae at Louisiana (60)

    Riel's 911 Burfdae at Louisiana (61)

    Riel's 911 Burfdae at Louisiana (62)

    Riel's 911 Burfdae at Louisiana (63)

    Riel's 911 Burfdae at Louisiana (56)

    It was a lovely dinner indeed. It was a lil warm outside but my table which was at the corner dint get much of the cold fan they had their machines blowing. Other than that, the food were pretty great! Prices were pretty reasonable without their fancy drinks. Btw, their food were pretty fast :)

    A nice place to have a special ocassion, other the fact that it isnt under A/C. Best to start dinner at around 6PM+ when the sun is setting. Furthermore, this is a ambiance which you will not often get to experience- Dinner by the lakeside :) A different concept which I think is interesting for dinners.

    Came home and had some camwhoring time with the Sis.

    Riel's 911 Burfdae at Louisiana (69)
    Wheeeee! using the Sparklers which i bought from Singapore. Actually, the purpose of buying them was having them put on my cake together with the candles. Too bad i was rushing (as usual) and i forgot to bring them along for dinner.

    Riel's 911 Burfdae at Louisiana (70)

    Riel's 911 Burfdae at Louisiana (73)

    Riel's 911 Burfdae at Louisiana (84)

    Riel's 911 Burfdae at Louisiana (85)

    Riel's 911 Burfdae at Louisiana (87)

    I decided to take advantage of my newly bought Bow and took some photos :)

    yes, it does look like Lady Gaga's bow but then im Not trying to imitate her in any way. As im not a fan of an Illuminati and shes also the 'Queen' of it.

    Riel's 911 Burfdae at Louisiana (89)

    Riel's 911 Burfdae at Louisiana (88)

    Riel's 911 Burfdae at Louisiana (91)

    Riel's 911 Burfdae at Louisiana (94)

    Riel's 911 Burfdae at Louisiana (92)

    Riel's 911 Burfdae at Louisiana (95)

    Riel's 911 Burfdae at Louisiana (97)

    Riel's 911 Burfdae at Louisiana (96)

    Riel's 911 Burfdae at Louisiana (98)

    That was it for 911. I felt like it was just like any other day. Except the fact that I had a Burfdae Glow :P
    I somehow felt that I looked younger this year compared to 2010. Heheh!

    Here are some flashbacks on 2010's 911 burfdae celebration. I dearly miss these memories <3

    P/S; Yes, If you have been reading or you know me , you would have notice i use Burfdae instead of the correct spelling Birthday. I am aware of this and its hard for me to change my habbit. Plus, Birthday is just too common. I at least want my burfdae wish to standout with the weird spelling but still have the right pronunciation too it ;)

    As this year I wasnt able to personally Thank everyone for their mass burfdae wishes on my Facebook so i decided to let my Danbo have the honour of doing it :)
    I do take notice who wished me and who dint ;) 

    Riel's 911 Burfdae at Louisiana (101)
    If you dint know yet, My Danbo is handmade by your truly :)
    Yet to buy the real thing from Japan in Dec as my christmas present. Teehee!

    Stay tune to MY FACEBOOK for the full photos from my burfdae and my Danbo photography and other upcoming paper crafts :)

    ♥s Mermaid;

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