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Friday, December 24, 2010

Creativity In Motion Fashion Show

[ 15 Dec ]

Lim Kok Wing's Year End Fashion Extravaganza Features Global Talent Ready For The World Stage!

Date : 15th Dec 2010
Time: 7PM
Venue : Cafe Stelle, Pavillion ( Near Gucci & Prada )

Lim KokWing alumna and current Miss Malaysia/Universe Nadine Ann Thomas headlined catwalk with student models from over 30 countries.

Brought Sis along. Reach a wee bit late as we're suppose to be there by 6.45PM for the Media Arrival. Soon after, a ang mo guy came up to me and Sis asking if we mind doing a lil 'interview' on Fashion. I was like uttering cause im not that bigggg on fashion. sorrytosay. Oh well, we both agreed. Camera rolled- i answered most of the questions to be more spontaneous as i dont want any long pause etc etc. Hahaha! well, it was kindda awkward at times. Questions were like; Do you follow or try to set the fashion? What i like? etc etc.

Feeq called me just in time and met him after my interview. Thankgod we came bout the same time! I was pretty lost on where to seat etc.
I was so pleased to be put Front Row <3 with a nice comfy twistable sofachair :P
There were flows of Fruit punch and Soft drinks. I def took the fruit punch. No soft drinks for me- no likey.

Im in charge of taking the video and Sis is incharge of the pictures!
idk what happened to all the photos at least i got pretty good videos of them :)
i might have missed one or two models cause some were walking too fast.

My awesome front row view! <3
Make up sponsored by the awesome M.A.C and gorgeous Shoes & Accessories from Aldo! <3

photo credit to Jeremy


Perfomances for the night! This dude below was goooooood! loved his singing! :)

Sorrrry for the blur pic. My cam cant capture movement well :/ | some of Lim Kok Wing students were pulled up to the stage to dance a lil.

Picture courtesy of Kah Wai Foong

Nadine :)

Loveee this design! i would totally wear this! <3

Supermodel Amber Chia

NADINE!! Our Miss Malaysia/Universe! <3
So i was suppose to be seeing Nadine at the MUM Press Conference but her schedual was delayed.
I dint know she was gonna be one of the models at this Fashion Show! Nowonder she seemed Familiar when i saw her. Nadine really stood out from the crowd- i remembered her pretty face :))

Here is the video to all the designs! :) (except for one or two)

Qing Liew; she was from my highschool. Shes one of the Designer Graduates of 2010 :)

veryyyy yummmy lil finger foods! <3

[ Waiting for Feeq for a couple of pictures ]

Chilled at WongKok till almost 10PM? :)

w Jeremy & Feeq - The two besties :)

Had funnn experiencing the Fashion Show from the first row ;P
Some of the designs was really extraordinary ! I would even wear some of it! Lim Kok Wing students really have the talent! *Claps*

♥s Mermaid;

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