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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Samsung Galaxy S3 Exclusive Media Launch


Its finally here! 
All the anticipation to get your hands on this sexy andriod phone is almost over.
Samsung has finally released its 3rd generation Galaxy S series.

Though im #TeamiPhone, i was curious but also excited to see what all the rave was about on the latest Galaxy S3. So, I gladly accepted the exclusive invitation to attend the media launch @ One World Hotel.
with them pretty ladies, [from left] Samantha, Valerie, Me, Michelle.

Symphonic tunes were played in the background by the orchestra throughout the event.

Lovely host for the night.

Managing Director of Samsung Malaysia gave an intro on what the new SIII is about.
Loves the huge screen behind, better than the cinema one :P
Why "Inspired by Nature"? Because the latest SIII has features adapted from the nature.

One thing i like is when you slide to unlock your phone, it will imitate the water motion as if you're touching the surface of a pond. Its amazing. Something very fresh indeed.
Not only that, the sound of tapping the touch screen is the soothing sound of water drips.
This time round, the SIII has built in more tunes and sounds that are soothing and relaxing for your pleasure of listening.

Then the Product Marketing Managers of Samsung Malaysia performed some demonstrations on the stage for us all. He was more lifely and fun, he also managed to get a couple of laughs from us. I could understand why he was the PMM of Samsung.

Featuring Burst Shot, you are able to instantly capture up to 20 Shots continuously. After that, there comes this feature in handy called Best Shot, which the smart SIII will have a little 'tick' to let you know which was the best shot taken in the 20 shots.

With this feature, you will not miss another moment in motion ;)

IMG_7055 IMG_7062
Highlights of the new SIII

It iz so slim!


This comes my favourite part of the Front Camera! It's 1.9 Megapixel Front Camera! And zero shutter lag! *drools*
Though a downgrade of 0.1 MP comparing to the previous SII/ S2. This SIII's Front camera is able to video in HD!

Okay lah, this one seems super attractive for self portrait camwhores like me (as iphone4s only 0.2 megapixel *cries*) to those who frequently uses the front camera to camwhore skype etc.
I think if i had an SIII, most of the time, i would be instagraming self portraits away... This made me feel my iphone4s actually sucked :(

Here comes a feature you all will like to have in your smartphones, Capture photos WHILE Recording a video! Yeap, you dont have to struggle to switch the mode back and front between camera & video anymore! Most importantly, you wouldnt have to miss a moment again ;)
Even my Canon G12 cant do that :(

Oppps, ter-on my camera flash, but i like this photo of Rebecca & Me.

To compete with Apple' iPhone, Samsung also have their own 'Siri' which is S Voice to command the phone with your voice.

Pop Up Play, whats that you ask?
This feature allows you to multi-task, you can be surfing the net in the background (etc) and also have a small screen of your video playing. Thus, you dont need to stop and start your video again when you are tweeting, facebooking etc.

Looking to transfer files in a breeze? S Beam will do you work for you, Its similar to Apple's App called Bump. All you have to do is to brush the back of your Galaxy SIII with your friend's SIII and after entering a simple common password, you files will be transferred at ease.


I love how Samsung is suggesting the public to 'Go Green' in some way with their new SIII inspired by the nature.
Suggestion; Samsung should come out with Eco-Friendly covers for the SIII as a special edition or something that is Eco-Friendly to support the whole tagline too. Heheh.


Lastly, the new Samsung Galaxy SIII have so many new features, wont it eat up the battery real fast? Well, Samsung has also expended the battery's capacity of 20% at 2,100 mAh in comparison to the S2.

It has been recently revealed that the PRICE for the Samsung Galaxy SIII would be retailing for RM2,199.

All dressed up in theme for Samsung ;)

with Michelle and her gorgeous blue dip dye! I loveeeeee!

In conclusion, i may still be on #teamiphone but after this launch, i definitely see that Samsung isnt too bad after all, is a great andriod phone to own and explore.

♥s Mermaid;

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