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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Kanebo & Narnia

[8 Dec]

so i woke up around 8 inthemorning as ill be going for my early hydrating facial appointment @Kanebo, Bangsar with Mum.
Great news in the morning; Mum got us 2 Pairs of Premier screening tickets for Narnia in 2D which will be screening on the usual Thursdays. Yayy! more movies!

Reach there around 10.30AM without wearing any makeup as i am going for facial.

Camwhore while i wait

Peach tea & dried peach? quite tasteful though.

 I wasnt allowed to take pictures of the room actually but when the doors are closed for me to change - who knows right? ;)
The nice lady (whichiknewhernamethen) even complimented me of my hair and spoken english- Says im like from the States or something (not local). Haha.
Veryyy comfy! the comforter covering me was so soft too! ahhh! i almost fell aslp x)

Changed, nothing but my undies and that long tube sarong-like thingie.

Facial steamer thingie.

The ambience was great- relaxing music playing. She (isweariknewhernametwoweeksago) adjusted the lightings nicely and made everything so relaxing.
She did sooooo many things- i could hardly remember how many steps there was. But i know there was Honey as i can smell it and also loadsss of alcohol used. haha!
Had some shoulder massage too- felt ouuusogood. She also asked if i wanted my eyebrows neaten. I havent been visiting A-Listers for quite awhile now and i needed to, so i Agreed. I was a lil reluctant to do it at first cause of how it will turn out as i dont simply go to anyone to get my eyebrows done.
She was pretty much done after that.

 After 1½hours. I was in a rush to head to my next event- Miss Universe Malaysia Press Conference at 1PM. I loveeee my eyebrows so much! :) She did a great job in shaping them. I would actually consider changing to her to do my eyebrows instead of A-Listers ;p But Kanebo is a Spa place not a place where they provide only Eyebrow shaping service :/
you know what, maybe ill call em up to ask and see if thats possible ;p

Rushed rushed rushed- for the entire journey to One World Hotel, i did my makeup in the car. Lul!

w Andrea Fonseka.
 Check out my post on Miss Universe Malaysia Press Conference heree ;)

Reached home bout 5.30PM after buying my Jay Park CD @ Speedy, OU.

Left house for OU again at 8PM as Narnia was at 9PM.
It was so weird- So we called bout 3 persons to catch the movie as we had an extra ticket. All couldnt make it. At the counter, mum told the ppl we only needed 3 instead of 4- So that counter ppl could give that one ticket away. When getting to our seats in the box- Sis's seat was spoiled (seat went down). Hence, taking the other seat which was actually the 4th ticket that was unused but given back to the counter.
A stranger came to take the seat. Hahah! i laughed man. *insider joke*-was argueing with mum.
blablablablah~ long story short- Sis's got back her good seat :))
What if we the extra person came to fill in the fourth ticket?
The person would have to seat somewhere else or wouldnt have a seat at all :/
That would have been an unpleasant situation man. Thankgod :))

OKAY! so the coupon DoesNot state One Small CARAMEL popcorn. I asked for my usual Salty popcorn. They said Only Caramel! Got me effing pissed off!! but then Another BRAIN BLAST!
Took the Caramel popcorn. Went to another counter. Acted.
*put on acting face*
Me: My friend bought Caramel for me, I wanted Salty.

Left the counter as a HAPPPY GIRL! i got my Salty Popcorn!!! wheeeeee~

Narnia Movie Review;  
♥/ 5
 [No Spoilers]

 The movie was no biggie. As usual- very fantasy-like, felt bored at parts. Wasnt really my cup of tea though. Actually the Narnia series arent really my cup of tea. Their alright- nothing exciting. 
Honestly speaking, i dont really like it when they put talking creatures and humans together. Seems kindda fake to me (eventhough its suppose to be like that-  non-fiction). 

♥s Mermaid;

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