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Friday, January 14, 2011

Christmas Gathering & Family Shopping

[ 23 Dec ]

After 2days of staying at home- chomping on Godiva chocs while indulging myself with my fav tvshows & movies! <3
yes, i ate all these at one time. #fat
i actually hid this in the cupboard so my siblings couldnt keep stealing them. Guess what, i kept it since Halloween -___-
tasted not as nice. mehh~

It was time for some shoppingggg! <3
since im kindda rushing this post; ill just rate the movies that i've watched instead with the usual review. *sorry*

- Survivor Season 21 Finale (wheee, the person i wanted to win, Won!)
- Bridal Plasty
- I Get That Alot (freaking hillarious tvshow w celebs in it)
- Black Swan ♥/5 ( DONT WATCH! )  (it was a waste of time for me, alot of illuminati shiets)
- The Dog Who Saved Christmas Vacation *no rating* (ParisH's voice only, watched an hour then stopped- kindda boring)
-Devil ♥/5 ( very thrilling!! :D ) confess and it shall be forgiven

 Shopping w the fam';
Went to OU for dinner and to shop for christmas stuff. Could hardly find anything nice. As for bro, he bought tonssss of stuff from Topman to OriginalFake. On the other hand, sis got her christmas present she wanted- DKNY Apple Purfume which worth like almost 300bucks. WTH!
Me? just something from Esprit. :(

[24 Dec]

i had a sweet dream! i just remember! part of it;
Nichkhun my ♥ , and i was riding a carridge (random) but without a horse though.
We camwhored with my camera!! zomg, i have the photo images in my mind (like how the picture turned out)
then his manager came and he had to leave...he gave me a longg Kiss on my neck and that left me with a lil Love Bite! ♥
Suprised-as i only kissed his cheeks. *melts*
♥ ♥ ♥

- adapted from Facebook status

That adds to my 2nd dream of Nichkhun <3
the first was in a hotel room and he was shirtless. well, you can imagine ;)

That Night;
Dad cooked Christmas Eve Dinner- BlackPepper Lamb and something else i could not remember >.<
Watched HOME ALONE 2 with the fam'. i just love home alone movies. Had Bulla's peppermint icecweam and sparkling juice in company w the movie.

Clock Strikes 12!

i made a christmas post; Merry Christmas Not Xmas :)
if you read, you get to meet my Red Mummie.

went to SIBKL church in the morning. On christmas morninggg man! :( went au natural- too tired/lazy to put on makeup as i stayed up late. Wore shades the moment when service ended.
Went to have some lunch (forgottenwhere). Had some yummmy dessert with the fam' at Kepong.


While we were in the car;

Mum : Who ate the ice cweam yesterday and dint wash the cup?!
Me : Not me, It was Santa Claus!



Later in the Eve;
Went down to Cousin's house at SriDamansara for Christmas Gathering Dinner <3
chilled and catched up with them :)
got this too!

End of my christmas post :)

♥s Mermaid;

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