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Monday, January 10, 2011

Juice Mag Bar + Club Launch @ Ecoba

[ 20 Dec ]

Screwed up bedtime; Slept at 10AM, woke up at Noon. Slpt back again till i got a wake up from a phone call from Jeremy at 3PM. thankgod i had time to get ready for this last minute event at 5PM!
*screams Happy Hour*

 went with sis as usual <3



Later, light finger foods flooded.
Our table almost sapu-ed the entire tray when the waiter came.They had to went back to the kitchen to stock for the other tables. At times, they even ignored our table when passing by. Heh! We were pretty hungry that night!

Lul. advertising carlsberg.

check out Yi Ching at

Beef on a stick. YUMMMMS! <3

what alcohol does to yi ching. heee

So i saw her passing by quite a few times and she seemed familiar!
i thought, it cant be Kylie can she? Haha!
as she was leaving i asked the main host of the event and he said it was her!
i mean wouldnt it be embarassing if i asked if i asked Kylie if she was Kylie.
so yeap! *Snap*
w Kylie Chapman! :D
still remember she made a great hostess with Henry Golding for the Volkswagen Street Party.

sam & sis

newly blonde Jules from FlyFM dropped by but left pretty early.

Had a great time chilling with them <3
Regret of the night; Missed to snap a photo w Jeremy from RedFM =/
was a lil shy that night :P
Lucky Yi Ching caught Jeremy when he was about to leave and snapped a picture with him.
*jealous* heh!

 ♥s Mermaid;

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