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Saturday, January 15, 2011

3 Malls 1 Day.

[ 27 Dec ]

off to Reborn @ Puchong at 10AM with the fam' to do some Leg spa & Body sauna wrap thingie.
longstoryshort; i was dirty and needed shower but had not time? My Hair Was a HotMess!
So me whole fam went to this spa place. They all did some back massage, foot reflexologi, body wrap, foot spa etc. i only did the foot spa and body wrap.

so the foot spa was cool, i enjoyed it :)
then later i was taken up for the body wrap thingie- it was this plastic sleeping bag bed-like thingie. i think i had to stay there for 30mins or maybe 45mins.

ZOMG! What an experience man. ofcourse i feel asleep as i had only a few hours of sleep as usual. i think i even dreamed. Lul!
Wokeup feeling veryyyy HOT! at parts the sauna sleeping bag thingie was like too hot. like pain hot. i tried not to move cause if i do the more heat ill feel.
Thankgod there was a clock rightinfrontofme. i had to wait for another 10mins till its time.
Minutes passed like hours :(
i was starting to feel uncomfortable and wanted to get outtve that horrible bed of heat, As i was zipped up likeasleepingbag, i could only wait for the lady to come when the timer goes off.

Finally the lady came to off it, Phew! i was pretty much drenched in droplets of sweat. *yucks*. The lady also gave me a lil time to put my clothes back on. i Still wasnt feeling well =/

i felt like puking, tried walking down to my fam but i felt dizzy too! so i sat down and called Mum to come pick me upstairs. thankgod the workers werent there, cause it'll be embarassing
Felt really uncomfortable, with still the stickyness from the sweat and all. So i asked to take a shower there. Hahah!

now the only thing was my hair!

Wooohooo! E3 salon was just right beside Reborn, went up to get my hair washed!!
so Happpy! heeee!

She did a pretty great job on washing my hair. I Likeeee. Felt Completely-whole-bodyly good! Haha!
First visit to E3 and they did a pretty good job. I'll def be washing my hair there when i need to. LuL.
E3 is popular in Taiwan & Singapore too.

Lunchhh timee~
Ate at Spicy Pan Mee. pretty tasty i guess :)

Headed to Pyramid to get my Shu Uemura eyelash curler <3
Shopped and bought stuffs from Kitschen.

The service at Maxis Pyramid was freaking slowww! Plus, their something was Down -___-
Sis wanted to get her White BB Bold3.
Grabbed my fav drink in the world;

it can Never go wrong

Dropped Bro at cousin's house for a stay over.
Went over to KLCC as it was Maxis's HQ.
Guess what?! THEY DONT HAVE THE WHITE BB that sis was looking for -____-

Dad bought some golf stuffs and we while we waited for the alterations, we got some snacks.
mine were Sushi & Lemon drink again :P

p/s; i hate it when ppl calls LIMAU- Lemon! Limau is freaking LIME! -___-

since KLCC doesnt have it, we had to go back to Curve as we know they have it there. Pffft!
Went to Curve, got the White BB Bold 3- Sis is a happy girl.

Went to SS2's food court for Dinner.
Yayyy! it was MONDAY. They had PasarMalam! isweartogodiwassoexcitediskippedasiwalked :P
i just loveeeee pasar malams!! so many stuff to see! :D
havent been to pasar malam for quite awhile now. Thus, the exciteness.

Plus, i couldnt wait to have some 'siew mai'- my fav since a lil kid.
Zomg, there were so much stuff to see there! But we all knew we were so tired. Come on, its a monday and we're on hols. Why not just enjoy the whole day. My parents just had to rush back -___-
dadadadada~ long story short- something happened and dad got a lil ticked off.
I Dint Even Got my SiewMai and he wanted to head home. i was soooo pissed! i gave the "Silent Treatment".

Thankgod the only food thing i got was this; 

 Somebody Scream CHUKA IDAKO! <3 
i Loveee these stuff!!!
plus, it was Only RM2 and it was the biggest chuka idako ive ever seen!!! a Must buy snack at SS2's pasar malam.

Dad apologized to me when we we're back home. Heh! heknewiwantedthesiewmaibadly.
Walked almost halfway of the pasar malam and still no sight of the 'siewmai' =/

That was one longg tiring day!

♥s Mermaid;

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