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Sunday, January 2, 2011

7ASTE New York

[ 17 Dec ]

Continue-ing post;
After some shopping (which i hardly bought anything to wear for the 7aste event tonight), me and Sis went to get our hair treatmented- Thanks to GroupsMore :)
thought it would only take an hour or so it took like 2½hour -___-

Decided to ask them to blow in curls as i'll be going for an event tonight.
 Camwhored while waiting for Sis.

Spotted! Henry Golding & DJ Goldfish in the Henessy Artistry mag

Sis's hairstylist

Me hairstylist
 Funnny story again, he was shocked at *something* . He also politely ask if he could have my facebook- which i totally wouldnt mind. Upon leaving, he asked for my deets and my Number- which i dint felt like giving.
He held out his hp; i was kindda into notepads as ill jolt down mini deets of the events. I took out my notepad and wrote my FB Name and MY BLOG URL! *advertise abit la* heeee!
i felt so old school giving ppl deets on a piece of paper torn from my notepad

If youre reading this post. Hi :)

It was around 6+PM. Left town immediately. IT WAS FREAKING JAM too- Raining.
Reached home around 7.15PM?
RUSHED LIKE MAD TO think of something to wear for 7aste later at 8pm+

My curls were pretty much Non Existant anymore =/
my hair cant stay as curls for long eventhough hairsprays were used.


 Rushed off to 7aste. Reached at around 8.15PM. Waited for Jeremy and the others to arrive.

we in the VIP GuestList babeh ;P

me and samantha

Performances lined up to warm the crowd a lil ;)

harith iskandar.
damnnn, he made us all laugh like cwap!!
nice singaporean jokes man! *clap*


Nadhira giving her CD away.


The Awesomely cute Beatboxer; Shawn Lee! <3

 Dancers i remember from LeonaLewis/TheVeronica's concert.

Jonanne babe, the first ive met her. She was such a gorge, i had to ask for a picture ;)

w Sis <3


downnnn it babeh!


Ahhh, the only photo i could find;
me, sis, samantha up dancing on the podium
wheres the one with Joanne babe?! -___-
ahhhh! tupid flash!
i <3 7ASTE! :)

It was my first 7aste event- 7aste usuals said it was the best too! Yayyy!
Had funn getting lose after a few on shots! ;)
sorry to a guy i accidently somehow hit while dancing on the podium that looked like JosephVincent. Luls
Left a lil early before 2am- party got a lil crazier after i left from the pictures i saw. Shirts were taken off- probably torn. Hahaa
Cant wait for the next 7aste event again :)

♥s Mermaid;

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