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Monday, January 10, 2011

Sport Car Charity Event - AMAE & over RM3 Million to be Won!

[ 19 Dec ]

   Though it was 7aste the night before, we (me & Sis ) woke up pretty early in time to get ready for the Sport Car Charity Event & also the Martial Arts Exhibition @Bangsar. Heard that there will be Ferarri, Porshe, Lotus and etc. On top of that, We could have a ride in them *excites*

They were also showcasing a special martial art demonstration featuring Malaysian Representitives *MALAYSIA BOLEH!* for the upcoming "Malaysia vs The Rest of the World" Fight Night on the 30th & 31st of Dec.

Reach slightly over 11AM and met up with Jeremy who was already there muchhh earlier. heee!

Since it was for the "Kids' for Kids" foundation, anyone could pick a car of their choice and ride in them for Just RM30. Very worth it i'd say- probably once in a lifetime that you could ride in your 'Dream car' :P

Presenting you. . . . . .
Fighters And Fast Cars Bring Bangsar Village To Life as AMAE Countdown Begins.

About 70 smoking hot sport cars were there! Sadly there were only 2 Lambos :(

Ferarri Spider! These are my FAVOURITE kindda Ferarri! <3 <3

Very stylish Lambo :)

Most Beautiful car of the Day! <33

me, sis & jeremy

one of the youngest good looking drivers ;)
too bad i dint get a ride in his babe :/

 After seeing Anastasia and her husband (uptowndragon) quite a number of times at different events we finally got the chance to introduce ourselves :)
Their the #1 Malaysian Online Urban Music News Site; Rentak Sejuta!
heard its Malaysia's Biggest Music Forum. Check them out at Rentak Sejuta's Website

Anastasia, me & sis

the route the drivers take the patrons on.

Eric making his rides.

Eric's again :)


Since we were medias. We got our complimentary rides, thanks to Josh :)

sis in a pretty old school ferarri :)

One of the few lady drivers ;D
i wonder if she actually own that car or it belongs to her boyfie etc.

Another ferrari spider! ahhhhh <3
 Since i wasnt paying for the rides like everyone else did- i dint want to be picky to ride in my dream car. Thus, getting a ride in this old school Porshe 933.
Actually, I went up to a few of those nice cars but they already had patrons in them.
kindda pissed that they cut the line as were i waited was the Line!

Yes, a lady driver

She was quite a nice lady. We chit chatted during the ride. She also took me on a longer route! how nice of her right :) Found out she has a daughter too in Sri KDU and her husband likes Porshes and also is one of the drivers at this event :)
But this auntie prefers Ferarri too! hahahaha! <3

Rebecca's turn :)

then, Josh's turn :)

After taking a ride in the Porshe, i wanted to ride more!
Eric who was Jeremy's friend took me on a ride in his ferarri! Wheeeee~
dream of riding a Ferarri has came true.
Eric's; One Smoking Hot FERARRI! <3


My awesome camera went outtve batteries as i had forgotten to charge them the night before i went out. Thus, taking pics in the car with my ancient hp.

The Ride was crazy fun! Loved the way Eric drove.
Though it wasnt that nice as bangsar area was pretty jam =/
Soon he caught up with the other ferarris. There were like 6 hot ferarris together in a line.
That you dont see everyday :P

While i was taking a ride. . . . . . . 


1PM; Lunch timeeeee. We all had lunch at Garibaldi. It wasnt officially open to the public yet but it was specially open for this event :)



rebecca w the waiteress :)
Rebecca specials in Food blogging, check out for more deets on the food here at Garibaldi. You would also know where are the hotspots to have your tummy satisfied.

Bread Pizza.
One of the BEST Pizzas ive ever eaten!
its a MUST try for pizza lovers!

After lunch, Me & Sis headed back home. Jeremy tagged along as we were gonna change and head to Curve together.
 Shell's thingie. their seriously giving shietloadsof CA$H away.
How much is shietloadsofit? how bout OVER RM3 Million? cyeahhh.

Shell V-Power 97 Win Weekly at Shell Campaign Zooms into Shell Stations with Ferarri Collectibles

Runs from 21 Dec 2010 until 6 April 2011.

Tons of stuffs to be won, eg; Limited Edition Ferarri key rings set (which are not for sale and can only be won)
-Motorist simply needs to spend a min of RM30 on any Shell fuels, lubricants or Shell Selected items.
Fill up a form and drop it into the contest boxes at Shell Staions nationwide.
Weekly prizes include:
 RM30, 000 + Limited Edition Ferarri key rings set X1
RM3,000 + Limited Edition Ferarri key rings set X 3
RM300 + Limited Edition Ferarri key rings set X 300
RM 50 Shell voucher X600

Stayed only for a lil while then off to DH's Calvary Church for Evening service as i had missed my usual morning ones :)

p/s; Sorrry for the late updates, been busy adjusting to new things.

  s Mermaid

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