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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Tangled aka Rapunzel & I Have Chalazion

[19 Jan]
Tangled (here its called Rapunzel) Movie Review
Love how they also used the Khom Fai (floating lantern) in the movie. Its also very different from other cartoonish movies
Right amount of jokes to make the movie a fun to watch one! But ofcourse, as a Disney cartoon movie, you'll  be sure to be seating in on some sudden singing/musical which i dont fancy. Other than that, its all good!
DEFINATELY one of my favs cartoonish movies.
Floating Lanters.
Sky Lantern is also one of the many names.

If the player here isnt working click on the link to watch Rapunzel; Megavideo Link Here

Later that evening, I went to see the doc cause my eye really hurt and it was like a lil pimple. Thankgod it wasnt visible though.
Doc said i have Chalazion. Its when the dirt blocks the pores (that produces tears). Thus, the small swelling from the inside (under eyelid). I had 2 of it actually. Said it might have came from me wearing contacts etc. I thought it was my makeup that i wasnt properly removed. Thinking of it, it might have been my contacts.
Tobehonest, im not that hygenic with my contacts- which is not a good thing i know. A habit i should cultivate! I should probably check out the lil machine thingie that helps you to watch your contact lenses.
I might have to undergo a surgery to remove the dirt if it doesnt go away from applying the cream given. Its been a month plus now and i still have 1 of it. It does not hurt but its a lil bumpy thing. Not visible at all but only felt by touch. Sighs*



Pictures were taken from twitpic. Thus, no watermarks.

Cooked dinner when i got back from the clinic. The black pepper lamb looks good doesnt it? :P
Thankgod it wasnt over-seasoned. Heee!
Well, if you're my boyfie, you know what im capable of cooking for you for dinner ;)

♥s Mermaid;

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