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Thursday, February 3, 2011

My Love for Movies- Watch Death Race 2 & Saw 7 Here!

Since its not an event, excuse me if i dont date it like a diary then.
Watched a couple of movies early this month, Death Race 2 & Saw 7.

Death Race 2 Movie Review;
[no spoilers]

Loved it! Fast Cars, Cute guy & hot chicks- whats not to like eh? ;) 
Well, although this is the 2nd DeathRace, its like the First one- ifyouknowhatimean.
Its like the begining of DeathRace :)

p/s; 14K is veryy 'yeng' eh ;D

Watch Death Race 2 Here on Megavideo;
Death Race 2 [Click here]

Trailer Here

Saw VII (7) 'in 3D' Movie Review;
[no spoilers] 
Blood looks like Ribena- pretty fake though. Personally, im not a Saw fan. Nor a fan of gory movies- notmything. I lost my appetite for the entire day- no joke.
But im sure for you Saw Fans you would like it. I only watched the 1st and probably 2nd Saw so i hardly understood the related storyline cause i skipped like 5 of the series.
Nevertheless, i watched it in the first place cause its a very thrilling movie which i like and ofcourse the mystery of the gorily(notevenarealword) smart Jigsaw man. 

Watch Saw
7 3D Here on Megavideo;

Trailer Here

Yes, i actually watched it from those links, so its Safe and im not giving you a virus/malware infested website just for fun kayy. Dont need to download anything, just Stream! Just thankgod if you have a fast internet connection so you dont need to wait but just relax and watch while streaming it :)

p/s; All links provided by me would be DVD Rip links- I dont like watching the ones recorded in cinemas etc etc. Unless Stated that the movie is pretty new and that no DVD Rip links are out yet. 

This site does not claim any music, video or movie links posted on this blog. We Do Not Own the Links Nor Host it. Posting for promotional purposes only. 

All videos, music and movie links in this blog come from websites such as Megavideo,Youtube sharing websites which we are not affiliated in any way. In case of copyright infringement or any other issues, please contact the responsible parties (responsible File Sharing site) by which is not in control. does not reserve any rights to, nor claims copyright to, any videos, music and movie links listed on these pages. All references are copyright to their respective owners.
If anything I've shared/posted on this website is against the law please notify me so that they can be removed before taking any action.

Thank You
No Copyright Infringement Is Intended.

If you dint know, I Am A Movie & TVShow Addict! I just loveeee watching movies and tvshows- and i really do mean it.
and by TVShows; not litterally the box/telly though. 
theres hardly anything to watch on Astro .
I only watch tvshows that are currently airing in the States :)  not to make myself sound very anti-Malaysiam tvshow, but its true- Astro sucks! all replays and boring stuffs.

I wish we had The CW tv channel here!  Thats one of my fav channels in the states, other than Fox? (which now KL has too in Malaysia Version) i guess.

For some of you guys esp smokers, take a cigg after a hard days' of work to feel relaxed and chill right?
-Mine would be MOVIES & TVSHOWS! ♥ ♥ 
I just enjoy the feeling of watching them. i just cant really describe it in words. Its just like my indescribable Drug :))
a pretty healthy one too. heee

Its also one thing that can cheer me up or cool me down when im in rage - i can easily adapt the emotions from the movie / tvshow and ill slowly forget the feeling of being upset or angry.

There, now you know how much i love my movies and tvshows!

Mum calls me a 'Movie Queen'.
I try to watch all the new movie as possible when its dvd rip/cleared online.
Sometimes so i even run outtve movies to catch. Haha! Thus, im always asking for Movie suggestions.

Note that i like all kinds of movies EXCEPT Horror & Oldies. thats a No No for me there.

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