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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Starbucks - BUY 1 FREE 1

Happy Easter Weekend everyone! :)

Thankgod for Dad, finally, he said something thats useful. teehee
Headed over to Starbucks with the family for dessert to check out if what dad said was actually legit because it was too good to be true (and we know how things like that turns out).

It was TRUE. STARBUCKS BUY 1 FREE 1. nojoke.

Let the Starbucks feast begin......

Starbucks BUY 1 FREE 1

Terms & Conditions;
- Only for American Express cardholders.
- Valid till 31 October 2011.
-  The complimentary cup of handcrafted beverage has to be Equal or Lesser Value than the lower priced beverage ordered in the same transaction.
- Not valid with other promotions, discounts, privileges and vouchers.

In the T&C it says only 1 complimentary beverage per transaction per cardholder? thats not true.
Earlier i bought 2 beverages with just 1 card.

And i suppose this promotion valids in most of the Starbucks outlets in Malaysia.

To enjoy this promotion, you just have to present your American Express card. No printing of the picture above is needed. (You'll only be printing it, if you dont trust me and think that whatever im saying is false.)

Not a cardholder of American Express? Turn that frown upside down..
Hurry and apply one! Rush them to send you the card so you can use it for Starbucks ASAP! If you dont feel like you're enjoying the benifits of the Amex card, you can always Cancel the card.  Advisable after October ofcourse ;)
not getting paid to say this.

From left; Caramel, Chocolate, Green Tea frapp, Chocolate

BUY 2, FREE 2!

What is your usual starbucks beverage? Care to share your possibly unique usual order at the comment section below? I dont mind trying new things :)

Different for a Change is good.


Having my usual Green Tea Frap w yummmy whipped cream.

Dad, Me, Sis.
Mum & Bro was feeling shy and dint want any pictures taken.

Idontknow if this would be a mistake by posting credit cards up. yikes.

Parents been a loyal Amex cardholders. In fact, years ago, they both worked at Amex.
Mum jokingly mentioned she would get me a supplementary card. She kindda meant it too- I dont mind ;)

* thinking of shopping spreees*
But then again, that comes with alot of nagging and my credit card would be in cobwebs.

Now, quickly head to Starbucks to have this awesome possum promotion.
Actually, I'd suggest you to indulge in Starbucks as much as possible for the next few months, just until the promo is over, cause you know why?
You'll get soooo bored of Starbucks, you wont need to be spending quite a bit of money on just a drink anymore.
For you Starbucks addicts out there, that cant live without Starbucks- esp their coffee, I know you probably wont stop drinking even after the promo cause you're a loyal Starbucks customer. Anyhow, this will help you to save some cash.

If you happen to bump into me at Starbucks, dont forget to say 'Hi' or let me be your "FREE 1" because im the reason you are at Starbucks in the first place.

No seriously.

s Mermaid;

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