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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Red Riding Hood Movie Review

Yesterday, I went to GSC OU to catch the premier of Red Riding Hood.
Much anticipation for the premier, after watching the trailer.
What caught my attention was the movie was directed by Catherine Hardwicke- Director of Twilight.
Obviously, a Twi- hard (twilight fan).
Produced by Leonardo DiCaprio

Red Riding Hood Movie Review;
[ no spoilers ]
A Romance Thriller movie can never go wrong, can it?
Loved the plot. It keeps you in suspision of who is the big bad werewolf.
Throughout the entire movie, I was hyperventilating for a hottie- Peter the woodcutter.
Be prepared to be cut off a few seconds cause some scenes were too hot for Malaysia's cinema.

It felt like it was Twilight all over again, except this is a whole different version/story/era. One of the best remake of the an original story I'd say.

Catherine Hardwicke did a great job again at riviving the story back. Twi-hards would also know that Peter is the Edward Cullen in Red Riding Hood. You would also see a very familiar face from Twilight ;)

This movie is also fit for those who are Not Twilight fans. I know some people think Twilight is 'Gay' but maybe you'll see Red Riding Hood in a different light.

There was a little miscommunication/misunderstanding before the movie started. But thankgod it was soon cleared up. All I have to say is; THANKS HITZ!!

Red Riding Hood Movie

I guess i won the cheers and claps from the audience at the cinema hall when we're playing a lil game with JJHitz. I rightfully earned myself a Red Riding Hood storybook! wooohoo!
This means I might just have to get back in my ol' reading habbits. Ouu, how i missed burning the midnight oil to read the Twilight Saga.

2 Guys for 1 fine Lady, Who would win her heart at the end?

Peter (Shiloh Fernandez) was my newly discovered Edward Cullen
I love Edward Cullen but after watching this movie, "Edward Cullen- Who?"

Fun Fact; Shiloh Fernandez was the four finalist to be Edward but then when it goes to on-screen chemistry with Bella (Kristin Steward), It was Rob Patz who aced the role.
Shiloh had also appeared in Gossip Girl in 2009.

“Shiloh himself, he’s very, I guess, very sexy,” Catherine said. “He knows how to kiss, he knows how to pick up a girl and throw her up against a wall. He did not need much direction.”
- Source; accesshollywood

Say what?! Knows how to pick up a girl and throw her up against the wall?

I'd love to be in Seyfried's shoes.

*imagination runs wild*

♥s Mermaid;


  1. Glad you enjoyed the movie. Congrats on winning the book. That was a good scream LOL :) Yes start reading again. Nice meeting you. If we ever meet again say hello ok :)

  2. The movie review is awesome! I watched the movie too and i thought it was really good. Ps. Shiloh Fernandez is SEX ON LEGS!!! <3

  3. Thankss! Totally agree with 'Sex on legs' ;)


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