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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Justin Bieber's Never Say Never Movie Premier Passes to be Won

Havent you heard? Advertlets are giving passes away for the movie premier of  NEVER SAY NEVER!
Thirty -Five.YES! you heard me right! 35 Pair of movie passes will be up for grabs!!

Missing out on the deets?! Visit my blogpost HERE!

So Why do i DESERVE to attend the movie premier of Never Say Never ?!
I have the Bieber Fever wishing to feel like one less lonely girl at least one time, so that should be me!!

What does the phrase "Never Say Never" means to me?
- In my opinion, It means to never give up on whatever your dreams are, as anything is possible. Never be a pessimist but be an optimist.

Now i hope i score myself some 3D passes! I just love watching it in 3D- I'll make Justin's live living in a dream so much more Rielistic real ;)
Not to mention, I'll be a Purple-fied Belieber on that night. Teehee

With TuneTalk  as the proud sponsor for the whole event,
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As for the Benefits;

- FREE Air Asia E-Gift Vouchers
- FREE RM100,000 Insurance
- Able to change your mobile number ANYTIME!

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Wow, pretty good benefits I'd say. Be a TuneTalker now! and you'll be able to enjoy all these benefits!

Ouu lala~ Abs!

Rihanna loved Justin's abs! heh!

♥s Mermaid;

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