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Thursday, September 29, 2011

It was one of the best days of my life

Here is another entry of my celebrity dream journal. Woke up thinking it was almost noon as I felt like I had a 'heavy' sleep.

I had 2 dreams . Im trying to recall as I type and hopefully Its still somewhat fresh in my mind somewhere. It was such a long dream, it was hard to remember the details to the core.

Dream #1

There was I, rushing in to the airport. Looking around and noticing that there was no sight of a fan girl crowd. It was quiet. Then it came to me that, the event was already over. The 'stars' were not anywhere at sight. My friend, M, gave me his pass. I quickly went backstage. I saw the whole crew there, including the 'stars' just chilling after their show. It was a 5 boys member group. They reminded me of Secondhand Serenade, Click Five and All Time Low.

I strongly think they were All Time Low. I guess what triggered the dream was their MV i watched yesterday on youtube. Not a fan of them though All Time Low is set to come for the Rockaway concert on the 8 Oct in KL. I've heard quite a number of people are fans but i just dont really get it.

Anyways, back to the dream, i took the advantage before it was too late of asking each member for their autograph- Even the manager's. They were getting ready for bed. They were sleeping backstage in small rooms, on the floor with a tiny mattress- uh huh. Dreams are weird like that. They gave me their autograph but gave me a reluctant hug. Almost as if they were not suppose to hug me.
I was thinking, "Oh geez, they arent the friendliest". I left the place with at least 5 autographs in pen on my crumpled paper. *Mission Accomplished*

Dream #2

It was another Fan Meet. The second fan meet i'd ever attended. The first Fan meet I really attended was Jay Park's Fan Meet & Hi-5! This time, its Jay Park Fan Meet Round #2. I remember being in a crowd together with other crazy screaming fan girls.

Actually, i was sulking, not having he best time of my life, yet. In the crowd i stood quietly, I hardly screamed when Jay Park appeared right in front of us. I was very near the stage, almost just 2 meters away. It was time, he was suppose to choose 2 girls from the fan girl crowd to be on the stage with him. He handpicked my friend from the crowd- a used-to-be-close-friend i was no longer talking to at a point. My chances of getting picked just plunged down. Still sulking and couldnt care less anymore, A hand held out right to me, it was too close to pretend not to notice. It was Jay Park, handing his hand out to me! In shocked- I froze.

It was still my dream- remember? ;)

I guess i was sulking because, i'd thought he remember me from the crowd. And i guess dreams do come true ;)
He pulled me up to the stage, no little stairway no nothing, just his strength strong arms that supported my weight to be up on stage with him. Every girl in the crowd gave echos of "Awh" not because it was sweet that he did that, it was because they weren't chosen. Jay interacted with the crowd a little while me and T stood opposite each other on the stage.

A sudden rush of confidence shot through me. Clearly as i remember, my makeup was crappy that day- so crappy, it was embarrassing to be on stage. It was only eyeliner and some matte brown eyeshadow. Whaaat was I thinking going out like that. I suddenly had the balls to walk right next to Jay and support him in anything that he was saying. Yes, he speaks fluent english :)
Noticing my support, He grab me by the waist and pulled me close to his body. I could hear a couple of fans gasp at his actions. I tried to hide my smile that was to my ears. I held on tightly by his side too. I pity T that was just standing shyly in the background. But it was my moment! (ROFL)

Oh yeah, He was wearing a body fitting white shirt. His hair was still black and in a mohawk like before. Very sleek looking. It was satisfaction when I could feel his body so close to mind, gripping onto his waist so tightly. Who in their right mind wouldnt take advantage of this moment? I passed on my camera to a familiar face which was my classmate in the crowd and asked to snap tons of photos of me with Jay.

It was time for some activities for the fans. One of it i remembered was Sand Art. Wherever he went, he would be crowded by the fans, but the fans still knew their boundary so its cool. I would  tag along with him and he would just be on the mic entertaining the fans as if he is the host/mc. I dint care, i would hug him from behind.

A hug something like this.
But my both arms resting on his shoulder.

Somehow it came to feel like a very lover-ly feeling. I could feel his fine muscular body, And ofcourse I enjoyed every second of it.

I could feel like it was coming to an end (things that are just too good to be true) and i knew we had to take tons of nice photos for my safe-keeping to make sure this is a memory i'll look back to. I needed to look my best for one of the best days of my life. I excused myself (trying not to be too clingy) to run to the nearest Watson to get a makeup emergency fix from those 'Tester' on display. Running in my heels as fast as possible so i wouldnt miss out anything at the FM. I wasnt familiar with his place. I was outside the building asking for directions to Watson now.
Then it was too late.
I had to wakeup from my usual 7 hours of sleep.

What a bummer how it ended, I dint even get to say Goodbye :( or a Goodbye Kiss.

Still, Im happy to have Jay Park in my celebrity dream journal <3

p/s; the words in Purple will mean that its a trigger how/why it appeared in the dream. I can sort of control my dreams (Not when im in it). Somethings that had happened in real life will appear in my dream.

♥s Mermaid;

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