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Monday, September 26, 2011

Drive Movie Review

Was watching it last night, till i suddenly had to go out for a yamcha at 3am with the ol' bestie- CS.
Slept at 6am and wokeup almost 3pm. Long 8 hours of sleep and i dint even felt it until Mum, that was on leave, woke me up saying its already past 2. I jerked from bed as half the day and my 'holiday' was gone- spending it in Dreamland.

Anyways, watching this movie at my own leisure, I felt not so bad for missing the Movie Premier that is actually happening right now as Im typing.

Drive Movie Review;
The start of the movie got me holding on to my seat. I thought to myself, Im already liking the movie and its probably going to get better from here. Watching the trailer, i thought it would be something like a Fast Five kindda movie- fast cars, police chasing. But i know this one is a solo driver . The story dint went as i'd expect i guess.

Ryan Gosling had a very calm demeanor- almost charming. I expected more fast cars racing though, then the story went to almost gruesomely violent- I personally find it quite disturbing. Other than that, theres a scene  a room full of topless chicks ;)

The story was so-so. Nothing different. The Ending wasnt that cliche though ;)
Probably the cinema will cut out parts that gets way to 'intense' with the blood etc. Hence, i dont think that will be a disturbing sight if you catch it in the cinemas.
I personally, wouldnt watch this movie again.

P/S; This film I gave a 3/5 rating but it could also have gone for a 2/5 rating.

In some way, i think they look suitable for each other in the movie. She somehow looks like him. Luls.

Ryan has a habit of having a Toothpick in his mouth. Super gangsta.
His favourite jacket . I wonder if the yellow scorpion means anything.

Irony, In the movie, Ryan Gosling is a part-time stunt driver for movies but in real life, he needs a stunt man to do his role.

♥s Mermaid;

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