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Saturday, August 6, 2011

He strucked me since 2006

(Morning in Portuguese)

*streches body*
Just woke up from my 4 hour nap. Slept at 6.30AM earlier, After studying during the unearthly hour. Stayed up late since I had a 6 Hours nap which i woke up at 12.01AM.
Just gonna do a quick update when my dream is still fresh in my mind- my Celebrity Dreams Journal.

 back a few years ago, when his body was just Perfect.

So it started with Cristiano Ronaldo on Malaysian shores!! *screams like a crazy fan girl*
I was at his fan meet/ press conference in a pretty old building (still uses fluorescent lightings). It ended and he was leaving, taking the stairs door. He was aware as I was following him as he made me numb me with his gorgeous smiles. I was shocked to see only a few guy football fans tailing him with me. And i wasnt alone, my Bestie was alongside with me.
Best moment when I quickly reach out for a hug as he opened the stairway door (Pintu Kecemasan) for this trip to the toiler or his final exit. DontRemember as dream doesnt make sense.
He shyly stood there for a little while as to allow me to embrace him. *LULS*
I could feel he was a little sweaty in his all-white sporty outfit; singlet with a jacket and a lose jogging pants.
I felt his nicely toned buff body for a second or two and let him go as i do not want to seem like the creepy fan girl that was overly obsessed hugging him.

It was one of the best moments of my life- a dream come true.

In Reality, It was a dream  :(

 Shortly after he left, out of nowhere, tons of fan girls came rushing with their cameras. I was glad he was gone by then, I wouldnt want him to be swarmed by girls :P
 Oddly, I dint bother asking for a picture earlier.
Hrmmm, maybe it was cause he was rushing and I thought i would have a chance later if he was back from the loo.

Well, that was it. The End.

A pretty recent photo of my baby Ronaldo. Sexiness oozing out from his 6 packs.

Life Wishlist; To-do before I die.
To see him play on the fields,
hope to meet him in person and of course it comes with a picture and a teddy bear hug ;)

This dream was triggered by the news headlines he was making a few days ago 'Arrogant Ronaldo' in China :(

❤s Mermaid;

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