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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Amante: Aromatherapy


A couple weeks back, I went for the Aromatherapy Full Body Massage at Amante- Courtesy of .
It was my first time enjoying an aromatherapy massage. Budget for self pampering = non existent. So was getting all excited waiting for the day of my appointment.
Perfect time indeed as my body was in need of  good massage as I've been staying up stressing on my books. Time to let loose and take a chill pill.

It was the first thing in the morning of the saturday, up early for my appointment at Amante's Kepong branch. Oddly enough, I somehow ended up 30mins late for my appointment and had to wait an hour till the next open slot for me as that day was packed! All their workers were all occupied :( 
Well, i guess i had to learn my lesson for turning up late.


First impression when i stepped in; "wow, this place is pretty in pink

An hour to kill- I patiently awaited flipping through the magazines. They served a warm ginger tea. I usually would reject anything thats ginger-ish (even though it might be good for the body) but after drinking a couple sips, It felt very calming.
I ended up finishing the whole cup! First time being such a good girl finishing a drink thats good for me.
Ginger are good for releasing the air wind inside your stomach.
In cantonese, they would say, 'Hei Fung'.

They too had a nice collection of nail polishes! These are the themed ones.
I've always been fascinated by the beautiful peacock feathers.
I'll do a veryy nice inspired makeup look on it one day....

One hour had passed before I even realized. Taken upstairs where the massage rooms are.

A very cosy waiting room!
I seriously adore the wallpaper!

My full body aromatherapy massage was 1½ hour.
My masseuse was a chinese lady that came from China. It was real shame that I couldnt speak very well in mandarin. (75% Banana here). So i dint do much talking.

Lights dimmed. Lay unclothed on the massage bed. First, a warm up massage on my back. Following it, was the aromatherapy oil accompanying the massage with just the right amount of pressure. It scent of the oil was pretty neutral. Nothing too fragranced. I guess there is a little hint of herbs to it, but nothing too strong to be worried about :)

The music, fading in the background, made it felt like I was at the ocean, with the sound of waves overlapping- what a relaxing atmosphere. Slowly drifting into another dimension, I reminded myself to stay awake, I wasnt going to miss anything by falling asleep.

A full full body massage it was- from the tip of my hair roots to my feet. Massage was back as well as the front. Even I had my face lightly massaged. And ofcourse, to your preference would you prefer your boobs massaged. Dint mind one bit and let her go ahead. 
From the 'Questions' from My Forspring, I know you guys jehles ;)


Truly a pampering afternoon.
Went home and straightaway hit the sheets. Got a nice 4-5 hour long nap. Now, that shows my blood was circulating well after the massage :)

Now, i've tried aromatherapy. Next, I would love to try the Hot Stone massage thingie. It Heheh!

Their services range from Manicure,Pedicure, Body Treatment Massage, BraYoga Exercise Breast Treatment, Eyelash, Hair Removal Waxing, Facial & Spa.

For more details;

Careline : 012 2956915 

A couple of their many branches are located at Bangsar & Solaris Mont Kiara.

♥s Mermaid;


  1. Hi.. can i know which branch u going ? and are u purchase the deal Rm 29.90 for 1 hour full body massage wan ??

    I wish to try but i scare they just simply massage only !!! hahaha

  2. I went to the Kepong's branch. Mine was 2 hours. But yes, the deal is from :)


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