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Sunday, August 21, 2011

A Collection To Begin With


Such joy, such joy...Woke up on Friday's evening to Mum's good news- she'll be doing some book shopping! At least this time she made the right decision by bring me along ;)
Mum wanted to hit Times Bookstore at the nearby Hartamas Shopping Centre but in doubt of wide variation of books there, I persuaded Mum to go to 1U's MPH Bookstore.

Now, its officially out there that I Love Books & I Love Reading. *Nerd Bookworm face*

I remember sticking the "I LOVE BOOKS" sticker on my top one day and my friends that passed were pointing to my sticker saying "Cyeah right you like books". They thought was I was being sarcastic by wearing the sticker around. And so i just played along....



Like a happy child I was in a candy shop, I couldnt figure out which books I wanted to get. Too bad this time, Mum had a limit. If it wasnt for mum's poor decision in bring my sis to buy books earlier, I would have gotten the full set/collection of the books that I've been on my book wishlist and I've been meaning to read.

So there, I carefully chose 5 books which they all have their own sequels. Breaking Dawn and Fallen had already been on my wishlist. Every book except Breaking Dawn is the Beginning to its sequel.

Vampire Kisses by Ellen Schreiber.
 She was well known for her Teenage Mermaid book which I had read it when I was probably around 11 years of age. I remember falling in love with Teenage Mermaid and I knew i had to get her next series of books!



This, Claire De Lune. Havent heard of it nor seen any of my friends reading it.
To be honest, the book cover itself attracted me. And the book summary at the back of the book was good enough to make me put it in my shopping cart.
You'll probably find the name Claire De Lune familiar from the song from Twilight & the name of the boat from the movie Aquamarine.


I was urged to buy Passion as it was the latest book of the sequel and MPH had quite a few Signed Copies for Sale (same price as the non-signed copies). If you are an avid book reader, you would've known that Lauren Kate, the author of the Fallen series was recently in Kuala Lumpur to promote her latest book; Passion.


Breaking Dawn.
nuff said
Still am ashamed for still being only halfway at Eclipse! :(
I wanted to read Breaking Dawn before the movie releases. But guess thats impossible with my hectic schedule and exams =/


I hope these will keep me occupied just in time before Mum's next book shopping :)
I intend to get the whole set of all these books!

Btw, if you're buying books from MPH. Pls do check for flaws. I repeat! Their books arent all perfect eventhough it seems to be nicely wrapped.
Check the side pages if its even, Check the name if the printing was smudge etc.
It happen to be and I as a pretty picky person, took it back for an exchange! Hmph~


I guess you notice from the selections of books I've made, are all Romance/Horror and thats the only section where you'll usually find me in a bookstore.. Teehee!

I like a book that is thrilling and that makes me just wanna continue flipping to the next page to find out more.

And this were the girly girl books that sis had bought earlier. None were my likings. She had the leisure of stacking piles of books in mum's shopping cart! :(
Yes, im jehles. Cause you can hardly find sis reading a book, as that'll be quite a joke.
But I might just read a couple of them just cause of the nice book cover. Heheh!

I do unintentionally tend to judge a book by its cover- Everyone does, dont they? =/

Oh well, now with my new books, I have gotten in the mojo to start reading back. Cant wait to unwrapped them and read em happily! :)
So looking forward for the holidays! I can go back to my ol' days of sitting under the morning sunlight, enjoying its warmth and absorbing the VitaminDs while reading my book :)

Btw, if you know a good Romance-Horror books that are somewhat similar to these books I have, I'd appreciate it alot if you could recommend me ! :)

♥s Mermaid;

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