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Sunday, May 8, 2011

Realistic Hair with Hair Relaxing

My new hair- Yay? Nay?


It was Labour's Day! Took the day to get my hair relaxed with Sis.
Was debating if i should get it permed or relaxed but after thinking it thru, i decided to do 'Hair Relaxing'.
Perm needs much more attention to maintain etc etc... At the moment, I couldnt be bothered eventhough I Love my hair.


After 3 to 4 years of having my hair reborned-Twice.And after a couple of hair cuts. My hair was pretty much back to my original hair. Straight but a lil wavy.
Hair Relaxing would be perfect to get my hair back in shape.


So these was the process I sat thru for 4 HOURS!
Firstly, they applied a cream that would open your hair cuticles. As usual, the chemical smell was pretty strong and It kindda my head a feeling a lil wooozy.
Then, they wrapped my head with a plastic wrap. Dont remember how long I had to sit on the chair waiting for my hair wash though.
After the wash, they took a longg time blowing my hair dry. Then again, reapplying another type of cream. This purpose of the cream was to close up your hair cuticles. Now, this cream had a nice scent!


Throughout the entire 4 hours + extra 1 more(waiting for Sis) = 5hours. My RedRidingHood was my company. Im halfway thru the book now! wheeee!


LOVE LOVE LOVE my newly relaxed hair.


Hair Relaxing

Thanks to MilkADeal too, if not sooner of later I would have spend even much more money on my hair. Hair Groom salon were using trusted Loreal & Schwarzkopf products so i wasnt worried. Plus, they were senior hair stylist with at least a decade of experience.
The salon was small but it was nice and cozy. *Points at Chandelier*

Sometimes people alot of money to get their hair done in those popular higher end salons. Yes, you pretty much get what you pay for- 5 Star ambiance with very experienced hair stylist and professional hair products.
I skipped all those fancy stuff it this time and paid only for the products that they were using which was Loreal & Schwarzkopf.

Doing hair treatment, rebonding, etc doesnt require much professional skills. So I wasnt concerned.
I only will pay for the skills of the hair stylist if they are cutting my hair, cause that does make a difference!
Im telling you, INVEST IN HIGH END SALONS! its worth it!

Hair Relaxing

Taadaaa!! My hair looks like its longg -back again =/ It was only about 6months since my last haircut.
I had 8inches cut off. Check out my blogpost on my hair experience at Shawn Cutler.

Some of you may wonder whats the difference with Hair Straightening/Rebonding with Hair Relaxing.
The outcome of Straightening/Rebonding, hair will be stick straight- hardly looks natural.
However, Hair Relaxing still gets your hair straight but in a more natural way.

As you can see, my hair still had a lil volume in it and wasnt flat out which what rebonding does.
Ofcourse, Hair Relaxing doesnt last as long as rebonding.
If you have pretty much straight-wavy (Not Curly) hair- it'll last! :)

So far, quite a number of my friends like my new hair. Minority prefered my wavy hair. Others, dint even notice I had my hair done cause they thought my hair was already straight.
Mostly had mistaken that I had gotten a hair cut.

I somehow feel my hair much darker in colour (Black). But i Love it! It feels like i have a China doll's hair on.

p/s; I would also very much appreciate your thoughts on my new look in the comment section below.

♥s Mermaid;


  1. Love your hair. Your stylist had done a professional job. Looks like they had done the Japanese Thermal reconditioning in your hair. I am a stylist myself and I can say your hair definitely looks like china doll's as you had mentioned.:)

    1. Hi there, would like some hair tips from you as you're a stylist. Do mail me at if possible, thank you :)

  2. how much you pay for this relaxing?


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