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Saturday, May 21, 2011

Beastly Movie Review | Love Is Never Ugly.

I know i might be a little outdated for only watching Beastly now but I've was busy when this movie was screening in Malaysia's cinemas. As a matter of fact, Beastly was supposed to be screening on the first week of September 2010. As it premiered in July/Aug 2010 in the USA.

Theres a book too which i think its much 'deeper' than the movie.

Beastly Movie Review;

It may be pretty much like a retelling of the Disney fairytale; Beauty&TheBeast and probably by watching the Trailer itself, you can predict whats going to happen/ the end. But I felt theres something a little more to it- maybe the modern settings of the movie had me feeling the story they were telling. Plus, I liked how he had to do the 'thinking' which sooner or later- bought her heart. Not only that, you'll also get a special edition to the modern setting which is Niel Patrick Harris
aka Barney Stinson- You'll love him!

I guess alot people can relate to the story. Theres a lesson to learn for everyone- cliche but its what matters is on the inside.

Love is meant for everyone. Everyone needs it, but not everyone finds it. If you're brave enough to stand up for it even when you know you maybe not be the prettiest person (inside and out) as no ones' perfect, you can find that special someone that loves you for who you really are. The whole package.

Isnt everyone is attracted to looks? Think about it, Its the first thing that moves you to interact with the person. Every individual with their own personality. If you actually gave a chance to a person that may not be wearing the lowest cut dressed in the room or the semi buff atheletic body in a very tight shirt, you'll probably find suprises (good ones) when you get to know them.

I admit, it may not be easy but when you do - you'll know they're a keeper.

If you havent got a chance to catch this movie, now, here you do :)

Watch Megavideo Beastly Movie here.
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One of my favourite quote;
Kyle: Pretty gruesome, huh?
Lindy: I've seen worse.

And with Kyle looking at his worst;
Lindy could say "You are the most beautiful man I’ve ever met"

Found this song from the movie.

It’s what’s underneath.
Love is never ugly.

♥s Mermaid;

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  1. This movie was absolutely remarkable:) this movie delivers a wonderful message to the viewers because it tells people that sometimes appearances don't matter, it's the beauty within the person that matters the most. For example, in this story, they take a beloved fairytale and change it to modern day New York city sending the same message,"it's not always greed and physical beauty, it is what the beauty inside that matters.


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