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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Pirates of the Caribbean 4 Movie Review- Stabilo 4 hour Movie Challenge

Pirates of the Caribbean 4 - Stabilo 4hour Movie Challenge

Caught Pirates of the Caribbean 4: On Stranger's Tides premiering yesterday at TGV KLCC.
To be honest, it was my first time catching a movie in TGV's KLCC. As I often hit the cinemas in Selangor.
Rushed up to TGV hoping to not miss the collection time like before as I was almost running abit late.

Pirates of the Caribbean 4 - Stabilo 4hour Movie Challenge
Lookie! even we have pirates at the redemption counter.

Thankgod I wasnt late, not only that, it was the perfect timing for........the Highlight of the night!
Best Costume contest!
Nicely dressed in their favourite character.

Pirates of the Caribbean 4 - Stabilo 4hour Movie Challenge
No offence but the two younger boys looks like Hang Jebat and Hang Tuah.

Pirates of the Caribbean 4 - Stabilo 4hour Movie Challenge

Seems like they took notice of all the little details and took the Best Costume to a whole piratey level. Whaatt?
I give them props for that! They definately drew a pretty big crowd at the cinema.

It was the screening of 2 installment backtoback. Pirates of the Caribbean 3: At Worlds End & Pirates of the Caribbean 4: On Strangers Tides. Brought Sis, Terence and Jason to catch the movie with me. Movie started at 7PM and ended at 12.30AM.

It was real strict for this exclusive premier. Anyone with the possession of  any electronic device must hand them up the deposit counter. Yes, which included phones with camera! They even did a metal body detector check.

Actually, before giving up all the devices, My sis brought the G12 along. As you can never be sure of the safety of the item at the deposit counter, she made me hide it under my jacket which looked like I was pregnant with a little square box.
HAHAH! Wouldnt it be an epic fail when I go thru the metal detector? It would be just another embarassment for myself.

I was pretty sleepy halfway of the POTC 3. It was almost never ending!
Just so you know, im not a huge fan of POTC. I've caught each of their installment but hardly remember the 3rd one. I never really had a clear picture/understanding of the movie. Thankgod for Jason cause he knew POTC pretty well.

The only thing i enjoyed bout POTC 3 was the most epic 'union' on the ship during the war between the ships which was almost ending.
Trying not to be a spoiler here :)
I also noticed I missed out alot on the little lame jokes - I dint get it.

After a 15-20mins break It was finally time for the premier of POTC 4.

Pirates of the Caribbean 4 Movie Review;
I enjoyed it to the fullest! I started understanding all the little jokes they threw in the movie. If youre like me, hardly understands what goes on in POTC cause it may get a little complicated in their pirate ways.. Dont worry! This installment can almost stand on its own without relying much knowledge on the previous installments.
Best part? MERMAIDS *just kidding* But they were B-e-a-utiful!
You'll also be able to see a little love story in there ;) 
Look out for the Priest. Hottest priest ever! Looks pretty similiar to Ezra from PrettyLittleLiars.

If you dint catch the previous installment. You need to know in this installment, they are all looking for the "Fountain of Youth" for immortality. It what anyone would kill to have it in POTC.

Lookout for Gemma Ward as a mermaid.
Nowonder she seemed familiar. Shes one of my favourite supermodels!

If you started to get the lil jokes in the movie. You'll find yourself laughing almost half of the movie!
I'd say POTC 4 is the best so far :)

Fun fact:
Jack Sparow (Johnny Depp) is Streo-Blind which means he cant watch 3D movies cause his eyes are lacking depth perception.

Stabilo organized a great event for us all which was very successful. Everything was well in order and went smoothly. People at Stabilo were also friendly- kindly reminding people to head back to the halls as the premier was starting.

Everyone were also given a goodie bag which Stabilo products in it!

♥s Mermaid;

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