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Friday, May 6, 2011

Justin Bieber almost Gets Egged by Hater in Sydney & Beliebers Day Out

Shocked when i heard about the news..... Justin Bieber almost got Egged by a Bieber Hater!
Happened on the 29 April in Sydney during Bieber's My World Tour .

Come on, first the "Plastic Bottle" now eggs?

P/S; the once hot "Plastic Bottle incident" was actually a plastic bag filled with sweets & a t-shirt.
Thus, there was no harm intended by the fan.

Take a look;

6 Eggs were thrown by the hater who broke an entry and hid up at the Acer Arena rooftop.
It was a Miss. #EPICFAIL.

It was a 17 year old Austrailian teenage boy that made a big move on the Biebs. It was probably his 'Goal' to egg Bieber. Come on, which Bieber hater wouldnt wanna feel like they've spend all this time hating on Bieber and had achieved nothing...
Yes, he got the title indeed, which came along with Handcuffs . Escorted to the police station from his home.

Now, everyone loves bragging all over on social networks, am i right?
Thats how he was caught. Silly little boy.

A Belieber tweeted;
"Dear person who threw eggs at @justinbieber in Sydney, you now have over #9millionbeliebers after you, be afraid! We go harder than hard!"

It was smart of the teen to have been hiding up at the arena. That way, he was protected from any harm from the Beliebers in the crowd. I bet if it actually came from the crowd. That particular person would have been stampede on.

Here in Kuala Lumpur, I heard a couple of people that intended to actually attend Justin Bieber's concert and throw packet of  Nasi Lemak on Biebs. Well, come on, we know who would get hurt badly in the crowd.

Heres a video taken by a fan during the 'incident' which was just right in front.
Beliebers would kill to be in her place.

Thinking of all these happenings around, It just makes your country/city have a bad image. We all are well- educated and thats just a shameful act.
If one cant help but have this thing called Hatred in themselves, no one is gonna stop them hating on the Biebs, but if they take it too far? Thats only destroying themselves. You know they care about Justin Bieber more than some of his fan does. And I dont necessarily meant 'care' in a good way.

So go on and keep hatin', but its a pity to see when the people mock others that arent Haters of Justin Bieber.
Everybody have their own opinion, who are you to judge them? :)

Weeks back, on the 16th April. I dropped by Curve to check out the Belieber's Day Out.


I wouldnt mind screaming my way for some passes to Bieb's Concert. teehee
It was real hot on a sunny Saturday afternoon. The heat was blazing thru the sun yet the Beliebers were there for the event. A very long line is where the fans were lining up to have a chance in getting those very precious Meet & Greet!

Too bad the Flash Mob which was pretty much suppose to be happening at Curve too was cancelled. I wanted to be there to support one of my babe, EleenaR, that was taking part in the FlashMob.
Check out the Flash Mob video here which Justin Bieber checked out.

Eleena babe is the one in in middle (Purple + White top underneath). *claps*
Loved the flashmob vid. You Beliebers did great!


For a chance of the Meet & Greet passes, Fans were required to have a proof of purchase of the Justin Bieber's CD which will entitle them for a lucky draw.

Drawing an Orange pingpong ball from the box were the fan's best feeling of the day because they were the golden ticket to the Meet & Greet. Yes, i heard quite a number of screams in just a short period of time. I guess Tune Talk werent that selfish with the passes ;)

P3307967 crew were there to give out Bieber tics.
They were broadcasting LIVE too!

Dint stay for long as I went over to Starbucks to meet up with Feeq to help me with some stuff :)

Look what I got in the package just a week ago....




The poor packaging had my CD cover come in cracks and scratches, Anyway, Thanks TGV.
I submited a lil 30sec video compilation in hopes to win the Red tics to the concert but I guess Im not like those other huge beliebers that I guess deserved to win it.

At least those effort and time to make the video, paid off to a RM29.90 worth CD . teehee!

I will not post up that video I made, but its somewhere on Youtube.

Fav songs from the My Worlds CD;
Love Me
That Should Be Me

I also then noticed, one of my fav songs which is Pray isnt in the album *Nuuuuuu* :(

♥s Mermaid;

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