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Friday, January 20, 2012

Absolut Vodka Tower now absolut Launched and Available


Finally! it has absolut arrived!! I present you.... Absolut Vodka Towers imported all the way from Sweden! Sadly, it is Not available for sale or even for prize giveaway during the launch. Thats how exclusive it is ;)
yep, there were a few sad faces when they found out they cant bring the tower home.
Having a glass of vodka isnt enough right, alcoholics social drinkers? Thats were this tower comes in to place!
[Attention] Guys! this is how you can get ladies instead of buying each of them a drink. Everyone can share a couple of towers and it will last you the night. And i can ensure, F U N will be included ;)

I personally think that bringing the towers to Malaysia is a great idea! Beer towers are sooo 2011. Liquor  Towers are the new hot thing in 2012!

The exclusive invitees only launch was held at Ecoba, PJ Trade Centre (near Curve).


To have the absolut experience of Absolut Vodka Tower, you can enjoy them at Ecoba, View Rooftop Bar, AfterWerk (Scott Garden) and Neverland.


Heres my turn to have my OWN tower mixing it by ourselves.

Valerie & Sandy's towers
Taadaaa! My mix was Vodka + Lime.
If you dint know yet, i loveeee anything sour! it tickles my taste buds.
And i just had to make mine pure Lime + Vodka. heheh


[from left] Valerie [Vodka+ Orange+Cranberry+Lime], Sandy [Vodka+ Lime+Cranberry], Me[Vodka+Lime]

Valerie's one tasted more tropical because of the orange citrus in it. Sandy's one was rather sweet, and ofcourse mine was sour max.


Shortly after we had our towers, it was time for an interactive game session!
Fixing Puzzles!
IMG_4670 IMG_4675_
However, I, on the other hand, OBVIOUSLY not a pro at puzzles.
I dint even realize that my puzzle piece wasnt a picture perfect . Hahaha! I dint even had that much to drink...yet.
[ go ahead and laugh when you see whats wrong with my puzzle piece ]

An angpau lucky draw for the prize.....

and i was OVERLY HAPPY when i saw the picture of a mixing set! because it comes in a Absolut Vodka BAG! It smells of leather though *wink wink*

Sandy got a Tower- redeemable on her next visit, I got a Mixing Set in a Bag & Valerie got a Absolu Vodka glass. It was kewl that each one of us got different prizes.

IMG_4683 IMG_4684
On the other hand, this Limited Edition Absolut Vodka is imported from China.
And guess which alcoholic got it?...

Quite a few people were lucky enough to it bring home .. Sadly, none at our table..
IMG_4686 IMG_4689 IMG_4690_
With them pretty girls :)
i know im quite short but then Valerie is veryyy tall!!

IMG_4692 Us girls with Don. Without his man, we wouldnt had such a fun night.

Sadly, i only get to catch up with Linora from Red FM after she changed from her beautiful dress. I like her segments on RedFM. 11am-3pm. She always sounds soooo joyful- Really!

Freda (in grey) joined us later on, and went with the girls for a second round at OverTime.... i had almost too much to drink and was good for the night. Besides, i dont really fancy beer.

Last but not least, a photo with the very good looking model/host/actor Josiah Mizukami.
Oppp, did you catch The Viral Factor (starring Nicholas Tse & Jay Chou) yet? He's in the movie!!
Not to mention, got his ass handed to him by Nic & Jay ;)If you dint know, some parts of the movie were shot in Kuala Lumpur!

Heres the contents in my Absolut Vodka bag ;)
A mini Absolut Vodka! wayyyy cute! First to my miniature collection ;)

It was great meeting Sandy, Valerie, Liyin & Freda. Cant wait to attend the next drinking session outing :)

To view more photos, check out MY FACEBOOK

♥s Mermaid;


  1. Wah, you're really lucky to have gotten the mixing set. And the bag is nice!! :D

  2. yeap! i wanted the bag more than the mixing set ;P

  3. Love those Absolut Vodka drink "towers" ... nice give-away too :)


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