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Monday, February 6, 2012

Kissed by Kiss Me Cosmetics


The latest products that i've been giving so much love to, is my new Kiss Me Cosmetic collection! Kiss Me is well-known for their amazing eyeliners and mascara. If you're a daily eyeliner or mascara user, Kiss Me is definitely for you to check out.

Kiss Me sounds so alluring and seductive, its the perfect name for the brand. Now, which girl wouldn't want to be alluring to any hot guys? ;)

(Watashi ni kisu suru)

What does that mean?
It means, Kiss Me in japanese.

Now you've learned a new japanese word that you can use on cute japanese boys.

If youre wondering why is a kawaii anime/manga used as the face of Kiss Me?
Because they always looks so perfect and flawless in all the anime! Hence, by using Kiss Me, we would be able to achieve the same flawless look that we girls have been enviously dreaming of.

 Concept of Kiss Me; 
Theme of ‘Women who want to be Beautiful’, and the concept of ‘Always Beautiful’, ‘Heroine Make’ was created.

The origins of the “Heroine Make” collection name
As you know, “heroine” refers to a woman who is a protagonist/main-character in a movie, TV, etc. She is supposed to remain beautiful at all times in the story even if she weeps or gets caught in the rain. As this a makeup series for women who aim to become such a heroine, they named it “Heroine Make.”

Kiss Me Heavy Rotation Series
Heavy Rotation (abbr.: Hevirote)
This phrase, abbreviated “Hevirote” in fashion magazines, means to use the same item frequently. It has further taken on the meaning “favorite,” “easy-to-use,” and “convenient” and is used this way: “This is a hevirote item.”

KM Products

     Utterly grateful that i had the privilege to try some of Kiss Me products and do a review on them for my dear readers. As you know im a frequent makeup user and have the passion for makeup art which involves alot of experimenting with colours.
     However, Kiss Me does not have a range of eye shadows as they are going towards more au- naturale look . Then i remember that animes not have eye shadows on. *giggles*

Kiss Me's Heroine Make Mascaras


     After using both of the mascaras, i understood the product more. The different shape of the wand is not the only thing that's categorizing the mascaras differently.
     Hence, it brings me to say that the content of the both mascaras are different which caters to your specific needs.

The thing in common of the both mascaras that one of the reason is the most sought after mascaras in the market, is the fair amount of fiber in its content.
In addition, Kiss Me's mascaras are very long-lasting this is a very #truestory. So long-lasting that it last even after you wakeup from a long sleep or a shower without smudging! The longest i've experimented to leave it on is for more than 24hours (yeap, i slept with my mascara on), even after 24hours it still stays strong.
With that being said, its a little harder to remove with its distinguish long-lasting & non smudging feature. Especially, with the normal make up remover. Thus, Kiss Me has exclusively catered Kiss Me's Mascara Remover for you girls out there!

Get ready for have lashes that have the false eyelashes illusion .

Long & Curl Mascara


Here, im wearing the long and curl mascara on a bare face as i wanted to bring attention on just the eyes and eyelashes.

This is how the Long & Curl mascara's wand looks like- a C-shaped wand. This C-shaped wand will help to curl up the lashes even more.
The length and shape of the wand bristles helps to specifically create longer lashes. The minimal space between the bristles will help to cover every single eyelash individually.


To use this mascara, hold the wand with the "C" facing upwards. Doing so will help you to curl your lashes further.


A couple weeks back, i have gone to perm my eyelashes. And here is how it looks like before putting on mascara. Thus, i dont need to use eyelash curler as much.

A closeup shot on my eyes wearing Kiss Me's Long & Curl mascara.

As i've mentioned earlier, i wore it for 24 hours right? Thus, wearing through the night. That late night, Dad asked me if I was wearing fake eyelashes. And he hardly ever questions about beauty/girly stuffs- cause what do they know right? its 'all the same' to them.
Then i told explained to him that the fake look-a-like eyelashes were MINE and REAL!

Volume & Curl Mascara

This is how the volume & curl mascara wand looks like- an hourglass shaped wand. The dense bristles helps to pack the fiber on your lashes to create that desired volume.
This application however does not feel as 'wet' as the Long & Curl's mascara which is suitable for packing that fiber onto your lashes without getting the lashes later clump up together.

Here, i've got my neighbourhood friend and which i've known since high school to help me with my review as  shes the only chinese girl i know which have really long and straight asian lashes.
Sadly, this is uncommon for chinese girls are we dont inherit the genes of beautiful lush eyelashes.

Meet my friend, Jen, a single eyelid long straight lashes girl.
Jen's eyes

As you can see the obvious lash transformation from the Before and After photo.
AMAZING! Thanks to Kiss Me, she has now double eyelids and with beautiful pair of peacock-like eyes.
She too was shocked that her eyelashes could be curled as she has stubborn eyelashes.

I very jelly of her eyelashes.
How I wished my mum trimmed my eyelashes when i was a baby too :(


My turn to try it on...
Again, with a bare face.

Close up shot of my eyes in the Volume & Curl mascara


As of recent, i've been trying a 'new look' with my middle hair parting.
Honestly, im kind of liking the change. Last time, the hairstylist said i'll look better in mid parting but i disagreed. Now, im thinking its not such a bad idea and it doesnt look that weird on me as it did last time.
or does it?
 Feedbacks? Honest opinion? 

Anyways, back to the topic...
Even my bestie JL, thought I was wearing falsies (short for fake eyelashes) when i told them they were self-grown ones!

For my lashes, i prefer the Volume & Curl much more. Afraid of using it too much and it finishing soon too.

Kiss Me's Heroine Make BB Cream/Liquid

Both of these products are highly functional BB cream that can will create flawless looking skin by hiding the 7 major obstacles which are;
1. Sunburn
2. Pores
3. Freckles
4. Spots

5. Dullness
6. Unwanted Shine (Oily)
7. Dryness

Also, both are outdoor-friendly as they have SPF 30 PA++  to protect your skin from harmful UV rays and also prevention of spots and freckles caused by sunburn.

This also provides the Foundation effect which helps to control visibility of dullness, freckles and spots. The flesh-coloured base naturally matches your skin tone without any whitish finish.
On the other hand, it also has that Pores cover effect, leaving the skin even and smooth by reflecting the light diffusely.

IMG_4930_ IMG_4897_

Trying on a pair of thick falsies with a bare face.

bare face_

Matte BB Liquid


Even though the Matte BB Liquid name is pretty much self-describe already, ill try to go into a little more details about this product. This will last you for about 4 months when used once a day.

It has the Super Matte Effect as it contains sebum absorbing powder & super mat power. It helps to control the shine and prevent makeup from wearing off.


Its entirely up to you if you prefer to apply it with your fingers or with a make up brush. However, I on the other hand prefer to use fingers (not used to using the brush yet) as the heat from your fingers will help the application to more even and matching with your skin tone.
Actually, this is also a matter of preference, make up brush also do the job fairly well too. Some people prefer using brush because its hygienic.


After applied, Your face will have that matte finishing that makes your skin look oh-so-flawless or anime-like.


As it also works as a foundation, I patted on some makeup to see how effective it is. So far, im really liking it!

Essence in BB Cream (Make up Base)

The ingredients contains super hyaluronic acid, Nano collagen, Rosehip extract, and Chamomile extract. Plus, it fully moisturizes deep down in the skin.
This will last you 3 months when used once a day.

Dont get the name and ingredient confused as the 'essence' doesnt necessarily means there is fragrance in it. This is non fragrance and non mineral oil.
The rosehip extract & chamomile extract simply acts as a moisturizing effect.

bb creamLeft is the True colour, Right is taken with Flash.
As you can see, the colour matches my skin tone perfectly. I doubt it only matches my skin tone alone as this BB flesh-coloured cream seem to be very versatile.
The opening is fairly small, so you dont need to worry if you tend to squeeze out much more than you need and this soft tube will give you the control to squeeze out the right amount.


Why not use it as a sun block too? You can enjoy all day long under the sun without having to worry your makeup smudging away at the same time have flawless skin and also be protected from the harmful sun.


     A couple things i'd like to introduce too, [Left] Barrier Repair helps to moisture your skin to keep it hydrated and fresh-looking at the same time it also helps to control the sebum produced to make the skin oily. Hence, this works both ways! It worked great for my dry skin. What is the Hyaluronic acid? Sounds scary with the word acid in it? Dont worry, this isnt going to harm you. In fact, this do you a favour by keeping that youthful skin of yours as this helps in anti-aging .
     [Right] Cleansing Express
is a water-based makeup remover. Dont worry, as there is also another one for Oily skin. Now, this im seriously loving! My makeup are removed almost instantly with no oil left behind as its water-based. With this product, you need not to wash face (or wiping with tissue cause of laziness) after removing your makeup like you usually would. This also acts as a cooling toner to your skin and you can also head right to bed in it.
Yay! double + for me and the lazy people out there too!

Acts like a 3 in 1 makeup remover as i can remove my eyes, face & lips. Just a little heads up when using this to remove your lipstick- it will leave a slight bitterness as its to avoid you from licking your whole lips. With this, you know after a long day in your makeup you can be quick to get rid of your makeup with hardly any effort.

IMG_5294_ IMG_5331_
[Left] Spread the Makeup remover on a piece of cotton. [Right] Baby moist milk onto your palm and apply it on your face- it even looks like its milk.

     Last but not least, Thanks a bunch to Kiss Me MY for the products ! I had fun trying out new stuffs! As my lovely readers may know that this is my first cosmetic product review and I hopefully in the future ill be able to do more of these for you guys.

I have on Heavy Rotation shimmery clear lip gloss, Do i have Kissable lips now? ;)

You can find them at Watsons & Sasa and kiss them home with you. Yeap, i just said kiss them home with you.

Kiss Me Product Range :
* Heroine Make Series
* Heavy Rotation Series
* Sunkiller
* Magical Series
* Kiss Lip Softtense
* Medicated Series
* Lift Moist Q10

For more info on Kiss Me products, Check out;

KISS ME Facebook

Where Kiss Me was featured > Kiss Me News Rack

♥s Mermaid;


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