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Sunday, January 8, 2012

Hennessy V.S.O.P NyX Collection Launch Party @ Vertigo Club


Surpriseeee! Hennessy NyX Collection Launch Party was held at a secret location and most invitees only had a rough idea where was it going to be held ;)
Invitees were greeted and directed from the roadshow at East Atrium as if we're in a treasure hunting game
Them 'lady gagas'  did not say where our destination was as they only guided us along the journey.

Eventhough i knew where was it going to be held, I played along ;)


Arrived a little late after dropping by Vicky's place to pick her up. There werent many people left at the roadshow as you can see. Little did i know that Malaysians did not practice the 'Malaysia's Timing' culture at this event. *Surpised*
Malaysia's New Year's Resolution?! Or maybe because there was Free Flow of Hennessy NyX collection that the people did not want to miss out on?

IMG_4292_ (1)


Check out my previous BLOGPOST to know a little bit more on the new NyX Collection.

IMG_4293_ IMG_4296_
Games to be played on the iPad. Highest score wins a Hennessy NyX bottle ;)

IMG_4297_ IMG_4302_
Vicky, Tanya (Sis), Me.
Gosh, it was so nice to catch up a little bit (in a sober state) with Vicky after 2-3 years since i met her at a drinking session ;)

You may have noticed me wearing a ballet flat instead of those sexy stilettos eh?
Its cause of my broken pinky toe :(
I have to give up heels for at least 2 months but thats not going to stop me from partying! woot wooot!


Love love love the colours! Inspired my makeup look for the night :)


If you had not notice it yet, the dress code was White or Ultra Violet.
White was preferred as we will be under UV lighting that makes us glow in the dark ;)
WHITE GLOVES were our passport into the event.
I had a Media (glow in the dark) magic stamp on my wrist but it was hardly visible.

Walked in Vertigo and it was crowded! it was Bumper to bumper butt to butts shoulder to shoulder!!
Definitely a great response from the crowd :)
The tables were first come first served! WTH? So we chilled by the table where some of the bloggers were at.

DJ BLINK was in the haussss! DJ Goldfish, Y U NO up there too? :(
DJ Blink brought the haus down, or rather the dance floor with those wicked beats!



Unfortunately for the guys , this event was filled with Males! I think there was prolly around 60% Male & 40% Female.
and i think you know how many percent of girls should be more than guys at any clubs for that matter
But i spotted quite a number of cute guys though.
I think there were mostly males because they were crazy for the free flow and arrived way early to get crazeeeh.

us girls with Sam Insanity.

So jelly the gloves were nicely fit for them guys.

opppp! look at us G l o w.

Mr. Lou Sai aka Joseph Germani, Malaysian youtube rising star?
Check out his videos @ GermaniProductions
Snapping photos in a club #likealousai ;)

yi ching, sis, me, jason aka mynjayz

i jelly his Hennessy glowinthedark tattoo! :(
the que was so long! dint bother waiting in line as there were No special lane for the media/bloggers. Sighs.

IMG_4312 IMG_4318_
with melanie hwa
when i say/type her name, i keep thinking of a flower. heh

Alot more photos taken with photog's awesome camera. Shall post it up as soon as they upload on facebook.

Hennessy NyX ran DRY pretty darn fast. I only had a few drinks and the waiter that was suppose to be going around serving drinks were hardly seen! Now, that was a real disappointment :(
At least, i got to taste the NyX Cranberry flav. That, iLike! :)
I wasnt even tipsy when i left the event which is pretty rare considering the free flow. Was practically sober!! -__-

Honestly, i think that Hennessy NyX launch could've been better. Well, theres always room for improvement.
Last but not least, thanks to Bryan for the night! :)
It was nice to see alot of familiar faces too as Its been a while since my boring hectic exam life. Heheh!

Dropped by Library soon after the alcohol went dry at vertigo =X

Surprisingly i bumped into my Cousin that recently just came back from macau for holiday!

only my polariod photo was so close up which looked i was almost nekked in it >=| Thanks Sis.

IMG_4328_ IMG_4329_
us with Daphne which looks like a friend i know named Claudia.
notice we all happen to wear white? Lul

IMG_4330_ IMG_4332_ IMG_4364_ IMG_4344_ IMG_4382_ Photo_on_2012-01-06_at_00

and of course the camwhoring starts :P

Photo on 2012-01-06 at 00-tile

Although the makeup look i did inspired from the NyX Collection theme wasnt what i imagined it to be, i was still reluctant to remove it to bed and actually considered sleeping in it. LUL!
But i didnt.

This marks my first week of holiday too. Been working for almost a full month. 19 days to be exact.
So far so good. Been pretty busy this week but i feel that its going to get more chill than this :)
Overjoyed too as tons of my fav tvshows just came on from summer holiday!! My days and weeks has been so dull without them.

♥s Mermaid;


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