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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

The Descendants Movie Review

Last week, i attended the press screening of The Descendants at GSC MV, little did i know that it would be Trending Worldwide on twitter just yesterday after the Golden Globes Awards 2012.
As the movie took home TWO awards! 
Best Drama and Best Actor for George Clooney .

The Descendants Movie Review;
The first time when you hear the movie title "The Descendants", im sure some of you are thinking its a 'Horror' film. Because thats what i thought until i saw the trailer. "The Descendants" are actually referring to Matt (George Clooney) and his siblings that are the descendants of the Hawaii prime land.

Its a poignant film to begin with. This story shows how a family come together and deal with an issue- making decisions which results in the consequences or the outcome of it. Its one that some families may be able to relate to. It also brings in an element of responsible ownership to the heritage from your ancestors. 

Surprisingly, i found myself laughing almost half the time as they do add a little humour here and there. Just to give you a little heads up, there are quite a number of  "F**k" and vulgar words being thrown around among the family. The little sister will definitely surprise you ;)

Running time approx 1hr50mins. It may feel a little long for a movie like this, but i think that was an appropriate running time as a family matter isnt solved that easily or quickly.

You would also probably know Shailene Woodley(most left) from The Secret Life of the American Teenager. Shes very pretty.
And for the guys, she does appear quite a number of times in different bikinis ;)

In some way, i guess i liked the father figure he acted so well. He was a pretty cool dad.
                                                     George Clooney & his girlfriend

When watching the film, i thought they had gone to an extend to make George look way old. Little did i know that in his current photos, he does actually looks that old. As my memory tells me that George still has (mostly) dark hair. Guess my memory was outdated. But they movie did make him look like a workaholic father that hardly hits the gym. George is still in a very fit state for his age at 51 years old.

The Descendants will be showing in Malaysia's cinemas on the
16 Feb 2012

Thanks Seventeen for the press screening invite.

♥s Mermaid;

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