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Sunday, April 1, 2012

LeMermaid Turquoise Dip Dye


*waves hair* Aloha~
Im back with an update on my hair, once again ;)
Im loving it! What do you guys think?

Le Journey Starts......

[25 March 11.30PM]

4 Weeks back (end feb) I had the sudden urge to dip dye my hair. I did not want to change my mind, so that weekend itself i hurried and got everything ready so i could start Project Turquoise .

It was about time i go for my annual haircut. Thats when Project Turquoise popped up. I thought it would be a fun twist for my boring hair style.
Initial plan, keeping my Turquoise hair for about 2 Weeks then chop off my hair (ofcourse including the turquoise dip dye)...


Heres my long hair. Front & Back view.


Its about 16 Months since i last had my hair cut. Its all the way down to my butt crack- the sign that i should get my hair chopped off already.

A photo from my blogpost- "When I Had A Tail"on my last haircut.
Thats how much my hair gew in 16 months! My hair grows veryyy Fast!

FAQ: How long have you been keeping your hair?
A: 16 Months.
*that shocking expression on people's face*
i suppose they'd think i'd say like 3 years or something. Hahah!

Okay! Back to the topic....

Firstly, you'll need an awesome hair colour or your desired hair colour .


Products Used;

Directions by La Richie(UK) - Turquoise
Bleaching Powder - Vol.20
Container & Brush.

I only bought a 30g packet of Bleaching Powder (from Sungei Wang) cause Im only dying the ends of my hair. It was enough to last me 2 rounds of Bleaching that night. iKiasu and dint used up all of it for the first round- thinking i could save it for the next use in the future.

Before people start to flood me with questions on where I got my Turquoise dye from, i got it from a friend which bought it from eBay (as its only available in the UK).
I have never bought anything from eBay before so I cant help you with that.

my kiasuness of using half of the bleaching powder.
The Ratio of your Bleaching Powder & Developer should be 1:1


You can start applying immediately after mixing the mix well.
After approx 30-45mins. It was time to wash it off.
From what i heard- 45minutes TOPS!
(though i think thats specifically for people who are bleaching up to their roots and its to avoid having irritated-red scalp)

Bleaching Round 1

The bleach wasnt strong enough, I knew i should've take heat on the bleaching Vol. The sales person put it on the counter and i happily paid for it without thinking of the Vol.

There are Vol.20 (common use), Vol.30, & Vol.40(strongest)
I should've at least opt for Vol.30 cause my hair is at least 50 virgin. People that have dyed hair or has 100% whore hair would prolly be fine with the Vol.20.

You should be thinking, why not just choose Vol.40- done deal, Hair as white as snow? Well, i was recommended that i should best stick to lower Vol. cause Vol.40 might be pretty tough on my hair and MAY CAUSE CHEMICAL BURNS .
True that, i dont want my hair to be burning and breaking off during a DIY Bleaching. (sorry, if that scared you)

Bleaching Round 2

Thanks to my Kiasuness which saved my bleach powder for another round of bleaching.

This time i waited for it to sit for 45minutes.
I took a look at it and it was a little foamy. Scared me a little, i quickly washed it off. In my mind was thinking of all the worst case scenarios- Hair breaking off, Hair dissolving- what? ...
It turned out to be very blonde indeed. I thought it was the colour i was suppose to target. Well, it wasnt, when i found out later on.

And Oh, Do Not Condition after Bleaching if you're dyeing your hair Next.

Danbo says Hi :)

Le end product of Project Turquoise, It was a little hard trying to capture the right colour on the camera but i tried. It looks better IRL (in real life) though ;)

6 Inches of Turquoise dip dye.

I only washed off the hair dye (after 30-45mins?) with water, i did not wash with shampoo or did any conditioning though. Which led me to think back, I prolly should've at least conditioned my hair before excitedly blowing dry my hair to see the Results!

Tip; i heard that rinsing your hair with Vinegar water would help the colour to stay on longer.
Shall try the next time too.

1 Week Later


This is what my hair actually looks like when seen with the nekkid eye. Its colour is showing up on camera because its outdoor and the flash isnt so focused.
I only wash my hair about 3-4 times a week. Plus, after dyeing with these kind of exotic colours, you might want to lessen your shampoo-ing days unless your scalp is the oily type. The more frequent you wash it, the faster your colour will fade even if you use a colour protecting shampoo.

Gentle Reminder: If you're willing to dye your hair esp needing to bleach beforehand, do take note that your hair will NEED Treatment/Deep Conditioning to gain back its protein lost in the bleaching process.

See, hard to capture my hair colour indoor esp when my hair is way past my boobs.

It looks even better after a week later, doesnt it? :)
Its that Beautiful Mermaid Turquoise <3


My hair dint feel as dry as i'd imagine the bleaching would cost, but still i would apply hair oils on my dip dye just to keep it moisturized (and shiny?)

4 Weeks Later

The colour continue to fade to a more greenish tone. It was Sea Green/ Forest Green.
People would be saying my hair is Green instead of Blue- i started to accept the fact.
People, Y U NO get what is Turquoise! Green+Blue = Turquoise!

Well, Whatever shade or tone it has faded into, i've always liked the colour even though it dint turn out/looked the way i wanted it.
IMG_6679_ IMG_6683_

My poor hair- outtve shape, wispey, and in a mess..It was a perfect time to get it treatment and trimmed.
Went to Dara Asia @ 1Shamelin Mall for their Loreal Hair Treatment.

Oppp, the night before my visit to the salon, i decided to re-dye  my Sea Green dip dye with Turquoise as recommended from a trusted friend. Anyways, i dont have anything to lose do I? Want to see how it'll look like and how long it'll last too.

A photo trying to fit my face and my long hair all into the same frame- Wasnt easy.

Blah blah blah, spent 2 hours there- Almost fell asleep several times.
And i couldn't play poker or draw something the entire time because the heat from the machine was transferring to my phone instead of my hair. -___-
[if you notice the gradient in colour, it was Sis's fault for not helping me to dye thoroughly like the first time. At least it still looks cool, cause im pretty lazy to do another round of touching up]

Got my hair ends trimmed a wee bit- prolly an inche or less.
Ofcourse her hair cutting skills arent as good as Shawn Cutler's Jackham- I should be going back to Jackham in about 2weeks time.

Directions- Turquoise too.
This is the beautiful Turquoise i wished my hair was. Oh well, ill just have to wait till next round to try it.

After goggling, you'll find that quite a number of people using the SAME product will have different (colour) outcome. Some people, their hair colour would fade to an ugly greyish colour. Which I initially thought how Every exotic hair colour dyes would eventually become. How wrong was I after trying it myself :)

Funny how my Dad realized my Turquoise hair AFTER TWO WEEKS. 14DAYS! Hahah.. Thought he would have the most negative reaction to my hair but instead he kind of liked it. Later on, he also suggested to have my dip dye covered in layers of other colours like Pink & [insert bright colours] !

I just might explore more exotic colours since Dad wasnt in his sarcastic tone. On the other hand, its odd how my (cool&sporting) mum dint like the idea of me getting my hair dyed with funky monkey colours. Oh well, whatever it is, my parents know they cant stop me from doing what i've set my mind to do ;)

I hope this (journey / how to dip dye) blogpost (sort of) made up for the laziness in blogging busyness i've been in for the past few months that was supposedly to be my 'holiday'. How time flies.
Seriously, i was pretty busy too. Not busy rotting at home, but freelancing working here and there to get extra money for shopping expenses. Still, I had no excuse for not updating when i somehow found the time to be watching my tvshows.

Forgive me.

♥s Mermaid;


  1. How much was the cost of the bleach?

  2. Anonymous> that small packet cost around RM8 :)

  3. Lullaby hew : heyyy, where is the shop located in Sg wang?
    Please do reply me by texting! 0176966046 :(

  4. Lullaby Hew> Sorry, i dont remember which shop. There are quite a number of these hair product shops, just walk into anyone one of them and ask for "Bleaching Powder" :)

  5. Hi where did u buy the color dye?

    1. babynarumi> from a friend that got it from eBay dear

  6. Hi Riel. I hope you can help me where can I get this hair dye. How much? Are you malay? btw can you text me or email me? where can I get this hair dye. Please urgent. 017694102 or Thank.


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