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Sunday, February 26, 2012

Evanescence LIVE in Malaysia


     It was one evening after work when i saw a tweet that Evanescence will be coming to KL. I almost teared hearing the great news! Its been on my concert dream list and i thought they would never come as they had kindda vanished in the past years...I have always admired Amy Lee's amazingly powerful vocals!

     I knew I needed to go no matter what! Maybe this urge was the main reason why i dint score tics for this concert as i was kindda expecting to get it and i cant "expect" for anything because if i do, it wont happen. 'Its a thing'.
     Anyhow, i bought myself last minute (kindda cheap) Free Standing as i wasnt willing to pay the cheapest at RM180 for Rock Zone (imagine what i could do with that money). Being my dad, he dint allow my bro to tag along with me so i had to quickly find last minute to accompany me. @#$%^&* But it was great that Jason could accompany me on such a short notice.


It wasnt easy getting this shot of "Evanescence" at the back ground. It blinks according to the beat ;)

IMG_5951 IMG_5959 IMG_5960

     Watching Evanescence singing LIVE almost put me in tears at KL Live. Speechless i stood watching her sing her lungs out. Been an Evanescence fan ever since before i became a teenager. I'd remember i'd used to rape the replay  button on one particular song so much cause it was my favourite and it still is, It is My Immortal :)

     The feeling of watching Amy  LIVE was when i was seeing one of my favourite singer, Leona Lewis. Both have amazing vocals!! Somehow, because of Evanescence's goth rock genre, alot people dont seem to appreciate it =/
Dont get me wrong, i like Evanescence, but not hardcore metal music kayy.

She flips her hair back and forth, back and forth, back and forth like no one's business ;)

IMG_5971 IMG_5993
This dude was so hardcore in rocking his head and his dreadlocks, i was afraid his brain would fall out. whaaat

IMG_5963 IMG_5969 IMG_5975 IMG_5978
And then when she stepped up to the keyboard, it was even more magical.
IMG_5983 IMG_5988 IMG_5985
This was my spot for the night as i only entered the place late at 8PM. Waiting for my friend ma :)
It wasnt far back from the Rock Zone so i was glad. And the guy in front of me was pretty nice. He was very aware and would look back every now and then to check if he was blocking my view of Amy :)

I was also surprised that the Rock Zone was sooo full! Even more crowded compared to Simple Plan's concert a few weeks back. Was happy with my little spot that has the full view of the stage, if i was a taller it would've been perfect!

IMG_5989 IMG_6006_
IMG_6022_ IMG_5997

She rocked the stage like no one did! She loves this crowd too and said that we've raised the bar for other fans. Truly amazing when you could see her passion when she sang. Unfortunately, the concert was really short. Bummed that Evanescence's essence only lasted for an hour! :(
I think if i were to have paid, RM298(original) for the Rock Zone, i'll be super upset. Oh, 70% of the crowd were Dudes!

Apologies for the pretty grainy photos as my camera isnt a zoom camera and i wasnt up close in the Rock Zone to get a clear and nice shot. But i did try my best to get a couple of decent shots :)

And heres the setlist for the night..I still dont really see a point in having the setlist though..

I have about 11 videos recorded from the concert. Since its so much, ill post only a few of my favourites here. Feel free to check out iBabyRielz @Youtube for all the videos!

Thanks Jason a bunch for also videoing most of the videos. Usually at concerts, i would be hanging in to hold up the camera, his time it was Jason turn to see what i have to go thru every concert in order to record the performances so it isnt just only in my memory :)

IMG_6035 IMG_6042_

Earlier that day, i was just stressing the entire time. I wasnt even that stoked about seeing Evanescence in just a few hours but then it changed when she came rocking from the backstage.
Amy Lee played all my favourite songs!! So i guess that made up for the short concert.
Hope to see Evanescence back in KL in the future after she makes more of her amazing music! <3

♥s Mermaid;


  1. i was there too. but was at the upper tier. didn't get any good shots. my camera phone also so lousy. i hope u don't mind me stealing some pictures from here :)

  2. Appreciate you letting me know. Sure, Go ahead! :)

  3. Thank you for the videos. I wanted to go so badly and had tickets(last min my friend decided to "surprise" me) Unfortunately I went back to Penang 3 days before the concert. I'm heartbroken btw my I suggest getting a Sony HX10V. It's like the best compact camera full HD I ever used

  4. Youre welcome :) Awhhh, i know how you feel. Well, you never know Amy might be back again ;)
    Thanks alot for the suggestion- I'll check it out! ;D


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