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Monday, December 5, 2011

Turns 1 Years Old

Heloooo! *waves hand*

Back 365 days ago, Rielistic911 was first created by yours truly. It's been quite a journey since.
Rielistic911 has now a year old with a total of 90 blog posts! :)

Happeey 1st Burfday Rielistic911! so syok sendiri eh?

A year has gone by so quickly hasnt it? 

For all of you who hasnt seen it yet, here is my veryyyy  First blog post titled *Cracks From Shell*.
Why Rielistic & Why 911? You've got to find out yourself in that blog post ;)

It just popped into my mind just now of doing a very quick blog post because i wanted to do another #RielGivey for my lovely readers :)

I bet you are wondering what i'll be giving away eh?

Its something veryyy tummy satisfying ;)

Here i have with me are Vouchers to Shogun Japanese Restaurant by Saisaki

You are entitled to a 50% Discount for 2 PAX!


Looking at the price list, Averagely per pax would be approx RM65.

No Expiry Date
Valid for Lunch Or Dinner 
Any Saikaki/ Shogun outlet.

Here is my calculation, *puts on nerd spects*
1 person would cost approx rm65.
A person wont be going alone to a buffet.
Thus, 2 person would cost approx rm130.
With this voucher, after 50% discount is approx rm65 for 2 people.
Conclusion, RM32+ for 1 Pax!

zomg! Isnt that sweeeeet ? ;)
Approx RM32 for a EAT ALL YOU CAN Japanese Buffet! :D

my mouth is about to water as i type....

Check my latest blog post out on my eating experience at Shogun Saisaki! :)

pssst! featuring a 100KG Tuna ;)

Heres How to Win this Giveaway;

1) LIKE this post

2) Leave a comment below saying "I Want RielGiveys; Shogun Voucher" including your Name & Email.

A Lucky winner will be Randomly selected like previous RielGiveys.

This RielGivey will end on 11 Dec 11:59PM.

There will be only 1 Winner for this RielGivey. More to be given away soon ;)

You'll have to stick around to find out when i'll be giving them away...
Lastly, I would like to THANKYOU so much for reading my blog!
and i hope you'll continue to show your love

Many more blog post as there are many years to come.


And the lucky winner is........
Congratulations !
Ruth @ PerutBesi will be receiving an email shortly.
And this is how Riel Giveys lucky winners are chosen fairly :)

♥s Mermaid;


  1. "I Want RielGiveys; Shogun Voucher because I wanted to give it to my mom and dad as a treat" Name:Chow Yin Yin

  2. I Want RielGiveys; Shogun Voucher because I love Japanese food and I love buffets! :D

    Name: Laura Lee

  3. Congrats on your anniversary! Keep your blogging real. ;)

  4. I Want RielGiveys; Shogun Voucher because it's Japanese food to die for - enjoy eating all you can!

    Name: Ruth @ PerutBesi
    Email: perutbesi[at]gmail[dot]come


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